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iOS App "TaxApp - Australian Income Tax Calculator" Promo Code Giveaway


Hi Guys,

I've recently released a new app and I'm giving away some promo codes to OzBargain users.

Here are some promo codes:

It'll be greatly appreciated if you can take some time to review / rate the app.

Click on the link to find out more about the app. Here's the direct iTunes link:

The first 25 posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via e-mail. There are just a few conditions:

Please post a new comment as opposed to replying to someone else’s comment.
After you make a post here requesting a code, please contact me through OzBargain's contact form (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/71024/contact)
Make the subject of the message your OzBargain username! Doesn't matter if the message is blank. This is important, it's really hard to check if you don't do this.
I'll try and send the code out to you as soon as I can but please bear with me if there is a delay!

I am a new indie developer so if you like this app / find it's helpful, please help to spread the words! :)

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  • Great. Please send me a code

  • I'll play. Please send me a code too.

    • I'll play. ? Play ? :-)

  • please send me a code!

  • Please send me code thanks

  • Could you please sent me a code?? Please :)

  • Me please! :)

  • Can I have the code, please?

    • Thanks for the code.
      After a brief trial..first impression: simple and straight forward. Very nice.

  • Yes please!

  • Please sent me a code, thx.

  • me too please

        • +5

          code please

  • Requesting for a code thanks.

  • Would really like to try this app out. Please send me a code. Thanks.

  • code please

  • Hi,
    May I ask for the code to test it? Thanks

  • Code Please

  • code please, request for a friend

  • I'll try it… thanks…

  • Please send me code. Thanks

  • Please send me the code. Thanks

  • This looks useful. Please send me a code! Thanks.

  • Please send me a code

  • pls sent me the code too

  • code please.

  • is it too late to ask for a code?

    • yes

  • Please send me one toooo

  • please send me one, thanks

  • Yes please [email protected]

  • Code please

  • Send me a code please, thanks.

  • appreciate one please

  • Please send a code. Thank you.

  • please send me a code too

  • Can I please try ths out too - Cheers

  • Can I get one too please?

  • Yes please [email protected]

  • Just send u an OZBEEE email how long til i get my code. thnanks

  • would love to have this, thanks

  • Please send it to me thanks.

  • Code pls. Thanks heaps =

  • me too

  • code please :)

  • arent there a million of these types of sites online?

  • Please send me a code. Thanks

  • Please send me a code. Thanks.

  • Please send me a code. Thanks

  • Code Please. Ill give it a go.

  • I would like a code please. Willing to try out the app.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  • Please send me a code. Thanks

  • have a try

  • Are there any codes available ?

  • +1

    Hey - I'm interested - if I'm not too far down the list, could you send a code also.

    Can I also recommend another app to develop in this area: something to help complete a BAS statement. The BAS statement isn't that difficult to complete, but it's a confusing form. You could develop an app where the user enters all the required data (in basic english), then you provide back the calculation and fields where the values are supposed to be entered.

    Just a suggestion… there's not much about that actually does that (for a low cost). I have an excel spreadsheet that I use, but even with that I have to look back at old BAS sheets to map where the values go.

  • Can you please send me a code? Thank you.

  • one of your finest codes please!

  • hope there is any android version

  • +1

    "The first 25 posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via e-mail."

  • Code please!

  • good one.. code please

  • I'd like to try it out too. Please send me a code, thanks!

  • One please :)

  • Please send me a code. Thanks.

  • code please?

  • code please

  • Great. Please send me a code

  • Would like a code please.

  • Ill give it a try. Please email me a code.

  • code please

  • me too please, sounds handy :), bugger cant PM.. damn you work

  • Wow, good effort, can I have a code too please?

  • would love a code, cheers ! :D

  • can i have code please?

  • code plz ;)

  • Code plz, for all the ppl who can't PM :P

  • code please (:

  • Pretty sure thats abt 50. But code for me too pls

  • Great would be very handy..code please !!

  • Can I have a code please?

  • need code to review thanks!

  • code please ?

  • +5

    Just curious, what is the advantage of the app over the one at various online page? Except you have it running on your iDevice of course.

    Something like this

    or even from the horse's mouth , ie ATO


  • Hi, Would you be able to provide me a code? I am happy to test it out for you.

  • code please:)

  • code please

  • Code me up please.

  • Code please

  • Code please

  • Code please. :-)

  • Code please. Thanks.

  • Pretty sure we have way more than 25 requests here. Mark as expired.

  • Me too. Code please! Thanks!

  • Could I have a code please?

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