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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 32GB (2x16GB) 3600MHz CL18 $235.23 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Decent price for good ram. It hasn't been this price for a very long time. Get it while stock lasts.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Patriot viper 4000/4400 CL19 kits with a bit of fine tuning are really good kits also

    • I have B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC which I believe supports maximum 3466mhz. I'm guessing Viper would be a waste in that case?
      https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC/Sp... (in case you want to take a look :D)

      • I wouldn't say it would be a waste, just more future-proof if u ever decide to upgrade your motherboard.

        • I researched a little bit and it turns out that this limit is actually not set by the motherboard but the max cpu it can support. At the time of writing of that description Zen+ was the max you could have so CPU and RAM support that comes with BIOS update is not mentioned there.

      • I have my memory working on it at 3600mhz cl16 by using XMP (the AMD equivalent for it anyway) on that exact MB.

    • They're good kits. I've managed to squeeze them down to CL14 3800MHz so far.

      Funny enough the last time I said that a heap of OzBargainers downvoted me and said fast RAM doesn't matter.

      • sheesh you got lucky but not all kits will do this anyway

        • Yeah I won the lottery that time. The other kit I picked up much later I can't get down that low unfortunately.

          • @Clear: cause the first kit was b die and the second kit idk what u got

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              • @Clear: ah i c, ye preety lucky on your first kit tho, b die on this kit is preety cheap. how much did you pay last time for this kit?

                • @abjsdhasehasee: $144 for the 2x8GB kit. I ended up buying 2 kits and much later a 3rd kit.

                  • @Clear: ah ok i thought u got 2x16 , 2x16 dual rank b die for cheap is blessed.

                    • @abjsdhasehasee: Prices are a lot higher when you're going for 2x16 with higher clock speeds out of the box.

              • @Clear: Is there any way of finding out if a RAM stick is equipped with B or C dies?
                Before purchase preferably…

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                  @Kafrilas: the site the other guy menitoned works if your looking at a specific kit,
                  go here ^ to find the cheapest b die kit in aus rn, although i wouldnt buy a 4000 c19 kit or 3200 flat 15 kit either. both are preety garbage bins.

                  • @abjsdhasehasee: Thank you both!
                    Much appreciated.

                  • @abjsdhasehasee: Thanks a lot you guys! These links are immensely helpful

                    @abjsdhasehasee - there is no filter to select b die rams so how did you generate this link? Just curious

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                      basically b die is the only ic that can do certain timings at certain frequencies, and the list there only has certain timings selected that ONLY b die can do at XMP. for example selected 3200 flat 14 is an XMP that only b die can do so you know that it is b die for sure.

                      although, some ic's can overclock well and get similar primaries and frequencies, NONE will get close to properly tuned b die cause it can do the tightest timings all across the board. especially tRFC which you can push down to like 120ns with enough voltage while other ic's are stuck doing 280ns

      • Did you do the oc yourself or followed a guide? Would love to know your settings

    • Any 32gb kits?

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        this is the cheapest dual rank 2x16gb b die kit . https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr...
        $350 with free shipping if you add some other item.

          • @Sopzo: its a bogged 3200 flat 15 kit which are just terrible bin of b die

            • @abjsdhasehasee: can you elaborate? I didn't get it tbh. Any other b die rams I should avoid? Is there a pattern/rule I can follow?

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                @Sopzo: that kit is 3200 c15-15-15-35 1.35v which is a seriously bad kit of b die
                while 3200 14-14-14-34 1.35v is an average, preety good bin of b die
                another kit to avoid if 4000 19-19-19-39 1.35v
                while something like 4400 19-19-19-39 1.45v is similar to the 3200 c14 kit.

                in general just go for a 3200 c14 kit or the 4400 c19 patriot viper steel kit when its ~$150

                • @abjsdhasehasee: Thanks again!

                  "3200 c14 kit or the 4400 c19 patriot viper steel kit when its ~$150"

                  1st one is the cheapest "good" b die and the 2nd one is the cheapest "good/fast" non-bdie. Is that correct? Just trying to make sense of things lol

                  • @Sopzo: nope, both b die but rn the patriot kit is like $200 while 3200 c14 is like $180. this is 2x8 tho not 2x16 (same rules apply to timings tho)
                    there about equal bins although the patriot when it is $150 is almost always the cheapest bin of b die (and its good)

                    if they were the same price id go for 3200 c14, if the patriot was any cheaper, id go for it. its all small percentage differences that will prob come down to the silicon lottery.

                    if your looking for a kit just say your cpu and amount of GB and budget really

                    • @abjsdhasehasee: Ah right that was 8x2. I had removed that from PCpartpicker as I thought that 2x16 should be enough, so I couldn't find it in the list lol.

