Cheap 40in+ TV for Rental Property

My rental property when bought had a no brand TV which lasted 1.5years when I moved in until I rent it out.

About 12mths in, the TV died, so I gave my trusty 55in LG LCD TV thats 3yrs old and bought me an OLED TV.

Fast forward another 11mths and that TV died as well. I have no idea what the tenant is up to but the apartment is well looked after.

What are your recommendation on a robust cheap TV for rentals?


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    Why provide a TV at all?

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      Actually if you have to provide one - what about renting one through one of those places like Radio Rentals. If it dies it is the rental company's problem. And at the end of the lease hand it back and don't provide a TV to the next people. If you find out how much it costs per month and the number of months remaining make it half or less of the cost of buying one - seems like a good idea. Or even better if you can get away with it is to ask the tenants to rent one and you'll reimburse them, that way if they break it it is their problem.

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        It'll end up costing more to rent from radio rentals than just buying a cheap TV that has warranty till end of lease

        • It depends how long the lease is for. If there's only two or three months remaining it could turn out better.

          • @Quantumcat: A 55" Kogan TV rental from radio rental is minimum
            $339 for 2 years
            $256 for 1 year

            You can buy a new one for $550

            So, yes, I take it back - it could turn out to be cheaper.

            I just remember that last time I used those guys to rent one for a week; it cost more than $100. Although long term deals are cheaper.

            • @MrHyde: Those are weekly rates. So the total should be:
              $1110 for 1 year
              $1470 for 2 years

              Not sure if you can terminate early.

            • @MrHyde: Wow I didn't realise how expensive it was. I was thinking like $20 a week or something

  • buying cheap shat tvs will just break again, sooooooo
    gl and buy a used one which will likely just break.

  • ALDI when on special or Bigw or check out for catalogs.

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    Buy another cheap TV but when that tenant moves out remove the TV

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    Just don't replace it and tell them you'll give them 10 bucks a week discount for 6 months as compensation.

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    Buy a TCL TV @ JB HiFi with 3 years warranty.

    At least no worries for 3 years…$2.50 per week :)

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    $100 older model 2nd hand LCD from marketplace

    Bought a 40" Samsung for $120 a while back, was even a smart tv

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