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[Pre Order] iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $499, with $99/Month Telstra 150GB 24M Plan (New & Port-in Customers) in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw in my emails this morning.
24 month kills it but good if your desperate for an i13
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, available from 24/9/2021

1699-499=$1200 worth of discount
$600 per 12 month to compare with other plans

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    • Pointless

    • UPDATE ☹️: The online order you recently placed with the Apple Store cannot be processed because your shipping information is a freight forwarder address. To allow us to process your order, please reply to this email with a domestic shipping address and your order number. If you do not reply within 2 days, or if the new shipping address is also a freight forwarder, your order will be canceled.

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    Instead of replacing 512GB with 1 TB model and keeping the price the same, Apple just made a higher priced 1TB iPhone and kept the 512GB at the same price. Man these pricks……

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      Milking the sheep

      • +1

        Ah.. you're one of those guys..

    • +2

      Is that a bad thing? Adding 512gb of storage to a device and not charging extra would only happen if there was huge market pressure to conform to competitor offerings. Prick status would be bumping up the 512gb variant price for no appreciable gain.

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    I think to pay off an iPhone + boost yearly plan would be the cheapest way to go, unless you would need more than 20GB data/month…

    • or if you need 5G. that's like having a ferrari and only driving 5km/h, lol.

      • +1

        None of the prepaid service provides esim for your Apple Watch cellular. I think the JB $69 12 month with $400 GC is a better deal for most people who want 5G and esim option.

      • according to : https://www.finder.com.au/iphone-13-mmwave-5g-australia

        The band (n258 - 26Ghz) we need for the Australian future 5G network is missing from the models sold in AU.

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    For a person like me who spends 15$ a month on their mobile plan, 15 x 24 = 360$.
    Buying iPhone 13 Pro = 1699$, Total = 1699 + 360 = 2059$

    This plan is 99 x 24 = 2376 + 499 (Discounted iPhone) = 2875$

    This costs 819$ more, which is stupid.

    But if you already have a 99$ or 99999$ per month mobile plan for some reason, going with this offer totally makes sense.
    (Well, if you can afford a 99$/month plan, I don't think buying an iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB model would be much of an effort for you anyways!)

    • +2

      I am exactly the same as you. And as I go to woolies for groceries every week this deal marks down the phone cost even further

      • Yeah that's true, that's the best deal.
        And even if the person has a 20$/month or 30$/month mobile plan, they will still save 699$ or 459$ after 2 years respectively.

  • Waiting for JB to have a 12month deal on iphone pro.

  • +1

    as usual the above posts miss 3 key facts

    1 u can buy apple credit this week at 15% off ( ww credit - pretty much $) so the cost of buying an iphone outright is much cheaper.

    2 some people prefer the higher monthly payments for business / tax readons

    3 some people prefer outright purchases as the lucky few can get gst back at the aurport… might get covid tho…

    • -1

      How do you buy Apple credit?

    • I wish people would stop saying everyday rewards points are cash. They are not cash!

    • What are the tax/business reasons for getting a plan? Not that I don't believe you, just curious.

      • Using the phone for business purposes. I.e. calling clients, business partners etc.

  • I’m on a $49/60gb piece of mind plan from 2 years ago
    Randomly got a message saying that my data is now 80gb. Great!
    But it looks like they have put me on a $65 plan with out telling me

    (My $49 went out of contract March 2020)

    Anyone else have anything happen simila ?

    • Same with me.

  • +2

    Just bought one outright and will stick with my $30/mo for 30GB Woolworths Mobile plan.

  • -1

    So what can iPhone 13 do that 12 can't?

    • +7

      YouTube/Google will be able to help

    • I think it’s more about it being substantially better than older models and only incrementally better than the current phone it is replacing.

      It’s what keeps the whole system going with apple. Resale, iOS upgrades etc.

  • I was actually looking forward to switch from S9+ to this iphone but after the announcement, yeah nahhh

    • My dad has the S9+. Great phone.

  • -2

    Funny calculation on the post lol

    Pretty sure ppl are happy with $49/59 plan, and with two years extra $50/40 per month - not a great deal for me.

    and iPhone 13 Pro,, nothing been changed really.

    • if you have an iPhone 12 pro i would wait for the 14.

      if you have an iPhone 11 or older, this is a fantastic upgrade because 5G started with the 12.

      most people upgrade every 2+ years.

      im abnormal, i buy every year. i just pass it down to my kids.

      • yeah I am with 12 pro max

        my point is for everyone else. just buy iPhone 12 New/Old then, don't sign up for this 24 months plan :)

      • +1

        Still struggling to find a reason to upgrade from the 11PM.

