Hisense 85" U8G ULED 4K Smart TV 85U8G $3270 + Delivery ($0 to Select Cities) @ Appliances Central (Price Match at JB Hi-Fi)


$3270 at Appliance Central with free delivery to select cities.

Price matched at JB Hi-Fi with free delivery to regional Victoria, and the use of 5% discounted egift card saved another ~$160. So total price with delivery $3107.

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    GC from where?

  • Vidaa… Hmmm

    • Correct. It is terrble on this tv.

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      My comment from below:

      Sadly Australia got done when it comes to this years Hisense TVs in the same fashion as above. The version shown on youtube reviews is NOT the Aus version. The same goes for the one on RTINGS.

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    Hi all, as posted under a previous U7G ozbargin post > here are my comments for anyone looking to buy this TV or something from this company's 2021 line up:

    This TV does not have HDMI 2.1 like the US model does
    This TV does not have 1500 nits of peak brightness like the US model Does
    This TV does not have Android TV like the US model does (no Disney +)
    This TV can not do VRR @ 120 FPS like the US model can.
    This is a massive downgrade. Period.

    Most of use should know of how Samsung had exynos and snapdragon variants of their phones. The snapdragon variants were better overall and were not available in Aus.

    Sadly Australia got done when it comes to this years Hisense TVs in the same fashion as above. The version shown on youtube reviews is NOT the Aus version.

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      Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

      It makes LoSense to buy HiSense now.

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        correct and no problem.

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      Good info!

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      Yeah I am not buying any more hisense products for this reason. Almost everything is downgraded, it is a completely different - low end model. Very dodgy, unethical company.

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      Such a disappointment, this was the TV I was going to get (saw your comment on the other deal)

      So the next question is, what's the alternative? Isn't there a similar LG and TCL offering that gets closer to the USA specs this should have been? (I haven't looked too much into it yet).

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        If you need a ew TV this year. It's either OLED from Sony or LG, Sony x95 or the TCL 825 imo otherwise wait for microled

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          Sony x95j is nearly double the price. What do you think about the 85” x85j or even x90h (if I can find one) compared to the listed hisense or the Q8 hisense?

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            @ccrap: X90h=>q8>x85j reason being the x90 and Q8 are both FLAD and it makes a big difference.. Fairly cents in thr x85j is still edge list like the 2020

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          Honestly I'll be buying next year so no worries waiting. Though if I were buying this year, the Sony X90H 85" looks like a candidate without being too much more expensive.

          • @Click_It: Stuck in the same situation! No 85" X90J this year it seems with that size only being available for the X85 and X95 :/

      • LG Nano 91 in 86" gives you this size, full HDMI 2.1 compatibility. It is the best alternative in 85" sizing at this price range.

        • The nanos are IPS panels. Still not as good as a VA

          • @Dezeption: LG miniLED should be better according reviews.

          • @Dezeption: And aren't they also WAY more expensive? I originally looked at the LG Nano 91 but ruled it out, seemed too pricy for what it was. A great TV but not warranting the price tag I thought.

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    Read the JB reviews so bad

    Hisense 75Q8 $2295

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      mine is above :)

      • You have 75Q8? How is it? What is the width for the TV stand?

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          apologies, was talking about the review.

          • @sss9660: Any thoughts on the Sony X90H 85"? How does that compare with what this TV is in the USA but not here.

            • @Click_It: in all honesty, havent got any experience with that TV, do you mean the X90J?

              • @sss9660: I think so yes.

                NO worries if you aren't familiar with it, just thought I'd ask. In all likelihood I'm going to wait and see what 2022 brings anyway.

                • @Click_It: The X90J was what I was going to buy but i ended up with the A80J.

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          I've 85 Q8 and I cannot be more happy with its performance and yes it is indeed quite close enough to give me the OLED sort of black levels.

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    This is a rubbish Chinese downgrade from US model designed to be dumped in Australia, skip this tv.

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    Im downvoting based on my experience with the 55" U8G version which i returned the first and the second had the exact same issue.
    Random HDMI disconnections with my Nvidia Shield pro and Apple TV 4k 2021, Could be randomly watching a movie or tv show and it disconnects and reconnects out of no where. Somethings very wrong with it's HDMI ports and/or software either way it got returned and i bought a different tb.

