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[NSW] $15 off Your Groceries with $30 Spend (New Customers Only) @ GeezyGo


Geezy Groceries has now landed in Sydney finally and they are offering $15 off on $30 (new customers) - BARGAIN15. We deliver groceries to you in less than 20 minutes. Service is available in Sydney Inner West Areas,Western Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Upper North Shore.

Returning customers - use code Deliver10 to get $10 off when you spend $25

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    I don't want to download Another Useless App, if there is no reason for it!

    What does this company actually do?

    Buy groceries from Woolworths, Coles or IGA and deliver them to you? Or from Where???

    Does anyone know what this is?

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      "Operating all across the world with a clear vision: to create engaging brand-to-consumer experiences that make our lives fun and easy.

      We’re now transforming the way you think about groceries. Bringing about a true revolution, where all of us will have access to fresh, fast and affordable items - delivered instantly."

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        Sounds like Bullshit to me.

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          What does sound odd is their facebook page, where they have 2 followers, yet claim they are "Connecting millions of people with millions of products - everyday!"

          Also, do reviews look odd for their app?
          Saurabh Tiwari - Very good user experience and variety of products. User flow is very smooth and quick.
          Sanjit Arora - Amazing interface, easy to browse through.
          Sunandita Sharma - Great app, very easy to use and incredible service!
          Pranay Arora - Great app, nice interface, covers almost all requirements
          Anupama Arora - Great App, just what I needed. Very easy to use
          AARTI MISHRA - Wonderful app and great service!

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            @mwalks: Probably the same 2 that gave 5 star google reviews for them.

    • Take it tizi on the hashashing

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    Actually easier to order from the website, found the app buggy as hell.

    Also notice they seem to have jacked the prices since the last promo advert on here.

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      Must be good mates with Jack from ebay


    Discount code " BARGAIN15" does not exist!

    • +1


    • Scammed from day dot!

  • not working?

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    BARGAIN15 - $15 off $30min
    Deliver10 - $10 off $25min
    Return15 - $15 off $40 min
    App15 - $15 off
    nine10 -$10 off

    All working here

    • APP15 - The subtotal amount should be greater than $30
      NINE10 - The subtotal amount should be greater than $25

      Just tried both codes.

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    Full on data harvesting.
    Neg'd because bad website.

    • Absolutely horrendous website.

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    Had bad bad fruits/veggies from last order. Not again!

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    We will be in your area in the next 30-45 days. Lmao…..Errr no… better go to wollies, coles iga or any Asian mart in my area

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      It said that to me without even knowing my location so that's also probable BS

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    Banner on app says use Nine10 for $10 discount with no minimum, but when you apply to cart it says $25 minimum……

    • Correct.

      Minimum spend on ALL Codes:

      BARGAIN15 - $15 off $30min
      Deliver10 - $10 off $25min
      Return15 - $15 off $40 min
      APP15 - The subtotal amount should be greater than $30
      NINE10 - The subtotal amount should be greater than $25

      Just tried all codes.

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    I’ve used their service once via a promo code and had no issues with them personally. They even included a bunch of extras with my groceries which was a nice touch. Would def use them again if I had another promotion to use!

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    Prices are barely any better than on Uber Eats lol and there's not even a 30% fee you need to pay

    Also this isn't technically supposed to be individually sold xD

    • Yep.

      Sanitarium should take them to court.

  • They have a Referral scheme and you both get $10.

    Is there a MINIMUM SPEND on this $10 Referral Credit???

    Anyone know?

    • +1

      Probably just your soul.

  • Pricing similar to uber, not the worst but most items I checked are about $1 more or so. But don't know how I feel having some guy walk into a woolies or coles or wherever they get their food and pick my food out and deliver it… they have no info where they source their food and some random person picking my food with their hands in the middle of a pandemic, no thanks

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