[macOS] Little Snitch (Network Monitor Software) US$29 (~A$40, Was US$45) @ Bundlehunt


Little Snitch is on sale for US$29 on Bundlehunt.
This is advanced firewall app that can monitor and block in/outbound traffic on macOS.


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    Little Snitch is awesome and well worth the investment.

    • Can you please describe a few use cases where it could be handy?

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        Certainly… think of it as an advanced firewall. You can monitor, track, white/blacklist network connections. As I am sure you are aware… software programs can run a lot of network connections in the background (most are fine of course) - I was amazed at how many Little Snitch caught… I like control of who accessed my Mac… also great for email attachments and making sure they are not potentially harmful. “They” say Macs don’t get viruses, this is simply not true. This software is great lightweight protection.

        • Thanks for the detailed response. I remember now using it a few years ago (trial). Initially, it felt good but soon I felt a bit annoyed being asked for almost every connection - then either you pause your work and look into what is being accessed (in my experience, it all looked good) or you just hit Allow (which kind of defeats the purpose).

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            @thegreatermamba: Initially it is a bit needy with the confirmations - but after a bit of time everything settles down.

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            @thegreatermamba: I’ve been using Liitle Snitch for about 5 years… and I agree early on it was a bit annoying… things have changed a bit though. Most “rules” are now automatically applied - and remember, you only need so allow once.. this sets the rule. I can honestly say I have only had the interruption a handful of times this year (and at least 2 times it possibly saved me from getting a virus)… each to their own, for me… well worth it for peace of mind.

      • Another use case is you can upload block list of ads, trackers etc and have it automatically block the traffic. Bit like having PiHole/Adguard Home but running on your Mac. Advantage of using Little Snitch is it’s not limited to running in a web browser like some options and will apply to apps traffic (although web browser content blockers can be more complex in their ruleset, so I’d personally use both)

  • Picked this up this morning, had been waiting for a sale.

  • Alternatively, radio silence is pretty good too, and it's US$9 https://radiosilenceapp.com/

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    FOSS is always great, esp if you cannot pay.

    But LittleSnitch is rock-solid, and its features unparalleled.

    With something you use 24x7, it is well worth supporting the developers of quality, superb software.

    • This might be a bit controversial. But looking at Objective Development's current job listing for a macOS software engineer paying €42K (~$68K AUD), €28.9K (~$46.7K AUD) after tax, in Vienna. That seems like a very low salary, given the average in Vienna is €62.6K. It's disappointing, given the popularity of Little Snitch. It was the firewall for macOS back when Hands Off! was only "real" competitor. Back then it was a kernel extension too, which incidentally seems like an even bigger reason to compensate the devs, given the increased difficulty in developing. Hopefully the their team is compensated better than their job ads indicate.

      FWIW, I don't use any firewall anymore. I have personal licences for LS 3 and 4 but don't have a need to upgrade.

      • Good to check job postings for info, but hardly conclusive these days.

        Most Ops keep a posting open to pickup someone who might be good in an area you they need at present, or can be nurtured to develop the skills you need long-term. Doesn't mean they pay good money to their top devs, like everyone else.

        Their first question is probably something like 'how much remuneration do you expect?'

        This is what life is like, when competing with US Venture Capitalists.

        All states in the EU are (whether they admit it or not) grappling with its conservative settings now Germany is post-Merkel- member state's support for innovation is abysmal and any muppet (except perhaps, our own) can see that relying on debt as money to build a future is no long er going to cut it. They need growth in the tech sectors to have any hope of building GDP in the New World Order.

      • I have personal licences for LS 3 and 4 but don't have a need to upgrade.

        You must be pre-Catalina? Catalina doesn't allow kexts, and consequently LS5 has been re-written as a device in the Network config.

        • And thus reason to religiously limit your outbound connection capabilities at your upstream gateway, which if you use cloud services is very, very difficult.

      • Personally think this is pretty cheap, even at full price, the key being that perpetual licence, about the closest windows equivalent I've found, is Glasswire which is RRP min $40 USD/year!

  • From the same link "Screens" is good too for only $6 if you need to remote into other computers.

    • Curious. Isn't it just a VNC viewer? In what ways is it better than RealVNC Viewer for example?

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        It's mac-a-fied and looks pretty. :) This is way more important than function.

        I agree they probably do the same thing.

        Stop press!!! Screens has Touch Bar Support!

        • Thanks for the brief review. I would gladly pay for something that can connect to multiple protocols (most importantly RDP and SSH in addition to VNC) from the same interface (a la Remmina for Linux or mRemoteNG for Windows). Maybe I should download the free version of Royal TSX and see if it's any good.

  • For those looking for an alternative to this on Windows I’ve found VoodooShield to be similar and free.

  • Keep in mind the way network requests filtering works changed SIGNIFICANTLY with Big Sur.
    You can read yourself, but suffice to say it’s more limited then what it did in macOS 10

  • I've been using LuLu as a free alternative and it seems more than good enough!

  • LuLu does the same but open source and free!