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HyperX Cloud II Red Pro Gaming Headset for $95.97 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


40% off for the HyperX Cloud II (red) pro gaming wired headset @EBgames

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    HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Gaming Headset for $36 is a good deal too.


    • Will this work for work zoom calls?

      • why wouldnt it?

      • I'm using my HyperX Cloud II's for Zoom and other apps and works great. With the volume adjustment and mic mute slider its essential for online meetings (plus that really long USB cable is great if you want / need to get up and stretch your legs during long conferences / meetings.

        Only downside I find with the braided cable on the Cloud II's depending on what outfit you're wearing, the rub of the braiding against some material can be a little distracting at times.

        Bought these on a similar sale and swapped when moving to my desktop whilst WFH, Bose Quietcomfort 35 II's cable just wasn't long enough otherwise I'd have kept using those.

    • Or the Turtle Beach Recon 70? Which would be better?

      First time gaming headset buyer for online games

      • The cloud II are rebranded takstar pro 80 (professional monitoring headphones), Anything turtle beach (or most other gaming brands) are pretty garbage, sound quality wise.

    • I will not recommend these. The side clamping force is pretty bad. These just slip off when you tilt your head forwards

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    Time for the obligatory one person to say this headset is awesome, then the next person to say it sucks - as is the gaming headset review tradition.

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      It's solid, if it didn't have the cord I'd still be using it(it suddenly started irritating me)- the wireless version is just too pricey. Ended up downgraded to the stinger wireless- not as good but it's fine for gaming.

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        It sucks

        I have never used it, don't know anyone with it but traditions need to be upheld.

      • It sucks… the 3.5mm cord is too short, the right headband adjuster slides out of position while it's on my head, the mids drown out the treble and bass, and it doesn't even have media controls despite having a giant ass USB dongle.

    • shows as OOS on the website

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    I got this a while back for $120 from Centrecom.
    I use it for xb1.

    Good crisp sound quality, loud enough when needed. Comfortable on the head, etc.
    All the good stuff is good - as expected.

    The one main bad thing, and If I knew this beforehand I probably wouldn't have spent that price on it, is this: The braided cord reverberates sound through the internals and the people can hear it. You tap or touch the headset hard enough and the people hear it. You move the flexible mic and the people hear it.

    If you can live with these things, then go for your life. Solid headset.

    • Yep. totally summed up my experiences too with the braided cord and mic.

      The mute slider on the cord helps if you need to adjust things, but still annoying with the reverb. If you're sporting a dressing gown or something slightly fluffy like that you don't notice it though….. so I've heard.

  • Argh! Not sure if I should buy these or wait for MH751/752 price to drop

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    I've had these headphones for over 3 years and still going strong. The suede ear cups will need replacing in the next year but apart from that all good. For under $100 these are a no brainer to buy. Comfortable (leatherette & suede ear cups provided) well built (metal frame) decent mic & sound from them (just disable the fake 7.1 surround sound mode on the DAC, it's crap as most of them are) Even the packaging these headphones come with looks/feels premium. Just buy em' you won't be disappointed.

  • I take it these works with the ps5 controller?

  • How do i get free delivery?

  • What are the chances the wireless version's price will be this low?

  • I've had these headphones for about 5-6 years. Great value for the money. They sound amazing, the mic quality is great and they're comfortable as well. Overall, a solid build & a good recommendation.

  • The wires tangle like no tomorrow. Other than this great headset especially at this price.

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