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Huawei AX3 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router AX3000 Global Version US$67.36 (~A$92.96) Shipped @ UnionSine Global Store AliExpress


Main features of Huawei AX3 Pro

⭕️ Full Gigabit port.
⭕️ Quad core 1.4GHz CPU.
⭕️ Support WiFi 6 + & up to 3000mbps.
⭕️ Support intelligent app management.
⭕️ Support multi language setting interface.

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  • +4

    Good for NBN?

    • +7

      Depends on which provider you use. For providers require VLAN tagging on WAN, such as TPG etc, this is useless as it does not support it at all.

      The real problem with it is the stability issues. When it works, it's great, signal is strong, speed is fast, but you will never know when it will disappear from your network and then you will have to reboot it. Had to reboot it once a week more or less and obviously had enough so opted to go for Asus AX88U.

      • Sell it to me

        • -2

          Too late, dumped it…

      • -3

        I had the same issue with my DLink AX5600 that I have to reboot it every now and then to reconnect to internet. I was finally driven so mad that I smashed that $400 piece of crap
        Maybe I shouldn’t blame it?

        • +10

          Or you could have returned it like a sane human being. Or schedule a reboot with a power timer from bunnings. Geez

          • -1

            @stephendt: Glad to know you never lost yourself and enjoy giving lectures to other insane human being on a bargain website.

        • Never used DLink AX5600 don't really know if it was the culprit. Not sure if you are using HFC NBN. If so, it might be the NBN Arris CM8200 modem to blame. I experienced quite a few internet drop caused by it. But the symptom would be different, at least you can reach your router and the devices in your network. For AX3 Pro, it's the router disappeared, the WIFI seems to be on, but I cannot reach any device in the network including the router itself.

      • What other providers can you use with this router?

      • Can't you just use this behind your current modem and have it do the VLAN tagging?

        • Yes you can do exactly that. The untagging can be done on the modem in bridge mode or you can pass the tagged vlan through to your router (ie not supporting vlans) and then use the vlan tag in your router for lack of a better term.

          Sounds like this router won't allow you to do the latter.

        • +1

          I guess the context was really using it as the primary router to connect to NBN. To answer your question, yes, you can do that. But why would you? I actually thought of putting it behind a smart switch and let the switch to do VLAN tagging but soon I realized that it simply does not worth it: too much trouble and too unstable.

  • +16

    Jinping is watching you

    • +5

      and i am watching Sangchi

      • +1

        So ozbargain thinks security is "off-topic" for the average home user

        • You do realise that penetration testing is a thing right? It's not some magic box that no one can see what is happening.

          • @trentgibbo: Did you disassemble the bytecode on the device and inspect it line by line?

            It's not even hard to not fix bugs and leave them as backdoor.

            Ever googled "state sponsored cyber attacks" ?

            • -1

              @HK Refugee: Sounds like you just googled that yourself. Its simple packet detection. If a packet enters or exits the router that you arent expecting, then it could be compromised. Google routersploit if you actually care about being informed.

              • -1

                @trentgibbo: You are a funny dude. The tool is to detect KNOWN exploits.

                From their page
                exploits – modules that take advantage of identified vulnerabilities - keyword is "identified"
                creds – modules designed to test credentials against network services - what stops the manufacturer from putting a hidden admin account under userid:AX3iSuQtxLEQB03P pass:YlXrlv4ngoP#VMRR

                scanners – modules that check if a target is vulnerable to any exploit - good luck identifying a needle in a haystack

    • +2

      Do you even Edward Snowden?

      • -8

        Dude is still alive isn't he?

  • +11

    im using this on my superloop NBN , works great just have to config connecting using WAN , internet acces mode (DHCP , MTU 1492 ).

    i live in an appartment, and i have tested this to go through 2 brick walls into the neighbours bedroom and it works. not at full speed but at least it has a connection.

    • +30

      Won't ask the importance of it getting into neighbors bedroom 😀

      • wifi connected

      • +2

        The real question is, was tiramisu just checking wifi connectivity there?

        • Youtube instructional video

    • +2

      How did you know it works in your neighbors bedroom

    • Thanks for the tip timirasu. I have been trying to get into my neighbour's bedroom for years without success. Finally I have found the solution!

