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Bomaker Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV US$1,999.99 (~A$2,748.56) Delivered + Custom Duty + GST @ Bomaker


Bomaker Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV US $1,999.99 (~A$2,748.56) Delivered

(Mod: Price exceeds threshold for custom duty exemption, so an unknown amount of custom duty and GST may be levied.)

Looks to be a pretty solid unit. It looks like it is built by Hisense according to this review.

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  • Is it actually 4K or that fake one most projectors have?

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      I’d say it doesn’t matter if your eyes can’t tell the difference. I have a Hisense laser TV and the image looks 4K to me.

      • Is that the short throw laser with the 100" screen ???
        What's that like if it is ???

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          Yes, the 100L5F. It is better than my older short throw benq full HD lamp projector.
          Some thoughts -
          - TV tuner is handy in a projector
          - image is impressive
          - Vidaa OS is so so. I use an Apple TV 4K connected to the projector.
          - noise level is about 45dB, lower than my lamp projector
          - the “hard” ALR screen provided by Benq was very reflective. I asked for the soft screen and got it replaced by them. Happy with this one.
          - I have now had some white pixels (3 of them) which look like the equivalent of dead pixels on an LCD screen. Hisense is replacing the unit for me. I’d say local warranty is handy for a device like this.

      • I've seen them demoed and I could tell, it looked good but the weird aliasing is hard not to see when you've noticed it.

        • Could be the source.

    • Its True 4K, not the pixel shifting tech some employ

  • Looks like you also can pick a free sound bar but none of them feature an AU plug.

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    Remember guys and gal's, a sub $7000 projectors picture quality is only equivalent to a $700 Kmart TV. So only go projector if you have the space and seating arrangement to go BIG. Like 120 inch plus to compensate for the lower quality. The 'bigness' basically overwhelms your brain and you actually forget about picture quality.

    • …omg…

    • $700 Kmart TV.

      KMart sell TV's?

      Me thinks you're living in the past. $7000 projectors are top-end these days.

  • Whats the minimum recommended distance for this. Have a very small room and planning to add a screen + projector.

    • Should be ~30cm for 100"

      • I have 120 inches which is approx 304 cms.

        • What distance are you talking about? I was talking about the distance needed between the projector and the wall for a 100" screen.

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          I have appx 3m from the sitting position to the screen. This is less than the recommended distance for a 100” screen, but I’ve been using this setup for over 5 years and am quite comfortable with it.

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            @raghuchary: Awesome mate! This is what I will end up having to do.

  • 60 msec input lag for gaming, not ideal.

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