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Barty Specialty Coffee Subscription Up to 250g $0 Delivered for 4 Weekly/Fortnightly Instalments @ Barty Single Origin


You will receive the first 4 coffee instalments from our store on Barty free of charge at no cost, you will be automatically subscribed with an option to opt-out at any time. Your fifth instalment will incur from $12 each week until cancelled.

Hey guys,

You can join the Barty Challange and experience a profile from our coffee range each week/fortnight, plus coffee of the month from our back catalogue delivered right to your door every week, fortnight.

As a Barty Specialty Subscriber, you can start by joining the Barty challenge, you will receive a new single-origin specialty coffee direct from farms around the world.

All our coffee's are roasted fresh to order and shipped the following day. Each coffee is handpicked and analysed by Barty for the highest quality and services. Often these are high-ranked auction lots or exclusive micro-lots from prestigious farms. Whatever you receive, we make sure what we give to the members is well researched, well tested and well worth your while!


Commit to crushing your Personal Best Cycling, Running, Walking or Nominating a Friend for the month of September, there are no limits, you just have to get out there.

Barty will make sure you are supported along the way with fresh weekly coffee beans delivered to your door, be part of our club membership** + Barty kit.

Our weekly coffee subscriptions is always on time as we never need to wait on equipment or kit to arrive from our warehouse in Brisbane … so next day dispatch is for real.

You'll commit to hitting a BP and we'll support you with coffee each week or fortnight.

Accept the challenge here https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/coffee/products/ba...


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  • No PayPal :(

    • +2

      yeah, sorry about that … seems PayPal doesn't like small businesses doing good for the community 👎

  • +8

    Barty Specialty Coffee ($22 RRP)

    Much nicer than the Kyrgios one…

  • +1

    Can you elaborate on exactly what this is? Strava challenge? Club membership? What's going on?

    I dont want to just take some free coffee and run off haha.

    Also it's $12/wk? Or $12 every delivery?

    Is there any way to pick espresso roasts vs filter roasts? (I only do filter at home, so a dark roast isn't the greatest for me)

    • yeah, just select Pour Over V60 …

      • I only see the option to select Pour Over V60 as the grind size. I too would like filter style beans, but I don't need them pre-ground. Selecting pour over V60 seems to indicate the beans will be pre ground?

    • It's pretty simple, commit to a PB walking, running or cycling and we'll support you to make sure you hit with amazing speciality coffee. If you need kit let us know … otherwise no strings attached. Put the effort in and track yourself, hit the goal you set out = irrespective you receive free coffee. Keep yourself honest, and so will we.

      • Hey there, I just purchased the subscription and have Strava but are there any challenges you guys have on Strava I can join to track progress? Awesome you guys are running this so thank you - pun intended!

        I got charged AUD 9.65 for postage on the first bag, does that get returned back to me or do I just need to pay for the shipping every time?

        Thanks again!

        • I was trying to find the right challenge too. I think they just piggy back off the generic "September challenge" ones on Strava. Looks like that's what they did for July anyway.

          • @mthomas87: Oh that makes sense, I completed the 50km walking for the month of Sept in a week.. does that mean I get more free coffee? Hahah

  • Sounds interesting. Thanks OP! After the 4 weeks, I assume the price will just go back to the $12 fee?

    • +1

      Correct…. an we hope you've hit your PB, running, walking or cycling. Know everyone in lockdown is struggling right now, I know I am, that coffee and donut every morning sets me up for the day … ✌️

      • Thanks for the reply. Keen to try it out for 4 weeks and might subscribe going forward!

  • +1

    At billing Subscription shipping came up as Free. Will postage be charged when coffee is sent?

    • Nope, free coffee + sub for 4 weeks, then after 4 weeks it will be the standard shipping price … $9.95 but you can opt out at anytime before the 4 weeks is up. Aside from getting FREE SH#T what's your BP plan of attack?

