Cheapest Way to Ship Something to The USA

Does anyone know what's the cheapest way to ship parcel between 2 to 5 kg to the USA? Auspost quoted ~$70 for 2.5kg…

Or what's the best way to get someone in the US 10 packs of Sour Squirms? Amazon price is $12 per pack.


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    $12 USD ?
    I’d try an Australian grocery store in USA

    I’d of thought USA has enough supply of candy. What about Trolli sours?

    • Thanks for the suggestion, my partner very specifically requested the Natural & Co one for his birthday.

      USD6 (AUD8.30) is still pretty expensive. I was planning to get like 10 packs at half price AUD2 (Woolies/Coles).

      So it would work out to be AUD20 + AUD70 (Shipping) = AUD90. Ordering from the link above would work out to be AUD95.30, but at least they will be delivered quicker I am assuming.

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    Order from Amazon US to thr US address.

    • Surprisingly there isn't much option on Amazon US, for the Natural & Co brand at least.

  • Sometimes it's cheaper to send multiple smaller parcels. Does the cost go down if you send 2 parcels with 5 packets each?