Reliable Brand Power Banks

Looking for a Power bank for my S21, my previous phone I was using a xiaomi but has started to leak green liquid so canned it. Looking on previous deals it seems the most popular have been 'ROMOSS' branded power banks. Any suggestions which brands to look for? I dont mind paying abit of a premium to get a reliable brand that won't make my phone feel like it's on fire while charging (like my xiaomi did)


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    Anker if you’re looking to pay a premium, also does the s21 have wireless charging?

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    Interesting my last couple of power banks have been xiaomi and been just fine.

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      still using my OG silver Xiaomi ones from back in 2014-2015 and they're still going fine

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    Generally the larger the powerbank (i.e. laptop powerbanks like 60W, or more with 200,000 mAh+) more reliable it is going to be.

    So I'd say go with a Kogan/Cygnet/RavPower powerbank, I personally Really love my RavPower 60W 200,000 mAh powerbank, So tiny and light weight while still large capacity and Portable.

    • So forgot to put this in the OP but I need something to be able to fit in my pocket / easy to carry around. I didn't even know they made powerbanks that are 200,000 mAh. I guess they would be too big to easily carry around?

  • I have a 10,000mah kmart wireless battery bank. Bought for around $30

    Been 3 years and still works great. Wireless charging is handy when i dont have a cable.
    Would buy one again

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    Romoss, Xiaomi is good in my book. I know Anker is good as well.

    I tend to find if the powerbank start losing capacity over time and a much shorter charge, it's time for the power bank to be thrown out.

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