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Dell S2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW3821DW $1499, S3422DW $499, S3422DWG $549, S2722DC $309, S2722DGM $299 @ Dell eBay

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    Thanks heaps 👍

    Any info on desktops models?

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    Hail the mighty dealbot!

  • Thanks dealbot! Any potential deals for the S2721D/S2721DS? Looking for a secondary 1440p monitor to go with my current DGF. Cheers! :)

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      S2721D is $279
      S2721DS is $299

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        I managed to snag a S2721D on the last sale at the end of July for a bargain of $229 delivered. Been using it every day for a month and a half now, so stoked with it!
        If you're on a budget I highly recommend it!

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          Yeah I saw the all time low a few months ago was $199, gonna wait for it to drop back down a bit more before I commit to purchasing. Don't see the point in running a 165hz as a secondary monitor, but using 1440 + 1080 is really annoying me when the cursor crosses the screen border, as well as the different window sizes :(

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          Bought 2 myself. Very happy with them. QHD is perfect for home office. Most hubs/docks don't support dual 4K anyway and if they do, video playback isn't smooth.

      • Sent you a pm

      • Are these going live at 10am too?

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        Are they going to list S2721D?

    • Buy the Almighty AW3821DW and make the DGF secondary ;)

      • I'm having trouble deciding 38 or 49

        • Simulation and racing games - 49. FPS I doubt if the extra width would be helpful - 38 would be ideal - also good for watching most videos that are 21:9 format nowadays. Developement - 2 X 27 inches.

    • I'm thinking about the same thing (and have the dgf also).
      What do you think of the 2721d @ $279?
      After seeing the ds @$200 I'm torn between pulling the trigger or waiting…

    • Im waiting for hte price to drop again like it did a few months ago.. i missed that one by 2 hours :-(

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    Is the AW3821DW ever gonna reach $1299 again? Black Friday or boxing perhaps?

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      I managed to get a small allotment for that price which I've done as an exclusive deal. I am now doing a waitlist for those that missed the first batch.

      • cool mate, thanks for the effort!!!

        was about to pull trigger on that one but eventually decided to find a TV size 4K display to suit my console….. Any idea if there's going to be something good coming up? like a 43 inch 4K 144 monitor/TV?

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        I'd definitely bite at $1299

        • I will jump on board too if I can't get it for $1300

      • How do we get access to the exclusive deal? I'd definately buy at that price.

      • I am interested in the deal, count me in.

      • Could I get in on this waitlist too please?

      • I'd be keen on one too thanks

      • Hey there, I also missed this deal and would love to be part of the waitlist. Would put a deposit down to lock it in if that assisted.

      • Also keen please!

      • Hi @dealbot can I please join that list also, if there is any room left.

      • @dealbot, count me in please, many thanks!

      • Hi Dealbot,

        Can I please be added to this wait list for the $1300 deal?


      • Please add me to the waiting list!

      • Please add me to the waiting list. Thanks.

      • mad lad! please add me to the waitlist!

      • If there's room can I get on the waitlist as well

      • Please add me to waitlist! Thanks :D

      • Waitlist please & ty.

      • I'd be interested as well, please count me in @dealbot

      • @dealbot I too would love to be added to the wait list. I’ve been. Checking daily to see if it’s hit the $1299 price and would buy it in a heartbeat.

      • I would liek to be in the waitlist for that as well please

      • I'd like to jump on that waitlist if possible as well.

      • Did anyone get the instructions? I was on the FB list but nothing so far.

        • Instructions were sent via FB PM. Please refer to my blog for what you need to do.

      • Put me down on one as well!

      • Thanks dealbot and congratulations to everyone that grabbed this great deal!!

      • Please add me to wait list. Thanks.

        • Please refer to my blog for what you need to do.

    • It still pains me that I didn’t get it at that price, should’ve of listened to my heart

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        I ordered one and initially had a small dose of buyers remorse given I had still spent $1300 on a monitor.

        Monitor arrived, I F%^&ing love it and regret nothing. It's also been great for work and productivity generally.

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          Same … I had a Predator 34" UW and when I first setup the AW38 I thought, it's just a bit bigger. $1300 twinge. But then I played a game with HDR. Game over man, game over.

    • +3
      • im late, any chance I can still be added :)

      • Bugger, just went on lunch break and saw this. I’d also like to be added to the wait list if you manage to get extra slots. Pretty keen to nab one if it goes for that price.

    • how did I miss this! why were you not personally pinging me to buy! haha
      I want this, even 1570 is a good price. how quickly did it sell when you had them at 1299? I would love to buy it

  • First batch of deals that I've negotiated. Got some notebooks and desktops lined up as well.

    You're off the chain!

  • Edit: Any GSYNC monitors (that arnt $1500)? Otherwise looks like ill get S2721DGF

    • It's freesync pro, so gsync works perfectly fine on it.

      • Thanks, did a bit more research and bought it. Appreciate it.

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      I went from an Acer Predator with G-sync module to the S2721DGF. I can't tell the difference between G-sync and G-sync compatible.

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    Thanks dealbot.
    Any 24" monitors avaliable?

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      S2421HS and S2421HGF. Both have increased in price hence why I didn't include them in this post.

      • +1

        Any idea what the prices will be?

        • +1 for prices please @dealbot lol

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    patiently waiting for Black Friday under $350

  • Hi, you mentioned notebooks lined up, will there be the Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 FHD?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Does anyone know whether both the 34" curved monitors mentioned by OP are wall mountable?

    Dell 34 Curved Monitor - AMD FreeSync QHD WQHD 3440 x 1440 at 100 Hz(ebay.com.au) - $499
    Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG AMD FreeSync Premium Pro WQHD 144 Hz(ebay.com.au) - $549


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      I'm currently using the Non gaming one with a vesa mount

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