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Molten BG3700 Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball - $65 (Save $24.95) delivered @ Molten Australia


Molten BG3700 Series - FIBA Special Edition reduced to $65!

Use the discount code 3700SALE at checkout.

Free standard postage Australia wide. Sale ends Sunday.

Size 7 Only. Durable Indoor/Outdoor surface.

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Molten Australia
Molten Australia


  • What are those squiggles on the ball meant to be?

    And at least nobody will accidentally take your ball home at the gym.

    • +1

      It's Japanese calligraphy. The artwork was used on the ball at the Tokyo olympics

      • Oh that's cool. I was going to say it looked like Chinese/Kanji. Any idea what it says?

        • It symbolises the world coming together at the olympics

  • maybe just me, but i wouldn't want a white ball

  • Is this one down from the BG3800/GMx? Or is it the same ball with different graphics?

    • They are a similar standard ball. BG3700 has a harder wearing indoor/outdoor surface vs the BG3800 which should be kept indoors only

  • +1

    Perhaps if it was a special edition ball celebrating our first ever medal win by the Boomers, I would've jumped on it like a smitten Ozbargainer

  • Hey Scottb85, going on a tangent off this deal - Which volleyball would be good for a complete beginner to try out?

    • +1

      For an indoor volleyball - I'd try the V5M2700 or V5M1500. For beach volleyball - any of the 500 or 1500 series balls

      • Cheers :)

      • I'd like a bargain on them!