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Springtime Coffee Blend, 1kg for $28, 2kg for $54, 3kg for $75, Free Shipping on All Orders @ Coffee on Cue


Brew up a little spring in your cup! That's right OzBargain Fam, we've curated a LIMITED EDITION blend to ring in the new season.

It's our Springtime Blend, and this coffee will only be available to purchase until midnight Sunday or until sold out. You don't want to miss it.

It's a blend of Colombia, Brazil and El Salvador coffees which have been roasted up fresh yesterday (Thursday 16th September) and features rich notes of chocolate, toffee and a burst of stonefruit.

Grab 1x 1kg for $28, 2x 1kg for $54 or 3x 1kg for $75.

All orders receive free shipping Australia-wide.

We have whole bean and pre-ground options available.

The Fine Print:

*Shipment delay is not available
**Splitting into smaller bags is not available
***Pre-grind selection will be applied to entire order
****First orders dispatching from Monday 20th September

It's bound to put a spring in your step!

Thank you for your support once again folks and we welcome any questions you may have.

The Coffee on Cue Store x

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  • +1

    I'm a monthly subscriber to these guys after a previous OzBargain deal.
    I can highly recommend their coffee - it's so fantastic we can't go back to regular supermarket brands now.
    (Yes, we're in Melbourne)

    *No coffee has exchanged hands for this recommendation :)

    • Hi swalloweda,

      That's so kind of you to say :)

      And thank you for your continued support as one of our loyal monthly subscribers.

      It's our aim to provide the best quality coffee we can at affordable prices, and it's comments like these that inspire the team and I to continue to do so, and we really, really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Hi OP, what’s the rough shipping time to Perth?

    • +1

      Hi Quiexo,

      Thanks so much for your question.

      I've been advised shipping time to Perth is approx 5-7 business days.

      Hope to see you give our Springtime Blend a try :)

  • +1

    Will also vouch for how great the coffee is from these guys.
    Never disappoints.
    Also did a pour-over coffee masterclass with the Coffee on Cue crew, awesome stuff

    • Hi sdanger100,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and support. Really appreciate it.

      That's great to hear and I'm stoked you enjoyed the pour-over masterclass too :)

  • Thanks OP bought one. I typically purchase from Airjo's deals but I'm close to running out of beans. Can't wait to give them a go :)

    • Hi BiryaniBoi,

      Thanks so much for your purchase and giving our Springtime Blend a go :)

      We'd love to hear from you and find out how you like it.

      If you have any questions at all about brewing it up, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

      Thanks again.

  • Thanks OP. Have been waiting a while for a deal from Coffee on Cue. Have tried many others in the meantime, still rate you guys up there!

    • Hi ICaddict,

      Thank you so much for placing your order with us, and really appreciate the kind words.

      The team and I have been busy working up some more specials which we'll continue to launch in the months coming up.

      We really hope you love our Springtime Blend and welcome any feedback or comments at any time :)

  • Giving you a go for my next batch! Placed an order now!

    • Hi freestyle16,

      Thank you so much for giving us a go!

      The team and I really appreciate it.

      We'd love to hear what you think of our Springtime Blend, and please do reach out if you have any questions regarding brewing it up.

      Have a great week ahead :)

      • If you find you have a spare Kilo over let me know. I was slack. if not still got half kilo left of last deal that will keep me going for another couple of weeks

        • Hi SirNed,

          I'm sorry you missed the sale, but Never Fear!

          Shoot our team an email here - [email protected]

          We'll help you out :)

  • anybody receive in melbourne…? been 7 days since shipped =/

    • Not me! Also waiting since Sunday last week.

      • +2

        this has become a bit of a problem for stuff like coffee which is all about freshness.. might have to stop buying online for awhile

  • +3

    Hi OzBargain Fam,

    Just popping up a quick post here as I felt it necessary to acknowledge the delivery delays many of you are experiencing since we dispatched your orders 1 week ago.

    It has become obvious to the team and I that the AusPost delivery network is experiencing significant delays in both processing and delivering orders across both VIC and interstate.

    We have submitted multiple requests to receive updates on individual order tracking, and I will endeavour to post any general updates we receive from AusPost in this channel for your reassurance.

    If you need to reach our team directly, you can do so be emailing us here - [email protected]

    The team and I ask for your patience and understanding, as unfortunately the delivery component of our service is out of our direct control, but we promise to do what we can to rectify any challenges experienced both with this sale and future sales.

    Thanks for your time and wishing everyone a great week ahead.

    • +1

      Thanks for the update! It's definitely network-wide so no hard feelings. I have a similar issue with a Liquorland order which is also going through Shippit. My beverage options are clearly taking a hit!
      Keen to know if you hear anything else from Auspost, though.

    • Not much you can do about Australia Post being useless unfortunately.

    • +2

      Might be time to start looking for a new courier

  • +3

    Same here in NSW, the last update from Auspost is "received by Australia Post" - Yavrraville VIC, Mon 20 Sep - 15:44

    • exactly the same status here, and I ran out of beans while waiting :-(

      • Mine arrived in Yarraville 20 mins after yours and also hasn’t moved.

        • blarghhhh. ran out today

    • same here. Looks like if it's not on its way already the 5 day Auspost closure for VIC will push this out for another 2 weeks

    • I just saw an update that says "Delayed - waiting to be processed".. so at least Auspost hasn't completely lost the parcel.

  • +1

    Anyone else still waiting? Can't imagine it will be arriving too fresh

    Estimated delivery 22 September….

    And to think that Yarraville is only 8km away

    • +2

      My strong suggestion is to make email contact with the team at Cue, give them your order number and explain you still haven't received and I'm certain they will help you out.

      I did just that and yesterday received a batch of fresh roasted beans as a replacement for my 'lost' order.

      I've ordered coffee from them on many occasions and they go out of their way to help out customers with any concerns. I am certain they would be horrified at the delivery delays customers are experiencing.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, I was thinking about doing that. More to just let them know as I'm sure they don't want business to be going on like this - it's not really feasible for a coffee roastery.

        Will send them an email

        On a side note, AusPost is pathetic… Been 19 months since lockdowns began and they still can't get it right

        • No worries.

          I think the issue being faced by AusPost lies with the contracted couriers responsible for the last mile delivery from depot to home. Following a couple of itemised deliveries the past few weeks I noticed the goods move really quickly from drop off to airport to distribution depot but that last step is where it grinds to a halt sometimes for many days before it finally gets loaded on to a truck for delivery.

          Suspect the answer lies in the postal companies and Amazon paying the guys who do the delivery a decent wage to get more wanting to do it. But that means us paying more for postage doesn't it?

          Anyway enough of the politics.

          Hope you get your coffee soon and get back to caffeinated living.

      • +1

        I can second this - my delivery is still somewhere within the labyrinth of AusPost, and after contacting Coffee on Cue with a follow-up enquiry, they told me that they would do the same. Out of the blue, no asking or anything, just a straight up offer.

        Shows great concern for their customers and the desire to provide a good product.

  • 25 days to Canberra!
    Still to try and I guess it’s not their fault.
    Better order my Easter eggs tomorrow!

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