    • Cool, would tp link archer ax55 work well on superloop? Just purchased this week, will be moving to new place over weekend

    • not at full speed but at least it has a connection.

      As long as it connects.

  • Is this better than The Xiaomi AX3600?

    • +1

      I can't vouche for this but I just got my Xiaomi AX6000 delivered and setup from Aliexpress today and I must say the signal did greatly increased compared to my old Netgear R7000P. The signal strength is far stronger now as I only get 2 bars from the garage before but now it is at full signal.

  • Can I use this as an access point and connect this directly to my router? Is this better than https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652534 ?

    • +11

      Since you are associated, you should know the answer

    • +2

      I have those, good for covering a large area but I don't think they'll be as fast as this or better spec devices.

      I can't see them having trouble saturating an nbn connection though. Honestly most of the craze for high speed wifi makes no sense in Australia.

      Our internet connections are shit, unless you're using trash hardware you'll manage to use all your bandwidth on 100/40. Obviously if you are lucky enough to have 5G or FTTH at higher speeds than that you'll require something better since those Tenda's only have FE ports.

      Another exception is in the event that you have a lot of local traffic, ie a nas or fileserver. Really depends on your usage though.

  • Nice router, just received 2 more from Ali to build a mesh out of it.

  • +1

    I like the red colour dots very appropriate

  • I got 2 for $169 from centrecom. I have only plugged in one as a repeater for my TP-Link c9. Pretty smooth but app requires Huawei account. Looking forward to swapping the c9 out.

    • god I hate this trend towards apps. Does it at least have a web ui lol.

  • +1

    I wish 2.5 Gbps switches would drop in price like this.

    • Let me know if you find anything

  • Why would anyone want to buy Huawei products when they know they there is a security/privacy risk? Yes these products are cheaper than well known brands. But, how much do you value your cyber security/privacy?

    • +2

      in this case you can try openwrt

      • Agreed, If you know how to do it. But how many out there knows how to do it? IMO most people care less about cyber security and privacy these days

    • +1

      People dont care or live happily oblivious. Not much different to paying the apple premium or giving up your privacy to apps etc.

      • +4

        Well said ! I think it’s about educating people. I rarely see people talk about or raise these concerns in these forums. Same goes for most users here in OZB. You get negative votes when you try to raise these points

    • +4

      There's a risk to use any telecommunications product.

      • +1

        I don’t really agree with that comment. Huawei raised major red flags a few years back. Regardless of whether those claims are true or false, I personally won’t take the risk of sending all of my web traffic through their firmware

        • +1

          Lol. It's like saying I don't believe this house would catch fire because I don't agree. The fact that you don't agree doesn't mean there's no risk.


          Just google telecommunications backdoor, cisco backdoor or related search. Of course, if you choose to bury your head in the the sand

        • +3

          I haven't yet seen any hard evidence on the claims as a lot of it was hidden for "national security reasons". If they have anything substantial it should be published otherwise it's mostly talk. I'll accept advice from the security community over the government. Telecoms by its nature is a security risk, plenty of well known brands have had flaws even if unintentional still allowed access through routers e.c.t.

          Optus's supplied router allows staff to update the firmware remotely and turn it on/off, not sure how much I trust that system is secure.

    • +27

      honestly, if china doesn't have enough trouble monitoring 1.6bn people and they want to know what I buy off ozbargain and amazon then by all means go ahead.

      privacy, in any government, goes out the window, when they really want to get you.

      on another note - i've yet to see an example of said security breach someone has experienced using a huawei product. everything has been sensationalized in the media - but no one has a single example of said theoreticals. I get it though, yes, it's chinese owned, but are you concerned because of what you see on the news and are just going with that, or because you have real facts based on examples of incidences occurring from hardware 'backdoors'? all the ones i've searched for seem to be planted by the nsa and the russians….guess the chinese are sooo good at it they haven't gotten caught yet…..

      people complain china makes cheap reject shop rubbish - but when they start making advanced tech, they say all chinese tech is spyware.

      make up your minds.

