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Nikka Whiskies: Pure Malt, Coffey Grain, Coffey Malt, Miyagikyo, Yoichi from $91.96 ($89.66 with eBay Plus) @ Boozebud eBay


Been slowly getting the core Nikka's and it looks like they can be found today at great prices, for anyone wanting to add some Japanese to their whisky collection.

Taketsuru Pure Malt $89.66/$91.96

Coffey Malt $131.89/$135.27

Coffey Grain $106.31/$109.03

~Price Jacked - No Deal~

Yoichi $115.82/$118.79

Miyagikyo $115.82/$118.79


Excludes: Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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    Now that i have bought one of the Coffey Grain bottles, happy to confirm that this is a really nice drop! And a pretty good price

    • +1

      Nice. Coffey Grain was the last for me to get.

  • +1

    Nice. Been looking for a Yoichi for a long time now at a good price. Was able to get the others while overseas years ago, but couldn't get my hands on this one.

    Aaaaand it's gone.

    • +4

      Yup. Seller just realised and then price jack

  • +1
    • +1

      $1000 off and only one left? Don't mind if I do 😎

  • so they are all have strong Coffee smell/flav ?
    hmm then i will skip

    • +1

      Coffee =\= coffey

    • +1

      Coffey refers to a Coffey still not actual coffee in this case so it's not coffee flavoured or smelling specifically.

      • +1

        i see. thanks.
        noob here

        • Always new things to learn, maybe you'll give the whisky a shot now to try it out.

          • @NoLosing: So many to learn i haven't try bourbon yet

  • My favourite! Love the maltyness

  • OP: your title says "$89.66 ($91.96 with eBay Plus)" … doesn't seem right

    • Oh what.

      Someone edited the title of my post…

    • Done. Edited the edit.

  • Oh nooo, Coffey Grain is out of stock.

    Anyone can comment on Taketsuru? Is it good?


  • Nikka yoichi is phenomenal, highly recommend

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