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Jack's Instant Oats Porridge Cups 55g 12-Pack $3 + Delivery ($0 in-Store) @ The Reject Shop


Instant oat/porridge cups 12 pack. Just add boiling water.
Bought a box today. Not sure what they taste like yet; will let you know tomorrow.
Think they're made in the UK.

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    Official food of eBay Plus

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      Jack is here

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    I was out of instant porridge - discovered you can make it from regular rolled oats using the coffee grinder.
    Also discovered, instant porridge flavoured with ground coffee beans is yum.

    • Thanks for the tip. Although I'm not yet convinced on coffee flavoured porridge!

      • Y may not want to do it to your grinder either, unless you use one of those 'spice grinder' jobs

    • It's also very fun if you're a fan of grinding.

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      Some are yet to discover you buy oats in a bigger bag, like humans do, and put it in your own mug instead of getting 12 disposable cups with two tablespoons of material at $4.50/kg like here.