Small efficient fridge ideas

I'm in the market for a smallish efficient fridge. If I was to buy brand new what would you guys recommend?

So far the only one I like is way too big for me -

Considerations: Energy Rating and price. Don't care if it's ugly.


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    I don't know what you mean by efficient but if you want something that is very efficient with regular use then get a chest freezer hooked up to an inkbird thermostat set to fridge temperature.

    • Came here to say this. Freezers have much better insulation, will be far more energy efficient than same size fridge.

      • Not to mention the deep well containing the cold air rather than it all falling out when you open the door on an upright.

        Also, unless you need to flash fridge, embed the sensor in a cold pack or a jar of water or other thermal mass so that small air temperature fluctuations don't immediately get felt and start the compressor.

    • Also put chest fridge in basement

    • Like 4 stars?

      • You're making it yourself so stick on however many starts you want.

  • consider Tasmania