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$30 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee (3x $10 Purchase by Referee Required) @ Revolut


Same as previous deal:

But increases to $30.

You’ll be credited $30 to your Revolut account for each referral that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups

What’s in it for my friend? What do my friends need to do?

Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link

  1. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  2. Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
  3. Order a physical Revolut card
  4. Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $10 each
  5. Only those who received email invite with their unique referral link should update their referral link

Note: Some referral links do not qualify for this promotion. Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page.

Note: Eligible referrals will end with !SEP1AGG

Referral Links

Referral: random (262)

$60 for the referrer only ($100 targeted offer until Apr 19 2022). Referee gets $0. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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  • -3

    Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee (3x $10 Purchase by Referee Required)

    What kind of referee?

    • +5

      Footlocker employee

      • thanks…

  • Note: Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page.

    • Thanks. Updated my code

  • nobody use the referral generator until the mods have updated it

    • +1

      If people change the end of the URL to !SEP1AGG and make sure it says Expiring Soon they should be good till its updated.

      • Good point, I have updated mine.

    • Referrals flushed.

  • Click until you see "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page.

  • remember Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required. to get $30.

  • Need to "Order a physical Revolut card"
    has the free postal deal expired?

  • Anyone get their free card yet?

    • I received mine from last deal yesterday.

      • ah okay mines probably on its way then

  • +1

    Love this bank

    • It's not a bank.

      • Online banking thing

        • There’s no cash here. Here there’s no cash, alright? Cash, no, Robbo?

          • @bdl: M getting my pay in revo

            • +4

              @aman00024: I've read so much about people getting their account suspended because of AML. I would not trust Revolut to hold more than $200 of my money.

              • @NoGiveJustTake: well I hope they get their banking license in Australia, would make everything a whole lot better

              • @NoGiveJustTake: You’re scaring me

                • +1

                  @aman00024: Unless you're using it to be paid in something other than AUD, don't use Revolut. They will suspend your account if they suspect something and then ask for payslips, statements etc.

  • Does anyone know if the virtual card works for shopping online in American stores and having the delivery address as your forwarding service, not your billing address?

  • +1

    Is the deal "Order a physical Revolut card for free" still available today? If not, it may not be the best time to sign up.

    • same question here.

    • Can confirm that a standard card is free with free delivery (just ordered one 5 minutes ago). Express delivery is $30ish. Non-express takes about two weeks to be delivered.

  • I believe Happycath has already noted delivery was free when they ordered (scroll up)

  • Last month my referral signed up did everything but didn't do the 3 transactions :(

    • Mine did everything but ordered a card :(

      • Yeh such a shame so close to it, and theres no way to remind them either. Ah well better luck next time.

  • +1

    Does the "standard" Revolut account type have disposable cards? The table at the bottom of this page (https://www.revolut.com/en-AU/our-pricing-plans) seems to suggest only Premium and Metal have them?

    edit: ah, looks like virtual cards available to "standard", disposable not. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11004228/redir

    • Fairly sure it is available to standard users as well, it's showing on my account (both virtual and disposable)

  • Is there a referral thread ?

    • top of this thread

      • +1

        I see it now, thanks !

  • If my sister links me a referral code and the landing page has this sep!agg code, and expiring soon - but she only got the email for the original 07/09 one which has expired (terms and c's say an email must be received to be eligible) - will it work ?

    • It should be fine. I share dmy referral code with my wife after signing up myself and it worked fine even though I didn't receive the email.

  • Thanks, got the $30 reward now, just sign up through ozbargain referral system, purchase 3 x $10 gift card online via apple pay, got $30 reward immediately.

    • Didn't have to order physical card?

  • I tried my own referral code, and the link does not append !SEP1AGG. Tried manually adding it too, and 'Expiring soon' does not come up on the landing page.

    What can I do with my account to change this? I've added some money and ordered a physical card, but I haven't spent anything yet on my account.

    Do the same rules apply for the referrer?

    • +1

      You're probably not targeted, I saw it happened with friend's new account. If there's no "expiring soon", both side will get nothing

  • Do Beem It transactions count as an eligible transaction?

    • I don't know what experience says, but t&cs say no:
      "These must be genuine purchases (for example, card transactions to payment service providers and money transfers are not valid)."

      I just bought 3 Woolworths gift card via Google Pay, which I then add to Woolworths Money App. The $30 came instantly. But there were a lot of random errors and messing around in my case while getting things setup (e.g. automatic address entry would fail despite being found, Google Pay would quit).

  • Hello,

    What advantage does this have over using Citibank's debit card?

    Not keen on a virtual card, so trying to understand what additional benefits this has.


    • +1

      never hurt to have spare card that we can use to subscribe for trial that we often forget to cancel? :)
      also when the travel open again (dunno when), it might be handy to keep a card with no foreign transaction fee like this one (I know ur Citi probably does the same too, depending on which one u have)

      • i've read in a lot of reddit threads that companies can still charge your deleted disposable revolut cards.

        so i'm not sure if the tactic for subscriptions will work well…
        have a look.

  • Didn't get an instant $30 cashback after making 3 X more than $10 transactions. Happened with anyone else?

    Raised an issue with their team but it's been over 2 days no response or no $30 cashback.

    • Mine hasn’t worked either (yet) — my last payment is still pending though so hopefully that’s it :(

      • +1

        They finally added the cashback yesterday after a lot of to and fro. Didn't give me any reason as to why it happened.

  • Hey guys how do I know if my account got the referral bonus before spending the $30?

    • Unfortunately only the one referring u can see. But if u already created the account, may as well try. Their tracking system was pretty good, from the real friends I referred, haven’t seen any failed yet

      • Cheers ta

  • Just to remind if u intend to take this offer, u have to finish all steps in about 37.5 hour from now (it's expired 5 Oct midnite but GMT time, so our morning on the 6th).

  • After failing to get the bonus for signing up (might've used a non-valid referral rip me), got my partner onto it tonight and hammered out all the steps. First online transaction was declined and Amazon wanted us to wait for a card authorisation, so went for a couple of gift cards instead and it all worked fine, bonus came through instantly. Yey, not a bad consolation prize

  • new October promotion has started. Anyone care to post? (referrer codes need to be updated too)

    I would post the new deal however my account says L plater

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