    The Vidaa OS was slow as all hell too not that any TV OS compares to external devices but for some it might matter.

    I would not recommend Hisense U8G at all.

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    Great TV, love it love it love it!

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    curious if anyone knows how/where to buy the Hisense US model online that delivers to Australia?

    • For the costs associated you'd be in close range of top line OLED with zero warranty

  • Nice deal OP.

    Have to laugh at those boycotting Hisense because the 85Q8 in Australia isn't the same as the ones in the USA.

    I get they are disappointed the AU model doesn't have full HDMI 2.1 functionality, Android OS or the same peak brightness. However at the price, the only 85" FALD TV that comes close in an 85" is the LG Nano91 which only carries a 1 year warranty. It does have full HDMI 2.1 support.

    The Sony X90J in 75" is roughly the same price and Sony aren't even making it in 85"!

    Do they do these boycotts for other TV manufacturers?

    Sony released the 100" X92J in the USA. I want it, but I am not boycotting Sony because we can't buy it….

    Car manufacturers have a lot of models overseas we don't have - are we boycotting them too??

    • The hate towards hisense is that they used the exact same model numbers. Imagine going into a store. Look at a few to compare online and you search up thr hisense and find that's its a amazing TV for the price and its no questions asked you want that one because the online reviews for that model number make it shine. They only added "Australian model" after wp called them out and got in touch with Gizmodo. Its almost a bait and switch, and in there orginal promotional materials they advertised the US specs with the HDMI2.1 and 1500nits.

      Also LG Nanos are IPS so they can't be compared to it, size doesn't matter

      • The Hyundai Imax in Australia is now a Staria. It was always a Staria pretty much everywhere else in the world.

        In Thailand and Korea and Japan you can get a lot more accessories and builds then you could ever get in Australia - including electric opening side and rear doors which are seriously cool.

        The fact that wasn't available here didn't make me boycott Hyundai - its still a damn good people mover for the money, just sadly with not all the bells and whistles they have OS.

        I do agree promotional materials advertising the US specs in Australia is poor, and if you bought based on those you could surely get a refund - but now you know what the U8G AU version has, it's still not a bad TV compared to it's AU competitors at the price.

        Size does matter, a lot.

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          You can't compare a car to a TV. When you purchase a car it's easy to identify what is has and doesn't when you go and take a look at it. They also don't advertise them with the international specs and when they do some their commercial they clearly states its overseas model. How would you determine in a store that it has a peak of 1500? Two very different ways of shopping for something. They advertised it wrong. Like imagine yiu went into a dealership and the brochure said sliding door. You bought it only realising that you have it, that's the issue here

          Its decent TV, but basically all 2021 TV suck and have gone through a downgrade. Best rn excluding oled is the tlc 825. Best to wait buying anything till microled and qned

          • @Dezeption: Funnily enough when Holden was closing down I purchased a Colorado "Storm" from Kelly Holden in Cardiff NSW.

            I paid for it and delivery was to follow in 6 weeks.

            When I turned up 6 weeks later, it was just a vanilla Colorado LTZ they presented me with. No "Storm" features like LED lightbar, Storm decals, etc etc.
            The RRP is about $3000 less on an LTZ vs Storm - and for mine the Storm features were exactly what I wanted.

            Then they tried to convince me to take delivery. So it does pay to be very careful when buying a car - check everything before accepting delivery because afterwards you are basically stuffed.

            I do see your point that you can't test the nits output easily on TV and also agree the 2021 range of most TV's here is a bit disappointing. HDMI 2.1 has been out 18 months but other than the LG and Sony top end, not many manufacturers have implemented it well (if at all).

            I am a big fan of Hisense customer support having recently dealt with them - I am probably going to buy an 100S8 or 85U8G - I need it now so can't wait till next year.

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              @TheCandyMan2020: Yepp. And HDMI2.1 wasnt on the top end sony which was the x95. It was only the x90 and even then its still missing VRR and is crap. LG got it right and Samsung but now Samsung have dropped their VA for ADS on their top line except the 85" so it's all been a joke and I have both a 85" Q8 and 85" x90h. The Hisense 2020 were the better buy compared to 2021

  • ULED any better than QLED or OLED? Just wondering the price is worth it for a ULED.


      ULED is a hisense only tech that uses software to try and get the picture as good as a QLED but doesn't quite achieve it but is cheaper