Witness to a Car Park Bingle

Today after work, I stopped in a small corner shopping centre near my home. It was pretty busy, cars going in and out. I had gone back to my car after leaving one of the shops, and while I was preparing to reverse out of my car park, I watched the following…
Car A was waiting for a break in traffic to leave the shopping centre driveway and turn right, and then Car B came down the road from her right and entered the driveway. This was where it got weird.
Car B stopped a few metres after entering the driveway and her passenger got out. No matter that cars behind her were also trying to enter! Then Car B put her car in reverse, and started backing out of the driveway she had just entered. She started reversing at an angle, and I thought, ummm, is she going to stop? She lurched forward a bit, and then put it in reverse again, and reversed back at speed. She hit the rear of Car A who was still waiting to exit. I saw the collision, and that Car A got shunted forward a few metres.
Car A got out of her car to look at the damage, and Car B was a young girl who didn't speak much English. She had red P Plates (this is Qld).
She drove a few metres in again, and I had gotten out of my car. I said that she needed to stop and talk to Car A, and she was saying she didn't do anything, she didn't crash, she had to leave etc. Meanwhile the passenger of Car B came out of the shop to join her. He was very aggressive, demanding he call the police, despite me trying to say it was very unlikely they were going to come out for a car park bump. I won't bore you with his diatribe, except to say he accused us (myself and the driver, who was a middle aged Taiwanese lady) of racism, of lying… he was really ranting.
Car A has a sizeable dent and loss of paint on her rear bumper, and Car B has white paint scrapes on the rear bumper of her blue car.
I gave my details as a witness to Car A, who is comprehensively insured. Car B passenger, while abusing us, said he had MY rego (well obviously, seeing as I was sitting in it!), he was going to find out where I live and that he would "hunt me down and my family had better watch out".
Is this for real? Can you look up someone's details from the registration?

Sorry this is so long!

TLDR: Witness in car bingle. Can offender discover witness name and address details?


Image https://imgur.com/gallery/gndjZ43


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    Can you look up someone's details from the registration?

    The police can… but somehow I wouldn't worry about Car B going to the police though 😆
    If they didn't leave details, Car B is in big doodoo for hit and run…

    • I wondered if the car was unregistered or the driver unliscensed and uninsured to be honest. They both refused to give the driver of Car A their details, so all she has is the rego of the car, and me as a witness. And I am not keen on the thought of he and his mates paying us a visit in the middle of the night!

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        They both refused to give the driver of Car A their details

        Dunno about Queenland, but down here in NSW, not doing so is an offence

  • SWAT came into my house, disrespected my whole family because somebody narc'd me out! And you know what? IT WAS YOU!

    • We don't have SWAT in Australia

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        You better get ready to tell Bafranz you didn't narc on nobody!!!

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        To the person that downvoted me which police force in Australia has a unit called SWAT?

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          It's a quote from Fast and the Furious.

        • Victoria 😂

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    Tbh I don't think the shaky will hunt you down, at least not in any normal country… This being Australia though, I'd report the threat to the police as a precaution.

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    "hunt me down and my family had better watch out".

    Ok what the actual f.
    Why are people such bastards? If you’re in the wrong, own up to it? I’d go ahead with being a witness anyway.

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      Totally! Car A was just minding her business, trying to exit right from the driveway. You don't expect a car to enter the driveway, abruptly stop and start reversing.
      It's the threats of he and his mates coming to "f$#! me and my family over" and that you "are a white #@!% that just want to try and run us out because we are black".
      Cripes, no. All I know is that your driver reversed into an innocent driver and caused damage to her car.
      I have tried to upload a diagram and Google Street view, but I am not very tech savvy, so hope it worked. My husband is not very happy that they have my details. He thinks I should have stayed out of it.

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        Person B: you are a white #@!%

        Person B: accused us (myself and the driver, who was a middle aged Taiwanese lady) of racism


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        My husband is not very happy

        Let it go. Tell your husband to let it go.

        You can tell your husband, that you had to goto OzB to find people to talk to and maybe listen, because, he… you know the rest :)

        Don't let the crazies bluff you and get you down.

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    If car A has comprehensive insurance and got the driver details of car B then their comprehensive insurance will look after it, with you as car A witness, car B doesnt stand a chance.
    If the driver of car B refused to give their details them the police will investigate https://www.police.qld.gov.au/initiatives/road-safety/traffi...
    Let the cops know that this guy has threatened to kill you and your family.
    Your diagram stinks.

    • Sorry. Art is not my forte.
      Stinks is a bit harsh though. I was just giving an outline. If you think it stinks, how about you don't look at it??
      Why are some posters so harsh and rude?

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        Maybe that's not the real meho. Identity got stolen. Someone using their account

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    Very unlikely they can do anything unless they have a friend/relative that's a cop or works for RTA etc (both of which can't just look up someone address without reason though I don't know what actual checks are in place for either). If you really want to, you can call the cops (NSW has the Police Assistance Line for example where you can make a report over the phone, I'd assume others states/territories have similar) and report the threat etc in case it ever needs to be followed up.

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    Log a report.

    Coppers might go out for a word with whoever was driving and put a real fear of the system into them.

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    Does this https://imgur.com/a/UWTflsT describe the situation?

    • Yes. Except that's not my car of course.

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    OP, call Police Link and tell them about the accident and the threat, doesn't hurt.

    And no they cannot look up your details.

    I've worked in bar for 15 years, including some very low socioeconomic areas and the amount of times I've been threatened with shit like that is hilarious.

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    All they can find out is registration status, definitely not your name and address. It's basically an empty threat to deter you from being a witness…. Which you should report nonetheless.

    Have a look for yourself. Maybe their car isn't registered and is why they're acting that way.

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    TLDR: Witness in car bingle. Can offender discover witness name and address details?


    But let me explain why:
    Sharing what you know with Crime Stoppers is easy – just call our toll-free 1800 333 000 hotline or visit our website home page and click on your State or Territory.

    You won’t be asked to say who you are – our focus is on what you know.

    After you contact Crime Stoppers, our trained call takers capture information that you share with us and then we send it to police for investigation and follow-up where needed.

    Calls and online contacts to us are not traced or identified in any way.

    Telephone Default

    No caller ID on the call centre telephones (i.e. no phone number shown)
    Your telephone call is not recorded
    Submitting information online

    We do not have access to personal data.
    We do not record your IP address, details of the computer you are using or your location.

    Hit and run is a crime.

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    I had to reread it a few times.
    Car B is the car in the wrong right? (Reversing into the direction of traffic)
    And also a passenger from Car B threaten you.

    You have Car B’s rego and you should go to the police. A threat is a threat.

    People like that are cowards.
    I loathe people who threaten people with going to someone’s house to do nefarious deeds. If I were there, I will taunt him mercilessly for being the coward he is.

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    You did the right thing OP

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    I’m in Qld and a paralegal. It illegal for Joe Public to look up anyone’s number plate, especially if they are wanting to do a hit on you. Solicitors can do it for their cases but they have to have very good reasons for accessing that info. Car A can go to the police and make a statement and they will find out who owns Car B and pay them a visit. You did the right thing.