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Heinz Baked Beans 3x 300g $3 ($2.70 S&S, Minimum Qty 3) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


As I just missed out on the $0.68 deal for 300g I came across this deal for a pack of 3. Woolis has it for $4 for the pack so still pretty good deal I reckon.

EDIT: Seems to be the Amazon usual price looking at camelcamel so not too much of a bargain here.

Minimum Order Qty: 3

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Missed out on last deal, will take this instead. Pretty much it’s regular price on Amazon though

    • Yeah I just noticed that’s too.

  • Minimum 3 makes me set back.

    • i rmbr eating this at school camp on toast

      so maybe open a school camp business

  • It's been this price since it's been on Amazon - Price history

  • -1

    Just a fyi, these cans are smaller then normal 300g.

    • It's 300g X 3 .

  • I don't really like this as much as I like the BBQ one

  • FYI made in New Zealand

    • any significance being NZ made? Does it taste like a NZer?

      • +3

        Most feel made in nz = made in China

        • Really?

          Anything to support that?

          • +2

            @jackspratt: "Under New Zealand law, any New Zealand country of origin claims are permitted but are voluntary. New Zealand has never made country of origin labelling mandatory. If a New Zealand company chooses to emphasize the New Zealand origin of its product, this is because of a belief in the marketplace that the claim can attract a price premium. There are no hassles to deal with such as faced by an Australian company being required to prove “substantial transformation” of its product in Australia to be eligible to identify the Australian-ness by a kangaroo on pack.

            The New Zealanders do not seem worried. They know that they can trade off the “clean, green” reputation of New Zealand food products without having to meet the technical burdens that are imposed on Australian companies by the CoOL Information Standard applicable to products that are manufactured in Australia."

            above from here

            Also if you look on ozbargain a lot of chocolate deals sold at discounters e.g reject shop have garnered made in China comments regularly. Make what you want of it :)

          • +1

            @jackspratt: There are many reports of products being made/produced overseas getting minimal reprocessing or repackaging in nz and then having made in nz labels slapped on them, which new zealand regulations and/or their lack of enforcement seem to allow.

            Personally I'm wary of food products that are 'made in new zealand'. Less so if labeled 'product of new zealand', but even then my lack of faith in nz's labeling regime gives me pause for thought.

        • I was more interested in the "Most feel" bit of your statement.

          Further, while NZ may have different (laxer) labelling standards to Oz, they apply to various countries, not just China.

          • @jackspratt: See the last part of my previous reply. You're welcome to put in some effort and look through older posts on ozbargain

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