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[Seconds] Sony WF1000XM3 $158, WH1000XM3 $219 (OOS), WH1000XM4 $264 (OOS) Delivered @ Sony eBay


These popular Sony (seconds) headphones are back in stock at the Sony store today. They'd sell fast even without discount code.
Many eBay Plus members would pay less with the monthly 5% discount code, September being the last month for this promotion. Expired.

There are also a bunch of seconds full-array local dimming 4K TVs and some OLEDs back in stock, but quantities are too low for me to post. They'd normally go quick too.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Earphones (Seconds) - $158

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Seconds) - $219

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Seconds) - $264

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  • Damn, pretty good prices. Anybody know what the actual condition of these are like? They simply say minor cosmetic damage, to how big of an extent though?

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      Seems to have mixed feedbacks. Some people said Sony seconds are like new, others not so lucky and have to return…

      • others not so lucky and have to return…

        So this time may from those return from last deal 😆

        I think second doesn't mean used, right?

      • +7

        Yeh I was not so lucky. Had the worst BO smell to greet me on unboxing. It's like they wore it on their armpits. Even attempted deodorising it to save me the hassle of returning. I just went and got OW pricebeat after that.

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          I just went and got OW pricebeat after that.

          Can match Second?

          • @superforever: Nope. Just regular pricing. around 300 in the end.

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          Have you still got it? Love me some BO if it's cheap.

          • @nightelves: Unfortunately not. It's always tempting to cheap out (even if it's just plain old BO) but these days I'd rather pay a bit more for quality and know I've got something that'll last forever.

            On the upside, the Sony ebay returns process wasn't too bad. Slow but smooth and at no extra cost.

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          What's BO?

        • disgusting!!

      • so many returns for refurbs of this number - dodgy quality to begin with

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      Mine came basically brand new - XM4 for about $225 on a previous deal.
      New smell and everything, its one of my best purchases of this year

    • They are usually returned stock (opened box) so they have to sell them as "second". The amount of actual seconds they come across is pretty small I imagine…

    • I picked up a pair of refurbished WF-1000XM3s in a prior deal (price was near $130 from memory) and they looked brand new. Have had no issues with them at all.

      • Ditto. Was $158 less $30 cashback from Shopback. I claimed the whole amount through work as the invoice obviously showed the whole amount. So I got paid $30 and a free set of ear buds 🤣

      • How is the noise cancellation without listening to music? any good?

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          I don’t have the others but the one I do use, WH-1000XM4 is very good at noise cancelling.

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          I've only had ANC on cheaper Bluedio and Soundpeats buds and headphones, and this shits all over those.

          Sound isolation isn't quite as good as some wired IEMs I've owned though.

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    no result found?

    • Updated description with direct links.

  • Why are people returning so many fairly recent Sony headphone models?

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      Might be damaged boxes or something

    • My earbuds were replaced free of charge under warranty.

    • Could be gifts, or didn't like some features.

  • just bought the xm4 for 330 new shipped with 20% off codes arghh. knew this would happen

    • +5

      Its a good price.
      Note that you got a brand new/ unused unit for just $65 difference.

  • XM3 or XM4 which one's better?

    • +2

      i just went with the flow and bought XM4 as it can pair with 2 device at once.

      just go for it i would say. the newer the better

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      Both good but XM4 is better. No brainer for just $45 more.

  • Thanks, OP. Just would like to know how many seconds have been there?

  • Limited Quantity available.. So I assume it's less than 10 pcs

    btw you can use the code: PLUS5MMBR9V74Q7M to further reduce it down to AU $208.05

    • The code is user account specific.

      • Thanks, got a bit worried that I didn’t see this first.

    • Limited Quantity available.. So I assume it's less than 10 pcs

      I can't tell how eBay calculate "Limited quantity". Sometimes single digit, but this popular WH1000XM4 here sold over 50 after I posted, looking at the history

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    Tempted….but seems like xm4 not really suited for gaming due to lag. Guessing maybe why lots of returns with xm4. Seems like they dropped atpx too.

    • I use mine for gaming and have never had an issue.

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      Basically any wireless headset on Windows is rubbish for multiplayer games, you can’t have high quality audio + voice at the same time. I thought Bluetooth 5 would solve this, but this is still the case with my 1000XM4s + my Bluetooth 5.1 mobo. Basically you’re stuck at ‘tape recorder’ quality audio in wireless mode when you are using the mic.

      • I use HyperX Cloud II Wireless and there is no latency issues at all, works perfectly. Gaming headphones work fantastically

        • Based on my quick Google, those aren't bluetooth headphones. The problem is with the Bluetooth lag. 2.4GHz wireless like those are absolutely fine.