        • +2

          Don’t struggle too hard. I’m on iPhone11pro and See no real reason to pull the trigger

          • -2

            @RudedogandDweebs: 'pull the trigger' ? - the etymology of this intrigues me as someone who grew up going .22 rifle shooting invasive species on farms, with the very real consciousness that pulling the trigger is intended to cause death of that individual

            so I googled it and found a couple of articles - https://www.forconstructionpros.com/business/business-servic... and https://bronto.com/blog/pull-the-trigger-5-campaigns-you-sho...

            which seem to be about marketing appeals to induce you to feel an urgent need to buy now or 'pull the trigger'

            which is a kind of psychological coercion if you will - so when I see it used by potential purchasers about deciding when to make the purchase, I go WTF - is this from computer games - 'Master of my Tiny [small screen] Universe' or what ?

            Anyone got a better explanation of the popularity of this term 'pull the trigger' as suggested to describe smart consumer decisions ?

        • +1

          Same. 11 pro max here, nothing is really grabbing me about this new one. I used to love upgrading every year but since I went from my 7 Plus to the 11 pro max I just don't see anything worth it. 5G is cool I guess but like most of you guys I'm working from home and I don't see the point in upgrading for it yet.

    • +2

      I have an iPhone X which is almost 4 years old. I was waiting for a high refresh rate screen before upgrading which they finally have :)

      • +2

        I have a iphone 8, and yet, I can't find a bargain worth upgrading to yet.

        • Isn’t the iPhone 8 screen a square with huge bezels above and below plus a physical button? It’s a rather large upgrade to any of the more recent iPhone’s. Your screen to body ratio is massively improved and you’ll get the gesture based system instead of a button.

          • +2

            @brimmy11: But can the x11 12 13
            Finger print scanner unlock ?

            • @letmethefuqin: During the last 2 years, I can safely say if I knew what we were going to have to endure I would have bought an iPhone 8 purely for the fingerprint scanner.

          • @brimmy11: Yeah but watching a 16:9 video not being cropped is almost the same size on iPhone 6, 7,8 plus versus 13 Pro max. Many people, me included, prefer the physical touch button to unlock the phone. The better Oled screen, variable refresh rate and 5G would be the biggest differences over an iPhone 8. I’m writing this on my iPhone 7 Plus and waiting for iPhone 13 pro delivery soon. My 7 plus is thinner than my partners iPhone 11. I prefer my current phone to hers so I’m hoping I like the new iPhone. I hope it’s not too thick and has decent battery life. My current phone lasts two days with a fairly recent battery replacement.

  • But who needs such big plan?

  • +2

    Such a poor plan !!!!! For 99$,
    No international call/sms included.
    Not worth it - unless you live in down under.

    Your Plan does not include an International Call and SMS allowance. The following charges apply:
    calls to international numbers – for call rates to overseas, see telstra.com.au/mobile-other-call-types
    SMS to international numbers – 50¢ per standard message sent per recipient; and
    MMS to international numbers – 75¢ per standard message sent per recipient.

  • Why no one mentioned ETC?

    • +2

      Probably because Telstra closed that loophole so you won't be better off doing early termination.

      • Ic. Dang it, missed the boat.

  • +3

    This deal falls into “not bad” territory.

  • +1

    Apply fan boy deal. Pay 3k to upgrade your phone so you can pay for Mr cooks bonus.

  • -2

    What’s wrong with iPhone 12? Or 11? or even X?

    • Not that much cheaper for new or refurbished. Nothing wrong with those phones. I plan to keep a phone for 5 or 6 years so it doesn’t make much difference in cost whether buying new model or not.

  • This deal would be good for those that can tether the data and ditch paying broadband.

    Generally a single person living on their own.

  • any 12 month plans with $500 bonuses coming uP soon?

  • Nearly $3k for 2 years of mobile service. Lol. I don't care which phone comes with it, it's still complete nonsense, when you can get 2 years of Boost service for, say $400. BYO phone.

    • +1

      You could also get 12 months of Catch (Optus) 10Gb/month for $120. There are currently plenty of other options on the market.

  • I cannot see this deal on the jb website?

  • Just called my local JB.

    The deal is actually a $1200 gift card towards any phone in the iPhone 13 range, so the Pro Max would be $649 and then $99/month.

    • Hoping they do a deal on the $65 80 gig plan

  • Has anyone successfully ported out of Telstra for a month, then ported back in to get a new customer deal?

    If so what's a good network to do this with?

    Currently on Telstra postpaid 5G deal with 180 GB for $65 + iPhone 12 Pro Max about to be paid off

    Buying 13 Pro Max US model from Apple directly and want to get back on Telstra 5G but ideally with some kind of cashback or low cost per month

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