Orthodontist Sydney CBD Recommendations

Hi Ozbargainers,

I would like to ask if anyone have recommendations for a good Ortho in Sydney CBD area? I have decided to fix my teeth once and for all so wanting to visit an Ortho for a consultation.

Will the consultation be covered under private insurance?

Also, does anyone have any experience in invisalign from groupon like the link below??


I have an idea on waiting for a 15% upsize cashback so that will give me around $712 discount and coupled with my westpac $650 cashback credit card deal, total discount will be $1362 so I'm paying $3407 for Invisalign which is a cracking deal.

Thanks alot


  • a lot are closed right now. my regular checkup got cancelled. they told me only emergency appointments. they are hoping when we get back to normal that they can start up the regular checkups/cleanings.

    • are you referring to dentist or Orthos?

      Dentist are open everywhere, I just had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago

  • Damn, no one has any recommendations? Looks like I'll be on my own on this one 😥