Brand / Model TV for $600 Budget (JB Hi-Fi Gift Voucher)

Hi All

I have a $600 gift voucher from JB.

I don't really have anything on the radar to buy so I was thinking of getting a TV. I'm currently on a 50" Samsung Dumb TV (Circa 2010) with Chromecast. I don't watch a lot of TV personally but the kids use it to watch Disney / Netflix movies … thus there is no urgency to spend on an OLED. Plan is to use the current 50" as a bedroom TV.

There is a handful of TV's in the 55"-60" size range for this price @ JB. Alternatively I was also thinking of selling the voucher and
- Get the EKO 58" with WebOS
- Or at worse … hope that wait for black Friday are good (EG: EKO 55" @ $350 last year)

(Note: I am also open to smaller than <50" so I can just put a TV in the bedroom)

I'm about to start my journey on TV research … so just wanted to ask if there are any pointers (brand / model) that people can direct me to ?

Thanks :)


  • get the TCL55P615

    Have them price match here

    I have the 43" version. Very good panel!

    Edit: I noticed that price match would be for a carton damaged product - if that were true then have them price match gecko

  • Thanks for the recommendation

    I ended up using the voucher to purchase a dishwasher for my investment property that was on the way out.

    I grabbed a $20 47" for the bedroom (waiting for wall mounts) and now using 2 dumb tv's :)

    I couldn't really justify buying a new one when I looked into it. Maybe when the kids are older and OLED's become cheaper but it didn't make sense to do it now. Pokemon is going to look the same on an old TV vs new TV to any toddler :P

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