Men with Hair Bands

Ok, with the added length (cough) of hair as a result of Covid and not having had a hair cut in months, I decided to just let it grow.
It's now dawned on me, it's not yet long enough to pull back into a man bun (not the plan either), but it is long enough to get in my eyes and be a little annoying.

So… the question is NOT about getting it cut… Rather, thoughts on males with hairbands? lol…

I've already made my decision, however, seemed like a reasonable 'Silly Saturday night Survey'.

If yes in any capacity - one of those plastic ones or material (like, but not, a bandana)?

Poll Options

  • 17
    Males with long hair can wear Hairbands
  • 35
    Males should not wear Hairbands, they are for females
  • 1
    Males that are metro with stubble and/or a beard should only consider Hairbands
  • 160
    Do as you wish... who gives a $#17
  • 2
    What's a hairband?
  • 8
    Oh look, someone said Eneloop batteries are on sale... brb!


  • Are you using a blow dryer?

    I have also allowed my hair to grow long and I just can't seem to dry it well enough with a towel now, but a blow dryer seems… a bit extra.

  • +2

    I decided to just let it grow.

    Can't hold it back anymore.

    Long hair never bother me anyway!

    • Ok… I'll bit… I'm lost… don't understand your comment this time SF!

    • +1

      This version… rocks. 🤘

      • Some hair style inspirations for OP :)

        in YT comments:
        7 year old daughter: daddy can you put the Elsa song on
        Me: of course sweetie but I've found a better version…..


  • Gonna need a picture of the plastic ones because I have no idea what you’re talking about and I’ve had long hair for decades and regularly wear material headbands to keep my hair out of my eyes when working.

    • Various examples of each here:

      Wired (WWW) ones if you like.
      Plastic (U) shape.
      Material (aaahhh… material - cotton/elastic).


      • +1

        Oh, those ones. I’d say the fabric ones would be better the majority of the time because I like multi-functionality, but you’d need to see what works best for you.

      • +1

        I don't care what anyone else wears, but there is no way I would wear any of that crap.

  • +1

    manbuns…pullstarts for feckwits

    • hahahah - take that as a no! lmao

    • you must be balding

  • +5

    I'm not a fan of the PC brigade but in this instance, do whatever you want. Hairstyles have no gender. Just like children's toys have no gender (boys can play will dolls and girls can play with trucks).

    • White flag raised and waved! :)

  • +6

    Men have been tying their hair for centuries. Who cares

    • The baby Jesus (well not so baby) was said to have long hair to match the long robe. Fair point.
      (Not comparing myself or any other current living being to Jesus… Ok, wait… not getting religious whatsoever… eject eject eject!!)

      Did I mention Eneloop's were on sale? :)

  • +2

    Wear a cap?

    • Plenty of caps, beanies, and use sunnies too. But, thinking, when on a video conference, maybe? 🦁

      • Beanie with the Demons on it. They will think you're celebrating the Grand Final. Good banter.

        • 🏴🏳 all the way… I can't do it! Even if we had a shocker of a season! :(

          Please don't hold it against me. Even I hate me for this!

  • +2
    • +1

      aaahhhhh… hahahahahha

  • God who cares. Spend cents and try them

  • +1

    Don't believe in gatekeeping headbands because 'they're for females,' but can't say I like the look a lot either. But if you really want one I recommend not getting the spiky wavey metal bands as it digs in a bit and can hurt, would recommend an small elastic band though for practicalities sake. They're basic and do the job.

  • I'm on the covid hair growing train too.
    I Use a material head band most days to keep it out of my eyes. Get one that matches your hair colour and you can also pull it back beyond your hairline so it's pretty discreet.

    Also who cares what others say, do what works for you. If ppl still get butt hurt in this day and age then it's a reflection on them, not you.

    Last tip, wash your hair more than you used to! You are probably touching your hair way more each day by brushing it back and that will make it look oily and gross much quicker.

    • ahahha - we should start a group just for male manes… :)

      I usually wash my hair every day/shower… agree that as it gets longer, one needs to take more care.

  • +5

    Anyone who voted that men shouldn’t wear hair bands is a total flog, and there are too many here. Do whatever you feel is right for you.

  • +1

    Get a titanium tiara for the win. Commission one on etsy with dragons, swords and rubies. No one is going to argue over zoom with the guy wearing a jewel studded titanium tiara depicting an epic dragon battle.

  • When I had long hair I wore it in a pony tail with a hair band, which was like a thick rubber band with cloth on the outside. Pretty much the only way to control long hair without it becoming a pain in the butt.

  • +2

    It sounds like some people here need to go back and have a look at portraits throughout history. It was not uncommon for men to have long hair, often, tied off with ribbons when it is likely to get in the way. In fact it is short hair that is, relatively, new. It does amaze me how rigidly some guys police the way other guys look. As a straight white female I look at the lead guy in “Hornblower” and go “hell yeah”; and I won’t be alone in that.

    Now, go and tell a Scotsman he should stop wearing a skirt.

    • +1

      Skirt… cough… It's a Kilt, me lassie!


      But… you tell em!

      • Sorry, probably should’ve said “skirt”. I find it just weird that some people label others based on the strangest, superficial, elements.

        Me, I have short hair and haven’t worn a dress/skirt in, probably, ten years. However, that doesn’t make me anything but a straight woman. The “straight jacket” that some people put “masculine” into must be suffocating. Frankly whatever floats people’s boats is OK with me.

