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KitchenAid KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer $583 ($568 eBay Plus) + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Not the cheapest but close to last offer

I’m be able to match last offer
$729 - $160 ebayplus - $25 save from ebay giftcard bought at woolies with team member discount = $545 pickup

Should wait Black Friday as I need this for Christmas, but after researched, cheapest last time (incl Black Friday) from Peter’s of Kensington was $475, only $70 and worry I wont be able to have a particular colour or stock, I just gambled on this now :)

[21/09/2021 @ 17:00] Updated :only Almond colour left, Glad im quick enough to snatch the blue ones :)

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  • +1

    Get the Kenwood. More ballsy, lasts longer imo. and the attachments are dope.

    • -1

      Much better for dough. Compares to the larger kitchen aid with the other dough hook

    • Yep. I got one from this deal for $179. Very happy with the purchase. Can't bring myself to pay this much.

      • I have the kitchen aid which I got for cheap from a friend. What is the equivalent of your kenwood these days?

        • The model was discontinued. Not sure what it costs now

    • +1

      I got the kitchen aid, it has been the best expensive purchase. No issues with breaking down, and the attachments do what i need.

      • +1

        Upgraded from a Kenwood to a Kitchenaid KSM45 and then a Proline.

        Definitely worth every $

  • +6

    Best investment of my life was buying the missus one of these

    • +3

      Same. Has lasted many many years and does everything asked of it, which is quite a lot as it happens.

      • +18

        Your wife or the KitchenAid?

        • +4


        • +1

          Same. Has lasted many many years and does everything asked of it, which is quite a lot as it happens.

          definitely not the first on

    • Same. Used at least once a week in our household and she loves it ease to use.

  • Great, thank you!

  • +4

    Went from a Kenwood to this and found this a lot better then the other one (Kenwood was only a year old).

    • What model Kenwood did you have?

      • Classic Chef - unsure on exact model. It worked fine, but not as well as the KitchenAid.

        • +1

          I wonder how some of the similarly priced models like the Chef XL Sense compare to the SM160 rather than the cheaper models.

  • Great price

  • Currently got a kenwood with 4.6L bowl
    Any recommendations for something with a 7L+ bowl? Family likes to do a lot of baking in bulk (zaatar etc)

  • The missus wants one of these but what do the actually do?

    • +64

      They’re good for making the missus hold back on pulling the trigger on divorcing an idiot who doesn’t know what a mixer does for a little while longer.

      • LoL had to upvote. Good one.

      • Hahaha gold

    • -2

      A lot more than you, apparently.

    • Mix things. The clue is in the name…

    • +7

      Big paperweight for 340 days of the year.

    • +1

      Absolutely godsent for mixing/folding batter, kneading dough and general mixing.

      Was very skeptical/confused about these devices originally, but pulled the trigger on a cheapie Kenwood. Wife loves all manner of cooking, its her outlet for destressing after work. I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur baker as well. It has served us really well.

      Fast forward 7 years, and we've just upgraded to a Kitchenaid Pro-line and its really been worth it.

  • +2

    Is it just this colour?

    • No, every colour is discounted. Have your pick!

  • +1

    Been trying to decide for months between the Artisan, Proline or the chef XL titanium since want to do some doughs and pasta.

    Proline has 500w vs 300w motor but giant bowl only. Kenwood seems solid but similar price to the Proline.

    Surprising lack of direct comparisons

    • +1

      I think theyre kind of deliberate like that so they avoid other brands segments etc?

      Anyways, I bought the mrs the Artisan, and while its been fantastic, it does struggle a bit with the heavier doughy stuff. Not sure about the higher wattage machines but yeah, you'll notice the 300w when doing heavy doughs on the KA Artisian. just my 2c

  • Thanks for sharing jasperdmx, I bought a $500 eBay gift card from Suncorp rewards about 30 minutes ago to use to purchase this, it still hasn't showed up yet….I'm thinking whether I should wait until it appears in my ePurchases or just buy this with my credit card….but then will be stuck with the $500 eBay gift card, since I don't think it can be returned.

    • If me, I will wait. I guess tomorrow would not run out.

    • I think if this is your first time purchasing a GC through the suncorp portal they make you wait 24hrs? but generally it should be next to instant, if not within the day

  • -1

    comes as $594.20 for me. How did you get it down to 583?

    • Honestly, $583 is just a math, because mine ebayplus 22% so I knew exact nett price.
      Non ebayplus, 20% = $729 - $145.80 = $583.20?
      Unless urs include delivery :)

      • yes, it shows with delivery

        Subtotal (1 item) AU $729.00
        Postage AU $11.00
        Vouchers/coupons -AU $145.80
        Order total AU $594.20

  • Spend 150 more and get the chef xl titanium from Kenwood and you're set for life with a much better machine

    • +3

      Where can you get for 150 more?

  • Great Machine i managed to get one for wife for $570.20 in June when Peters had a sale on Ebay.

  • got one as part of lockdown entertainment.. thanks op..

  • +1

    Wife’s 40th coming up - pulled the trigger. Thanks OP.

  • Too late. I already bought one.

  • What's everyone's favourite recipes?

    • +1

      Banana or blueberry muffins. Great for morning coffee break

  • Grabbed one, was trying to decide for a while now.
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Wife's xmas present sorted early this year.

  • Well done boys, happy wife happy life, proud of you bunch lol

  • Ohh what i just got negged for saying well done boys, there seems to be some wife haters here lol

    Well done boys, always keep wife happy that's rule #1

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