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HP 14s-fq0513AU Laptop Athlon 3020e/4GB/64GB eMMC $347 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) @ Officeworks


Great budget laptop if you're looking for Windows, hardware upgrades and option to install Linux*
* Edit: Linux works extremely well, distro with recent 5.13+ kernel is required eg. Manjaro
* Edit 2: M.2 slot works, M.2 SATA drive must be used (NOT NVMe)

Was considering hacking a Chromebook but the custom BIOS and driver issues are hit and miss with recent models

The AMD 3020e is much faster than the Intel N4020 typically found in the $400+ price range

AMD Athlon 3020e Dual-Core 1.2-2.6GHz processor.
4GB DDR4 RAM (3200 SODIMM preinstalled, can be swapped out with 8GB 2400 SODIMM)
64 GB eMMC storage (integrated/non-removable, empty M.2 SSD slot available that may work depending on the HP BIOS but untested*)
AMD Radeon Integrated Graphics
14" WLED backlit display - 1366 x 768, SVA, 250 nits, 45% NTSC
Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 5 AC (2 x 2), 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB-C, and audio via 3.5 mm jack.
12 month warranty
Up to 9 hours battery life
Windows 10 Home with free upgrade to Windows 11 (has TPM enabled in the BIOS)

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  • This or wait for another sub $300 duet offer? Was looking for a simple device for parents to browse internet

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      10.1" Duet is more like a power tablet, this is a budget PC. Duet for ease of use, this for productivity

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      Just buy your parents the new iPad, it's likely faster than this PC. A little more, but definitely worth it, this thing is slow as. eMMC is blegh.

      Edit: Just saw there's apparently an available M.2 SSD slot. That changes things a little, but I think an iPad is easier for older people to learn to use. My completely computer illiterate mother uses her iPad a tonne and loves it. But obviously, each person's proficiency with computers is different. So buy to your needs if you disagree with me.

      • $500 (assuming that's the iPads price) can get you a better PC too though
        + If you need to buy a keyboard for it there's more expense

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          If you need a keyboard, 100% a laptop. Any crammed iPad bluetooth keyboard is garbage compared to a decent laptop keyboard

          • @KARMAAA: Bargain bin laptop doesn't have a good keyboard though.

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              @coxymla: At least the Shift and Control keys are full size on this bargain bin thing.

      • Confirmed M.2 slot works with an M.2 SATA drive and not NVMe

  • looking for a chromebook at this price. any idea which will be better? main aim is to write in ms word web version or google doc. thats all. i need to write everyday 1000 - 2000 words. another criteria is good battery life. no game. will watch video ofcourse.

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      i always feel like you should be buying as much 'spec' as possible and really, this laptop is always going to be shit


      Display Resolution
      1366 x 768

      ppeople dont want to hear this but i think you're going to want to spend around $750 for something nice

      • If you can live with a shit processor maybe get one of those cheap Acers with a FHD screen

      • $698 for this one with FHD screen


        This acer will run rings around the laptop posted by the op. Yes is slightly over double the price of the HP but what you get for it. I think its a better buy. And you can likely upgrade the ssd on this acer later on.


        Acer laptop for $698
        Quad core cpu
        FHD screen
        8GB RAM
        128GB SSD

        • Its actually a dual-core CPU with four threads

        • The biggest difference between this 15.6" lapop and OP's 14" is size and weight if you are on the move.

          Spec wise you get a bit faster cpu/graphics/ram/ssd mainly noticable if doing more than usual tasks, and even the FHD screen

          on these cheaper 15.6" models will not be much better than a HD screen on a 14" model. It is also twice the price, so think

          about your needs carefully.

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    $497, best bang for buck at the next price point
    OW price matching HN


    Acer Aspire 3 15.6" Core i3 4GB/128GB Notebook A315-56-3061
    Intel Core i3-1005G1 10th gen
    15.6" 1920 x 1080
    4GB RAM, expandable to 12GB
    128GB SSD
    Intel UHD 600 Graphics
    WiFi 5 (802.11ac), 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.1, and HDMI
    Up to 8 hours of battery life
    Windows 10 Home

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      I’m not sure if it’s the same specs or same item but but worded different but ain’t this the same apart from Harvey Norman one has a bigger ssd?


      • You're right - the HN model is better, $1 extra for the larger 256GB SSD

        For your question below, the Acer would make a good desktop replacement (it's almost 2KG anyway), just hook up a monitor, mouse and keyboard

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          I was planning to use the laptop as a replacement to the desktop and use its own monitor and plug in a mouse etc. Is there any point in having to buy a monitor as be as well get a desktop pc.

          I’m reading Acer as not that great? Or possibly this one but $1 more for bigger ssd just makes sense, really office works price should be even less than it is.