          • @bobswinkle: Yes they are wireless, and yes I wouldn't touch bluetooth for anything like high quality audio/gaming/critical listening etc.

  • My pet chewed on my wired jabra and now i need a new earphones with good mic. Is this good?

    • +2

      Nope, alot of reviews said it has a terrible mic. Alternative is Bose quietcomfort 35. If you got more budget, the latest is bose quietcomfort 45.

      • The NC 700s are also a good option, priced around the same.

    • I have posted jabra deal for 85t. Try your luck. $149.50 Delivered

  • +2
    • +2

      …and what good are expired deals?

      • +1

        just reference prices so people can gage how good the deal is.

        • Yup this deal is middle of the road, but if $250 is the new bottom price for the 3's then this deal is poor.

  • Is WF-1000XM4 much better than WF-1000XM3?

    • +1

      About five times better. I had the WF-1000XM3s. They were bloody awful. They were so chunky they always felt like they were about to slip out no matter what I did. They also did just fall out constantly.

      I returned them, bought the WF-1000XM4s and absolutely love them. The noise cancelling is astounding, and they have nice quality of life upgrades like the speak detection that turns on a conversation mode when you start talking to someone (ambient sound with a focus on voice).

      If you can't justify the cost of the WF-1000XM4s there are plenty of other cheaper noise cancelling earbuds. But do not get the WF-1000XM3s. They're awful.

  • +2

    Caution! mic seems really bad on the xm4 compared to Bose 700

    • -3

      Sony are pretty terrible in every way except sound quality and comfort in my opinion.

      The build quality, microphone, and software are all pretty awful.

      The Bose aren't perfect, but significantly better to own for my mind.

      • +2

        I use Bose700 for business meettings and is very reliable and never had any issues at with audio or the mic
        u cant find anything better at their price point

      • +2

        except sound quality and comfort

        Probably the two most important attributes of headphones.

        software are all pretty awful

        What's wrong with the software? It seems like a good app to me, has lots of features, including a proper equalizer unlike the crude tone controls of the Bose. And it doesn't require creating an account to use like the Bose one.

        • Both Sony and Bose software is pretty awful. 40 minute firmware updates, for one. But generally slow and unintuitive for both.

          The stereo sound quality is still pretty good on the Bose, but if you want to use them for meetings, as many do in Covid Times then the Sony mic is really bad.

          The XM4s wouldn't maintain a connection to my laptop for more than about 30 minutes. All the latest drivers etc. The XM3s would, but they are only single device at a time so I'd have to repair them every time I moved from phone to laptop.

          And the case cracks. And creaks. My XM3s now sport third party 3d printed sides because the OE ones are brittle, and the XM4s last straw was constant creaking in the hinges, and they have been returned.

          • @LukeSmith: Yeh, my Sony WH700's creaked so much on phone calls, I had so many complaints, that I had to replace them. Sad to hear the XM4s are the same!

    • I don’t know I’ve had no complaints with the xm4 better then using loudspeaker by far

  • Thanks OP…got me some XM4s!

  • has anyone used the XM4 vs the Bose QC35s? comfort-wise (or long listening sessions while at work) which one would you pick? thanks

    • plenty people say Bose because it is light, but I feel more comfort with Sony, for long listening. Both have larger (than most others) size of earcups.

  • I notice that the ebay listing states these are "WF1000XM3B", I've never noticed an XM3B model before. Is this a typo or is there actually a difference between the WF1000XM3 and WF1000XM3B…?

    • …oh and before it's suggested, I've tried to google and the only thing I've found seems to imply it's just a difference in colour?

      • Yep. Colours.

  • +1

    Just wondering what the return postage would cost from metro Melbourne to Sydney, if I'm not happy with the purchase? I haven't returned items using eBay TIA :)

    • +1

      its free if ur ebay plus member

  • +1

    Thanks, OP managed to get a silver XM4 :)

  • +2

    Just want to thank OP for the post. Managed to buy a XM4 Tuesday night, arrived this morning. Besides a slightly scuffed box, the headphones appear like new and work perfectly. They seem to also sanitise them, since it had a sanitiser type smell when I opened it up.

    • Do you get all the accessories?

      • +1

        Yes. Type c charging cable. Aux cable. Airplane adapter

    • +1

      Even mine arrived today. Yes sanitiser smell is there. Apart from that it looks new.

  • Mine arrived today as well. Looks brand new apart from the box. Case and all accessories looks brand new.
    Didn't have the sanitiser smell, so I did my own sanitising.
    Haven't tested it yet, did connect to the phone and it is on 2.5.0 firmware already.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today too. Damaged box and there’s a pretty deep scratch on the outside of the ear up but I’m not that stressed. Just an FYI for anyone who’s picky. 🤷‍♀️

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