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Lenovo ThinkBook 16p Gen 2 16" AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3060, QHD Screen $1907.10 (50% off) @ Lenovo Edu


It's finally here!

The coveted Thinkbook 16p AMD version is now available to purchase in Australia. This is a high-end machine in business attire. Also, we are one of the lucky countries getting the 5800H / 5900HX variants.

Priced ~ $3,800 at the normal webstore, it can be had for 50% discount at Lenovo Education Store after applying the promo code.

System Specs:

Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H Processor (8 Cores / 16 Threads, 3.20 GHz, up to 4.40 GHz with Max Boost, 4 MB Cache L2 /16 MB Cache L3)
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64
Display Type: 16.0" WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 400nits / 60hz Anti-glare, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision
Memory: 8 GB Soldered DDR4-3200 + 8 GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe
Warranty: 1 Year Premier Support
AC Adapter: 230W Slim Tip
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 6GB GDDR6
Battery: Integrated 71Wh
Camera: 720p + IR with Privacy Shutter
Fingerprint Reader: Touch Style

RAM and SSD are upgradable (1 upgradable slot each)

We are getting the 720p webcam with this model and not the 1080p Full HD that markets like Singapore are getting. The difference is that 720p camera comes with IR for Windows Hello while the 1080p camera does not.

Also available for purchase is the 5900HX / 32GB RAM / 1 TB SSD variant (limited quantity)

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  • Thanks for the EDUCOMM code

    I am more interested in a Legion 7 but it doesn't seem to work on those :(

    What are the terms of the code?

    Any Legion 7 codes floating around?

  • Any chance the top spec one comes back in stock? :(

  • These things weigh 2kg, in case anyone is wondering.

  • and I only just got a X1C G9…

    One for work one for gaming I guess!

  • How do you qualify for the edu store?

    • Be a student or ask doweyy really nicely.

  • +1

    What is TDP OF 3060?90W?

    • 75W

    • 75W I believe

      • Thanks. Not a game laptop

  • So this one is more for office use?
    Is it more portable than L5P?

    • This one is pretty much same as L7slim

  • If money doesn't matter, should I take this deal or Thinkpad t15 same configuration? business use no gaming.

    • T15 is better build quality. For office you probably want something with Intel though for TB3.

  • Does anyone know of a release date for the latest idea pad flex or anything touchscreen with ryzen and 16gb ram?

  • As someone who's main use would be office work (e.g. Excel, Outlook), coding (python) and photo/video editing (Adobe Suite), is this a good option?

    I'm planning to stick to Windows, but have no experience with Lenovo or AMD processors… always Dell. Had been looking at the XPS and Inspiron line until I saw this. Happy to spend in the ~$2k range for something decent quality. Any advice appreciated!

    • +1

      Video rendering uses single core, and 5800H has much better single core performance than anything that intel has to offer in this price range. Definiately go for 5800h.

      • I meant 5800h and above.

  • +2

    Wow, I'm a bit surprised how fast the AMD laptop CPU's are.

    I've got a last gen desktop ryzen 3800x (i thought it was a huge generational leap at the time), but apparently the laptop ryzen 5900hx has already managed to match it whilst consuming less than half the amount of power.

    Of course the only caveat is that you have to be plugged in for it to boost all the way up.

    I'm glad AMD is competing again. If intel had it their way, I doubt we'd have any consumer CPU's with more than 4 cores

  • Can you charge it on any of the USB ports or only on the power connector?
    Great deal if you need one now but if you can wait 9 months or so there'll be laptops with RDNA2 APUs and USB4.

    • +1

      The USB-C ports have DP and PD.

  • It looks like it's sold out.

    • Currently 2 left in stock. I've noticed that they randomly reappear after being out of stock.

  • It might be already sold out but still let me ask, which is better overall?

    This Lenovo or the Dell deal https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334050554593

    • Lenovo is better but it's hard to compare an office laptop to a gaming laptop.

      • I don't see this one as an office laptop the specs are same as a gaming laptop so to me Dell is slightly better due to CPU but this one has a better screen and price was they are almost same.

        • I had a Dell G7 7700 which I have recently returned for a full refund.

          It overheated often with minimal load. Playing Civilization 5 the CPU hit around 100 degrees celsius and the GPU over 90 degrees - both thermally throttled at these temps. The throttling caused crashes as well as noticeable slowdowns.

          I don't know if the cooling in the G15 is better or not - but I am definitely avoiding Dell gaming laptops for a while now.

          The Lenovo's do seem to have class leading cooling - at least in the Legion versions.

          This Thinkbook's cooling isn't that great, but they have limited the power draw on the GPU to 75 watts to reduce overheating. The Dell will probably let the GPU have 130 watts so it's gaming performance will be higher from the GPU until it overheats and thermally throttles….

          The Thinkbook screen is a lot nicer than the Dell..

        • It's kind of a babby workstation, H CPU and middling dGPU, ThinkBook branding rather than Legion, not so heavy as L5/etc.

  • So what is the verdict, which one do you guys think is a better laptop overall Dell or Lenovo?

    • i prefer lenovo but dell is cheaper

      • I prefer Lenovo over Dell too in terms of quality and overall brand but here I am comparing just the specs not the brand itself.

        • well if just spec then dell is always cheaper…

  • Got it yesterday, quality looks good. But lots software issues, windows crashed for no reason had to hold power button to tturn it off.

    Press hui buttons on keyboard will turn the brighteness up somehow.

    connect to external monitor on start up will trigger pantone color warning message.

    3.5mm micphone volume too low even with every setting on the highest

    • so keepie or returnie?

      • +1

        Got an usbc headset microphone work fine now, turned off the pantone software on start up. Random button combination trigger function keys(brightness etc) still a problem.

        Overall its a keepie.

        • How did you get the built-in microphone to work? I tried every setting and can't seem to fix the low audio input problem. Also, I don't have pantone running on startup.

          • @khurram: not sure on the built in microphone,i got usb~c one working now

    • Seems Lenovo quality still not good enough, or just pure being unlucky?

      • I have an X1 carbon, previously always stayed with toshiba but very happy with my X1 carbon, think I got $500 to $1000 off so I paid $1600

        Been using it no issues for 2 years but no graphics card. Also used a legion and a HP previously but X1 is my favourite based on the weight

        Whats the issue with your device tho? I think it depends. In business we always use lenovo thinkpads

  • Both of these are available again and EDUCOMM still works. A delivery time of 7 weeks (!!) is listed… but the prices are good. Thanks @doweyy for sorting me out with a link.

  • Has anyone received this Laptop from the order and can share their opinions on it? Deciding between this or an XPS 17 9710

    • +1

      looks pretty amazing but main concern is weight if you carry it on your shoulder for extended periods especially if also need to carry a girlfriend

  • Once I put the code it is showing $2087 for me. What am I doing wrong?

    • +1

      You're not doing anything wrong, the price has gone up.

      • Oh,I see. Thank you

        • My pleasure

  • The 5900HX / 32gb ram / 1tb ssd / 75W? / 71Wh battery is now $2492 after the EDUCOMM discount

    The Dell inspiron 16 plus is also on sale now for $2537 after student discount
    Its got the it 11800H / 32gb ram / 1tb ssd / GTX3060 60W / 86Wh

    Bigger battery life is something I'd prefer, so the larger battery of the Inspiron 16 is swaying me that way, but what do other people think is the better deal? I've never owned a Dell or Lenovo so not sure which brand is better for support/quality control etc. either


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