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            @bwatt72: Acer's are fine, their build quality is not as durable as other brands but for $498 from HN, that's a very good price. When using a laptop as a desktop replacement, you are not physically moving it around much so the build quality becomes less of an issue. The most important thing is to ensure you have a gap between the laptop base and table so that hot air can be pushed from the internals.

            • @highmargin: Yes it be a desktop replacement possibly for now but might get desktop when funds permit much later.
              My current laptop is 10 yrs old and not had professional info but i was thinking of updating to wihdows 10.
              With giving specs i was advised that possibly with upgrade of ssd at maybe a cost of $40 might do but no guarantees of windows 10 working ok.
              As windows 11 is just around the corner im sure and as time passes my laptop becones unstable at some stage or hard work it's a Samsung..
              Laptop is something used now and again these days as was my desktop as use phones and ipads mostly even when travelling ipad is what i take

              Certain things im sometimes asked to do ie for work ie Certain courses or online stuff seems to require pc and also pc seems best device for such things.

              I dont think i be carrying this or travelling with it if that just around the house or as said left on pc desk as our home computer lol.

              My current pc is a all in one. And might go for one again this is also about 10yrs old possibly longer and i had windows on it for a while but not sure what's up with it. I personally think it's the button battery needs replacing but im told possibly it's more and not worth fixing due to it's age.
              So to have some sort pc in home will be good.

              Im just curious the 4gb ram vs 8gb ram whst part does this do in the working of a laptop.

              You mentioned about as long as air can escape from under laptop, im surecit will have feet on it to allow that if sitting on desk.

              I could just carry on using my current laptop but as windows 7 is no longer supported im just worried im hacked etc.
              And im sure as time gets on it might not update stuff as no windows 10. But maybe i could just carry on until a really good deal comes along be in a laptop or desktop or both.

              As im sure this one aint the must have best deal of the decade etc but under $500 is a nice price but there is maybe better to come

        • But my understanding these are both same model only difference is the ssd bigger with hn

          • @bwatt72: Just go for the bigger one with 256gb for more and enjoy using,

            if bit slow throw in a second 4gb ram and your good to go for a few years.

            • @ozhunter68: A few years is that all they last these days as mine is still working after 10 yrs but it has had little use for past 4 or 5 years st least.
              I forgot to update it back in the day with Windows 10.
              Ipads sometimes gets updates then they want you to buy new ones as stop supporting older models.
              And i suppose same goes with laptop the specs inside become more useless as software become more powerful snd requiring better specs cant win.

              • @bwatt72: Your correct about hardware over time struggling with more power demanding newer software. But if keeping your computer lean of software and data, as well as keeping malware and spyware and afdware etc out and keeping simple security up to date, as well as looking after ports and other hardware, no reason it can't last many years 6-12 as long as the OS does what you want it to do. What I meant is don't put off buying better computer for ages, this will work well for basic to medium needs as long as you keep things realistic. If you find computer is too slow after 2-5 years, sell/gift it and as budget allows then upgrade. If you can wait to save more, good and get better.

            • @ozhunter68: Is the i3 core i believe in this laptop recent or been out for years ?
              Im taking the specs are ok compared to similar laptops of same price.
              Im sure jb has this as well for 799 but might not be same one. But jb prices can sometimes be more expensive.
              But in saying that im sure jb hifi one is only 128gb instead of 256gb.

              Being a ozbargains hunter be nice if i could save even more from this harvey norman price ie reduced gift cards or something.

              • @bwatt72: It's the latest 11th Gen launched in Q3 2019 but then appearing in laptops mainly in 2020/2021, but the are many

                faster i3's out there even few years older, but this is a good middle mobile cpu for non graphics computing needs.

                Do your re-search and make sure whatever new windows computer you buy now is able to upgrade to W11 and

                has all the ports you need now and next few years.

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                  @ozhunter68: This one is good for windows 11? Im sure its a free upgrade on this device or im mixing myself up with something else.
                  So nothing comes close to this then price wise and for what you get.
                  There are cheaper and there are ones much more depends on the needs of that user.
                  For me just general use no gaming etc that's what the consoles are for.

  • I don’t know much about specs etc and sort of on the look out for a new laptop mine being bit dated and probably needs upgraded to possibly use windows 10. And still might not be able to use with windows 10.
    My pc is also broken down and was thinking of using a laptop in place of where my pc on the desk.
    I might get a desktop pc another time if a really good deal comes along.

    But you say this is price matching Harvey Norman I can’t see anyone sell this model apart from Officeworks?

  • Expired the deal as the price has gone up to $397 - RAM and M.2 upgrades are both confirmed working and this applies for all other HP laptops that use the HP 14s-fq chassis