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[PC] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 $5.00 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store/Select Areas with $100 Order) @ JB Hi-Fi


Can’t say if this is any good but for $5 might be worth trying

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    Played 20 mins of a Call of Duty once. The war mongering mentality of the game was a huge turn off

    • at least it is a video game.

    • As in the narrative or the 12 year olds playing it?

      • "ooraa" "get some" etc
        Turn off

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          But then how do you know they're tough old school types with nothing to prove and a tortured past?

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            @Charlie Sierra: I only played 20 minutes odd. So don’t know the story
            It probably ties in with my knowledge that research found 80% of armed forces personnel vote conservative - hence a reminder of a simplistic mindset & that force will ‘solve’ problems

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          Not sure what you were expecting from a game about war

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    holey…i paid more than that from JB not so long ago. was it 10 bucks or 15? I still have the game and I regretted buying it.

  • This was the game that tried to do a battle royale iirc.

    My specs are not great but man the graphics was so bad.

    Game play was meh.. the non battle royale component was bad.

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    Why take out the Campaign which was the best part about the game?

    • so is this multi player only?

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        Yes. They brought back the Campaign in the next Black Ops game

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          thanks mate, saved me $5+delivery

  • Requires download +100GB patch total though.

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    Yet another duplicate.

  • Just letting y'all know this doesn't have campaign (except zombies which was ok for a couple of hours i guess)

  • No campaign, multiplayer only. Don't believe many people playing multiplayer since Modern Warfare / Cold War are way better. Can probably find games of the Zombies mode though.

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      This is a dead game.

      Forget trying to get an oceanic game let alone an international game.

      • Was even given out on Humble Monthly and still playercount didn't recover.

  • anyone think theres a chance bo3 might go on sale again somewhere? im so mad i missed it i was fiddling around with the delivery options

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