Melbourne Vs Western Bulldogs (Who Will Win?)

Long time Melbourne supporter here, and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about this one.
Have done a pee about 400 times in the last 8 days.

Who will take out the AFL Grand Final played in Perth?

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  • 30
    Melbourne Demons
  • 12
    Western Bulldogs
  • 5
  • 18
    Could not care less


  • +3

    The crowd in Perth.

    • Noise of affirmation strikes again!

  • Melbourne looks a stronger team.
    I know chances are slim, but if anyone in Perth cant make it, i would love to go watch.

  • It’s gotta be the Dees, especially if Gawn plays like he did last week.

  • As a Dogs fan im hoping us but the odds are against us

    Gamble responsibly

  • hope melbourne wins, its almost been 60 years for them.

    • This is true but if you are a neutral please remember Melbourne have 12 Premierships to there name Bulldogs have 2

  • +1

    Please doggies .. if everyone play well and the stars align we got a decent chance

  • +1

    Surely "football" will be the winner

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