  • what does the size for?
    lets say I choose 250gr, each week I will get 250gr (total 1kg for 4 weeks), or 250gr will be distributed over 4 weeks?

    • nope, 250g's coming to you fo-free. but the question is: whats your plan of attack for hitting a PB?

      • +3

        Total is $0, but it is showing:
        Recurring total $17.27 every week.. Means after the first week, I will get charged $17.27?

    • +12

      You are neging a guy giving away free coffee? Tough crowd.

      • +7

        No, I'm actually negging the deal because people who ordered from this company prior to September still haven't got there orders.
        And not even an email advising of this.
        Only the messages replying in the forums that they're being slammed, yet continuing to sell.

  • Signed up, keen to tackle a 10km run + > 100km in the month - thanks OP!

    • Nice!!!

  • +1

    What is "+ a Barty Kit"?

    • +1

      ahaha you'll have to sign up and find out. Fluro sweat pants ahahaha

      • Haha I was already signed up before asking the question. Coffee and an excuse to hit up Strava is good enough. Look forward to it

  • +1

    Has anyone who ordered an Aeropress 2+ weeks ago received theirs yet? Tracking said pick-up was scheduled on the 8th but not 1 update since then

    • +1

      yeah, about 600 people have already …

      • I guess I'm very unlucky

        • +1

          Not only you. I have not received mine either. Made 2 orders and only 1 item received (beans, not the Aeropress). Both ordered same day 31 Aug. Like you, tracking also says pickup scheduled 8 Sept and no updates since.

    • I've got mine today. Hope you will get yours soon

    • exactly the same here, no response after following up through the web chat either.

      • +3

        I wouldn't mind so much if there was some form of communication. I get that they aren't a warehouse full of people picking orders non stop but a little communication goes a long way. Especially when I've never heard of or shopped with these guys before

        • My neg got revoked because the majority of OzB don't see it as an issue see because it was a cheap deal, and not an issue with the retailer.

    • Same issue and scheduled date

    • +4

      Still waiting, even though I am in Sydney. No movement on Sendle.

    • no. didn't get mine

  • Thank you OP - so excited to try your coffee!

  • I ordered 500g but 125g arrived :-(

  • +3

    Your little comms/question/whatever bubble thing that is at the bottom right is irritating as all hell with its /audio/ notifications every few seconds.

    Wound up closing the tab. Never force audio on a website. :/

    • right! let me try and turn it for you.

  • Can you ship to parcel lockers/PO boxes?

    • Sorry we don't, while in covid and lockdown, we using distancing practices, no pick up's etc … our couriers deliver only to real addresses direct to you. Hate to say it, the fraud thing is real so we're conscience of who's ordering.

      • No problem - for some reason the postie can never deliver to our apartment so I've had to resort to using a parcel locker for everything. May risk it anyway, thanks for the info!

        • ummmm we don't use Aust Post for that exact reason, all our packs are Sig on Delivery by couriers across Australia and NZ …

          • @DisabledUser405527: Would have been nice to know this earlier… Ordered to parcel Collect :(

            • @Hits: thats cool, i can update it for you, whats your order number?

          • +1

            @DisabledUser405527: Yeah, I've had issues with all sorts of couriers unfortunately, even those needing signatures - other people in my building have problems too. I'll have it sent to a family member just in case.

            (heads up though, your shipping policy page mentions AusPost if you wanted to update it :) )

            • @kicha: oh thanks, yeah, we'll get that updated … thanks again.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser405527: Would be nice to have the sign on delivery optional, if I missed delivery on Friday, I can only pick it up from the post office on Monday.

            • @DmytroP: that sucks, if your Sydney based we can organise a special delivery for you to keep you smiling … drop me your order number and I'll sort something out :)

  • +2

    I'm out of here guys, need to call it, have been up since 5:30am this morning, see you on the flip side ✌️

  • Hey Barty thanks for doing this. One question: I have subscribed for 250g per fortnight, does it mean I'll get two fortnights (4 weeks) free of coffee (500g) and after that, the subscription fee will be back to normal?