                      So you were suggesting 4x8 4400 c19 patriot viper steel @ ~ $300? Yeah that sounds good. There shouldn't be any heating issues though right? 4 sticks all packed together

                      There really is no budget. Just want that extra expenditure to be worth it. I guess max cap would be $500? And 32gb btw

                      EDIT: btw I am in no rush. I still need to upgrade from Ryzen 5 2600 to 5600x (will get it in the next deal that pops up)

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                        @Sopzo: ok so 2x16 (b die) is dual rank, while 2x8 is single rank , and 4x8 is dual rank (simply put a 16gb stick has memory chips on both sides, and you can imagine that each side of those chips is a stick of memory - so 2x16 really has '2 sticks' on both sides. and dual rank comes from the fact that you would have '2 sticks' on each channel.)
                        now dual rank is better due to rank interleaving which lets you get closer to the theoretical max bandwith at a certain frequency

                        so basically yes buy 2x16 of dual rank b die
                        ok so 2x16 is also objectively better than 4x8 aswell. its, easier to run, performs better (like half a percent at MOST), and easier to cool) and the problem with buying 4x8 vipers at $300 is that…. rn their going for $200 for just 2x8gb's, they used to be like $140 but they havent dropped in like a month.

                        so right now for you, https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr...

                        this kit that i linked ($350) , would be the best bet for you. (also what cpu are you running and motherboard)

                        but also, i REALLY recommend if your going to buy b die to accept that cooling the ram down with a fan (120+mm or 2x60mm) is VERY worth it and gets you that tight trfc, ability to run high voltages which = higher frequencies and tighter timings. if your investing money into good b die i really recommend a fan.
                        heres a photo of my cooling setup - https://imgur.com/a/1fCVPHo, ive got the aio tubes ziptied down to get the fan closer to the ram and stop them from pushing it away, then the fan ziptied top right and bottom left (not lying on gpu, scuffed perspective). although the patriots dont have temps sensors but its stable anyway at 1.62v with 100% gpu load at 120ns trfc.

                        and heres my timings - https://imgur.com/a/hBzReud

                        you could go higher 3600 c14, 3800 c14, and 4000 c14 and it would be better performance but costs alot more and honestly not worth it.

    • Sadly no 4000/4400 for 32Gb kits, only 3600 CL18 for roughly the same price with the mentioned Corsair kits, which I'll go for any days for the aesthetic :(

  • Shame it's only in white. Thanks OP.

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      It's 2021 mate… All colours matter.

      • Some colours matter more than other colours.

        …Equality is good too, if it favours us.

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    Cl18 meh

  • With DDR5 on the horizon, get ready for local specials

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      That will require motherboard change as well…

      • and a new CPU

      • When new technologies are in the horizon, the predecessors prices drop further. Hence others will follow Amazon's footsteps and prices will further drop. So IMO it's a waiting game and whether you buy now or not. Need vs want. I'm referring to DDR4 prices dropping when DDR5 is released.

        • Wait until all that stuff is on preorder in that case. Then you'll see the drops.

          • @Clear: Well that's the current overpriced and chip shortaged market. Especially GPUs. Don't listen to me, buy it and quickly before it's sold out FOMO

        • Check out DDR3 prices, they did not drop that much tbh.

          • @misu p: I bought 64GB DDR3 (8 x 8) a few years back for a little over $300. We're in a covid hyped up market

    • I doubt the price will come down for DDR4 I just expect DDR5 to be super expensive on release :|

      • Well I reckon the price the OP posted re this sale is pretty reasonable, but from OS. So it starts somewhere. I guess it's each to their own

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    I got ripjaws v 3600mhz cl16 16gb, should i switch to this?

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      Nah your kit is faster

      • Cheers!

    • You can get it if you need the extra capacity.

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        b die mixed with 99% chance c die would seriously bog down his memory. although dual rank is cool ig

  • Are they compatible with Dell XPS 8940?

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      NOTE: The computer is shipped with 3200 MHz memory. However, with Intel Core i3/i5 processors, it is limited to 2666 MHz. With Intel Core i7/i9 processors, it is limited to 2933 MHz.

      It will work but with lower frequency and not 3600 Mhz

  • This or T Force Extreme 32gb? Besides the difference in price?

  • Reckon this would work in the Dell Aurora R12??

    I only got 16gig when I got the system coz to upgrade it was gonna be stupid prices … so this is way cheaper.

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    • Thanks i got this

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    • This would be suffice IMO. Especially at this price! If you're not into overclocking the RAM to 3600Mhz & RGB fanboy than this kit is a bargain

      • Actually, this kit can easily be OC'd to 3600, according to reviews.

        • Well it also depends on each individual setup. If it doesn't state it then it'll be a silicon lottery that can get you the results

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