    • +1

      bet people calling guys with manbuns flogs wouldnt say it to a viking, samurai, or cherokee. wait until all the "macho" men find out short hair began as a symbol of servitude, being in the military, jail. yeah now thats CHAD! its all so stupid but as someone that wears my hair in a bun im a bit bitter to all the offhand comments i still receive by people that think about their hair aesthetics 1000x more than I do

      • You do wonder about people who get hung up on that. Maybe they find you attractive and don’t know how to deal with it. I never understood the “macho” straight jacket. It is so tight it is cutting the oxygen to their brains.

  • I grew my hair out for 2 years then cut it this year. A good tip is to also wear hats/beanies

  • I guess if you have it Flaunt it…


    • Tatts on your head and inside the mouth. All I can say is “ouch”.

  • +1

    what is hair?
    missing that poll
    haven't seen much on the top for a while

    • Same same. Chrome dome here. Thankfull that I don’t have such thought provoking concerns as to needing a hair band or not.

      • What about a sweat band?

  • +1

    You'll find that people who are anti-hairband tend to be conservative voters

    • Rent free.

    • or balding/bald

  • Do what makes yourself happy

  • +1

    How the world is changed. The web information I've been seeking after 18 months WFH would have surprised me beforehand; hair bands, beard care, sour dough baking, backyard chickens …. .

    • Welcome to COVID CHAT!


  • What's the point of having long hair if you tie it up in a goofy looking bun?

  • Also, not complaining. I'm glad not to have lost a job, business or home (to let politicians and health bureaucrats posture) and to have my main concerns include hair length.

  • WARNING!!! From my ponytail days: Hide your hair bands because your wife/partner will lose theirs as they do now and will steal yours.

    • No trouble with that here! Single, in a bach pad! lol…

  • -2

    Long hair is fine, but if you feel the urge to tie it in a bun or braid or topknot, you're not longer a straight man… which is fine also, just sayin, there's a code for these things.

    It's true that historically men wore dresses, heels, suspenders, heavy makeup, fancy hairdos, bows and ribbons in their hair, etc, etc, but this is not the 14th century France - similarly anyone wearing a swimsuit, shorts, skirts, or revealing evening wear would be acceptable today but accused of, if not arrested, for being a person of ill repute / harlot, back in that era.

    • +1

      You don’t get to say what people are, or aren’t, based on how they wear their hair. That is just, absolutely, daft. What a narrow little world you live in.

      • Not too hard to guess the political ideological spectrum he comes from.
        Use it to make yourself feel better, because they're too stupid to know any better

  • Wear a hat while you grow it out, or a bandana, or a hair band you hottie!

    • "you hottie!"…
      Oh thank you… Do we know each other?


      • I don't think we know each other, i would definitely remember youuu


        Lockdown has done weird things to me.

        How you travelin'?

        • hahahaha - bit the same!
          I have an OzB addiction now!

          Wait, think I need to check - you M or F? lol…

          • @mickyb80: You don't need to check.

            It's all gravy nowadays bby

            • @ozbjunkie: here I was hopeful for a DDDN! :)

              Guess that's a pass… hahahah

              • @mickyb80: I may be a boomer but it seems you are looking for several Ds

                I only have one.

                • @ozbjunkie: Is that D and 4 lettered word?
                  Or a cup?

                  DDDN - Drink, Dinner, Date Night. lol…
                  Oh well, guess that's a pass… not that i'd actually be playing this app on OzB.

                  • @mickyb80: You know, we might need an ozbargain dating app.


                    Who's the boss round here again?

                    Basically boss… Everytime I use a 50% off on dinner via thefork, or eatclub, my date thinks less of me. And that in turn makes me think less of them (I'm paying, I'll take a discount thanks)… So we need an area for two people to meet, come together, really care about each other, and then never spend a cent more than necessary on one another (jk).

                    Beam me Up?

                    • @ozbjunkie: ahhahahaha - and with that… I'm guessing, if your paying, then you're the male on the date. I'd consider the first date, the male should be covering the cheque for dinner. Drinks can be alternative rounds.

                      Not usually one for a dinner discount myself though, but if so, why not…? If it's in line with your values, and not her's, then perhaps it's a sign to keep swiping right and looking for the next one.


                      • @mickyb80: I don't even swipe I just spam the green heart while I'm on the toilet.

                        What a romantic.

                        I know.

                        • @ozbjunkie: Green heart…?
                          aaahhh… oh wait - is that Tinder?

  • With haircuts still a few weeks away, I bought some cheap hair bands to try as a result of this post. Thanks for the idea!

    • No problems - had a feeling someone would get some value from this.

  • I got hubby one of these when they were half price. It didn't quite work for him because he has lots of thick, wavy hair.

    He's instead sporting a half ponytail ,which is really growing on me and does the job of keeping his hair off his face.

    Edit : This is what I mean by half-ponytail.

  • Decision should be based on price, it's ozbargain.

    As long as you getting it cheaper, buy and wear it.

    I know a bald friend buying a rubber band for hair as was cheap and a hair clip as was cheap.
    It demonstrates 2 things hope and ozbargain spirit.

    Who cares what people think or say, do it as you like but make sure it's cheaper.
    My 4 cents

    • Well pitched!
      I guess if one is saving on hair cuts, then more coin for something else…OzB spirit? I think so!