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Sodastream Rose Gold Bottle $7.96 Ea + Delivery ($7.76 Delivered with eBay Plus) @ 24/7deals_australia eBay


Looks like not bad price for rose gold sodastream bottle after discount. Same price as catch before discount.

Also found a few item from this seller:
Dr Ultra C UV carry bag $7.96
Olay magnemask starter $11.20
Olay magnemask infusion illuminating x 10 $5.60
[Loreal botanicals hair mask x 2 $4.8](https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Loreal-Geranium-Radiance-Reme...

Not sure if it’s very old stock, looks suspiciously cheap. Bought and took the risk anyways.

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    247Deals is kg electronics.

    • thanks for the info

  • Does it fit the Philips version of sodastream?

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      I bought the basic black bottles (2 for $15) pack, and I have the Phillips machine, can confirm that the thread size is the same. This bottle looks to be the same dimensions.

      Word of warning though, try to fill the bottle a little under the indicated line, because too much water ends up shooting up the gas nozzle making for a not great sound

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    Silly question. Why is this a thing when a bottle of woolies soda / mineral water is $1 for 1.25l

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      Correct- silly question.

      • Fact checked, yep, silly question.

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        You could help by actually explaining rather than being an arrogant twat

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          It's literally basic maths…
          $1 for 1.25L or $20 for 60L, that's like 3x cheaper than your option.

          Also carbonated grocery store water is more like 50c for 1L and it's still cheaper to buy CO2 and carbonate yourself.

          • @TogTogTogTog: That’s fair. The cost benefit is reasonable in isolation and on the figures you provided.

            Does that consider initial outlay for the machine, water purification costs and costs of flavouring - for those that do add flavour.

            Whats the return in investment time for 2L a week?

            Also just checked sodastream site and its $35 for 60L

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              @Vote for Pedro: If you like drinking carb water then you'd drink maybe 1-2L a day. Buying and lugging home a week's supply is a bit of a pain

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          or, you could do the maths yourself chief and use a lil common sense x

          • -1

            @ignited141: Well, yeah. You see, so many variables such as water, water filtration, equipment outlay, consumables, flavours (if that’s your thing).

            The $1 per 1.25l is cheaper. Also, it’s just there as opposed to needing to make it each time so there the minor opportunity cost of your time.

            And thats just the woollies/coles water. There’s probably cheaper

            • @Vote for Pedro: Here's a scenario: you're at home on a Saturday night, the local grocery store is closed, and you run out of your favourite carbonated beverage.

              Now you could argue that you simply just always stock up on said drinks when they go on special, yet it's easier and more convinient to have a rather large local supply of carbonated water.

              • @magic8ballgag: Here’s the same stupid scenario:

                you're at home on a Saturday night, the local grocery store is closed, and you run out of your co2 canisters.

                Now you could argue that you simply just always stock up on said co2 canisters when they go on special, yet blah blah…

                Also, does anyone know a place where supermarkets close before 8pm? If you haven’t realised by then you need drinks you have yourself to blame.

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                  @Vote for Pedro:

                  you're at home on a Saturday night, the local grocery store is closed, and you run out of your co2 canisters.

                  That would be quite a situation, however, less likely.

                  I can't remember the last time I had my Co2 tank refilled, and it's used daily.

                  Edit: I will not be voting for you, as I find your arguments silly and unnecessary.

                  • -1

                    @magic8ballgag: Compared to your well thought out example? Genius indeed.

                    • @Vote for Pedro: This is coming from someone who requires a mathematical rundown of why investiing in a personal supply of bubbled water is economical.

                      Perhaps this website isn't for you.

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                        @magic8ballgag: Yeah, I do need the breakdown sweetie because it’s more expensive to go with sodascam

                        • @Vote for Pedro: Right, yet paying a corporation exorbitant amounts to pre-sparkle water for you (that costs them cents to do) is a more worthy investment.

                            • +1

                              @Vote for Pedro: Here's the simple maths VfP…

                              Ozbargainers don't refill the 400g canister for $35, they buy 2.5kg or 6kg canisters for $66.95 or $99 respectively. With the 6kg canister and "establishment costs" you're paying less than 30c/litre on the first 6kg. After that you can refill the 6kg canister from $35-$70 depending on what you've got local to you, brining your cost to 4c-8c/litre, which blows away your 72c/litre.

                              Plus you're not polluting the crap out of the earth with loads of plastic bottles; "Recyclable" doesn't mean it gets recycled, nor that the environmental cost is net zero.

                              • @Valjew: Geez, how much fizz water do you people drink? My household would completely max out at 2.5l a week but average at 1.25l.

                                The economics don’t make sense unless you’re gobbling it down. Even if it was free, saving 52$ a year for me just makes no sense for that investment. I’m also happy I don’t need to invest in a machine, gas and water purifier.

                                Then again if you’re buying 6kg canisters for your sodastream for 800litres or 15.4 litres a week, I’m not going to stand in the way of your large bubbly habit.

    • $1.25? In vic it’s 75cents. Unless ur using tap, I don’t think carbonating cost effective, each to their own

  • Price is about the same as one cylinder $19 can pump 30-40 bottles.
    So you save all the purchase travel and heavy lifting and most people would do this for throwing away less plastic bottles I believe

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