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Sigma AF 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art for Sony E-mount $1,227.06 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Bit of a niche lens but it's a good price for those looking at this enormous prime, if you need that f1.2 aperture at 35mm.

All time low on Camelx3, almost half what stores like digidirect are selling it for.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This thing is a tank. I opted for the 35 1.4 instead after I saw the size and weight of this bazooka in person

    • Yep my preference is also for slower, smaller and lighter.

      But I'm sure there are some bokeh fiends out there salivating over this one lol

      • +2

        Yep, and the difference between 1.2 and 1.4 is negligible

        • It’s hard to fault the 35/1.4 Zeiss.
          It’s perfectly usable wide open

          • @mitchins: Too many quality control concerns and decentering issues with the zeiss, I wouldn't touch it.

    • But wouldn't you want to take photos AND shoot things with the tank?

  • Shows $1,889.00

    • Looks like it just got changed… so much for that price :/

  • I dare not joke about sony lens anymore lol

    good lense great price!

  • anyone managed to snatch one?

  • Damn, missed

  • +2

    I would hold out for a better sale. I picked one up from DCxpert (Via eBay) for $1125 (less 3% with eBay gift cards) on the last sale. They also throw in a free SD card

    Also it is super heavy especially coming from the APS-C Sony line

    • +1

      I'm a big fan of DCxpert's shipping speed as well; twice now I've gone from ordering a lens to having it in my hands in <48 hours, which might not sound amazing if it weren't for the fact that I'm in regional QLD where things usually take 7 business days to arrive; maybe 4 or 5 if they're shipping from Brisbane (and of course you also have stores that claim to have Australian stock but don't and just hide behind 3+ week shipping estimates).

    • Are you sure you're talking about the 1.2 dg dn and not the 1.4? The 35mm 1.4 is considerably cheaper than the 1.2.

      • Ah you're right, my mistake. I got confused after the comments

        This is a great deal on the f1.2

        • I got my Sigma 35 1.4 from DCxpert's - I paid $789.
          I can see it currently available for $888.

          • +1

            @cyrax83: It's a great price now as well.

            I got it soon after the release, so probably would have worth to wait a little

  • I’ve had this lens since release as my daily. You get used to the size… I had the Zeiss 35 1.4 and my copy wasn’t great. Great price if you snagged this deal.

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