  • +1

    Hey, no worries, you will receive 250g's 4 times …

    • Wow that's awesome. Thanks again

      • but what's your PB plan of attack?

        • I am definitely trying to get back to my daily workout routine pre-lockdown

  • +1

    Thanks, Barty. I signed up for tasting free coffee. The website said total 0.00$ but still charged a fee to my card :D

    Is the free 4 weeks only for 150g offer?

    • Ok I checked my account again, my bad. The charge came back.

      • Was there any explanation for it? I have same but nothing came back.

        • Nope, I think the credit card is checked for a small transaction which is reversed later

    • It’s for 250g as well if you only leave the subscription in the cart and remove the charity bag.

      • I need to change mine to 250g, I thought only 150g is part of. Promotion

  • would love to try this, but got too much coffee already haha

  • If I order the 500g will I receive the 500g 4 times for free?

    Similarly if I chose 250g will I get 250g * 4?


    Also, do I pay shipping each time it ships out?

    • +1

      yep…. but are u taking the p#sss, we're trying to do good, no one needs 500grams of coffee each week unless you have a house hold of 6 people

      • +1

        I was just wondering, I'm actually going for the 250g per fortnight that should be good for me.


        Just placed my order for the 250g fortnightly, thanks for this my conscience will motivate me.

        I need to fix my sleeping pattern this whole WFH thing has gotten me into so a morning combination of a jog and walk will get me out of bed knowing that I will be rewarded with coffee.

      • Hi there quick question for clarification. I ordered the 250g Option fortnightly, does that mean I receive 4 deliveries over 2 months the coffee for free? Cheers.

  • Sounds good on the first look but seeing the shipping cost the previous deal from Timely Coffee was much better. Those coffee beans were completely free and free delivered within Australia.

    • This shipping is free too

      • No it wants to charge me 21.54 every 2 weeks. I think this is all a bit misleading…

  • Thank you so much OP, what a generous offer! Myself and my family are looking forward to trying it! I'm planning to get out for more walks as my challenge! Also to let you know, it won't let you tip on check-out if you're using this promo (I tried and it said enter a tip no more than 0.00), and also if you add the charity mini, it adds shipping too. Thank you so much again!

  • Hey OP, good on you for doing this. hope the ozb community reciprocates and gives you some business in the future.

  • Ok I found the problem, it’s charging delivery for the 500g option and quite a lot to SA. You’re right 125 and 250g are free. If I sign up is there an automated option that I can cancel anytime or do I have to send an email to you and wait for response? Cheers.

    • Not true I had to pay shipping on my 250g order.

      I ending paying $14 with that charity thing plus a tip to round it off.

      • Mine was free with 250g for me.

        • @bartjawien could you clarify please?

          • @Yanoflies: ah, the guys in the warehouse are getting slammed, drop me an email to [email protected] and we'll ship the rest out to you now. All good 👊

      • I’m not making this up. I checked it again. 250g completely free…

        • I believe you just wondering why I had to pay the shipping.

          I was hoping the shipping was a once off but I'll wait for confirmation.

          ORDER #2376 for OP.

          • +1

            @Yanoflies: You added the charity bag, that changed it from free shipping to shipping fee.

      • Where do you live? I’m in SA

        • Sydney, NSW.

          • @Yanoflies: Maybe it’s extra charge because the beans might get COVID? Sorry please take it as a joke…

      • For me only the subscription has free shipping, the charity bag added shipping costs

        • I haven’t signed up for the charity bag. That’s adding shipping fees to the order.

          • @Thehairpolice: Mine did that, I'm from Sydney too. It has charged $9.65 for the shipping, I paid but hoping that it bounces back based on the comments here. I only added the coffee to my order, no charity bags.

  • I got charged $1.37 I thought it’s free?!

    • +1

      check your account it bounced back, the payment gateway needed to authorise you to check it were real 🚀

      • It is not back in my account.

        • hey, all good, what's your order number?

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