      • +5

        what the numpty midwits who now all bark at the sky like nutjobs anytime huawei is mentioned, all failed to comprehend about the huawei security blowup in the media, was not that these products were posing a huge security risk to them, it was that their products were posing a huge risk to their own western governments exclusive ability to be able to actively & passively spy on them with products by their approved corporates…

        basically western media in a nutshell. its not to say that that is bad either, a government has legitimate interest in not giving other governments massive informational harvesting abilities into their own populations citizens (too late), but how governments react to each other, really shows you what all governments are doing to their own citizens.

    • +7

      Cause there is still no solid evidence to date that is it a security/privacy threat. Just a bunch of circle jerking media and politicians who are spreading misinformation.

      • -4

        I think it's a bit naive to reject those claims saying "western propaganda". There may be a bit of truth in everything (just saying)
        Real cyber security/privacy is a concept of a bygone era, its about figuring out what the lesser evil is and reducing the impact.

        • +2

          If you think this tiny bit of truth (if there is even any truth to it) is enough to dictate how you act and think then I would say you are the one who is too naive.

        • +2

          The only naivety here is coming from you. If there were actual evidence of Huawei being a security risk, it would have been published. Keep believing the same government that logs every IP address you visit on the internet and continues to pass bogus laws to undermine individual privacy though, no problem. 🙄

    • I scrolled this far down for this comment lol. Thers always that one guy with the tin foil hat

  • I have one which I also purchased from Aliexpress (HUA-Global Store) back in December. I paid $97 for it.

    But I found the wireless signal strength to be poorer than the router I was already using which wasn't WiFi-6 compliant.

    Also had to set it up using the phone app because there were no other English instructions at that time.

    Maybe it just needs a firmware update.

  • +2

    Save your money and buy the Brazilian version
    That has amplifiers

    • Where? Link?

      • AliExpress bro
        Only buy the Brazilian version

        AU $101.75 30%OFF | Brazil Version HUAWEI WiFi AX3 Pro Four Amplifiers (AKA AX3 Quad Core) WiFi 6+ Wireless Router WiFi 5 GHz Repeater 3000 Mbps NFC

  • I am hesitated to buy this one as nothing has arrived from AliExpress for me for the last two months. I will probably wait for a local stock on sale

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265211244618

    Aust Seller

    $110 Free delivery

    • +2

      this one is ax3 pro. your one is ax3 (without pro)

  • how was this vs google wifi.

    • ax3 pro supports wifi 6, but google nest wifi doesn't. but google nest may be more stable and more reliable also more expensive~

  • Or you can buy the same with a different logo for
    AU $66.31 39% Off | Global Version Honor Router 3 Wifi 6+ 3000Mbps Dual-band Wireless Router Smart Home Router

    • It's not the same product. It's dual core vs quad core in AX3 Pro from Huawei

  • +5

    some interesting links:

    OpenWRT discussion:
    - https://forum.openwrt.org/t/support-for-huawei-ax3-pro/66551...

    -Basic review with important comment:

    "Please don’t buy a global version of the Huawei AX3 Pro which doesn’t have the two 2.4G amplifiers and is stuck on an old update. Because of this, the global version’s signal range is pretty limited. The Chinese version is the best and the webpage can be translated via the Chrome auto-translate feature. There’s the enhanced version of the router as well selling on Aliexpress with the two amplifiers but still, the range isn’t the same as the Chinese version."

  • I'm using the Chinese version with the following setup and it works really well. I'm not using their Android app, there's no need as you can configure it via the admin page:

    NTD > wired router > ax3 pro 1 — (meshed, bridged mode) ax3 pro 2

    • Where to get chinese version?

    • Can you please show me how to get the (mesh, bridge mode) setting?
      The web UI is very basic and doesn't seem to have that option.

      Many thanks

      • +1

        Here you go, just select Bridge (AP) in the admin page:

        I'm also using a wired backhaul instead of wireless (this will halve your speed). So the next question is how did I setup a wired backhaul? It's the same setup as any other mesh routers:

        Note that the AX3 Pro routers are in bridge mode so you need another router connected to NTD.

        without auto port sensing:
        NTD > another router > (WAN port) AX3 Pro 1 (any LAN port) > (WAN port) AX3 Pro 2

        with auto port sensing (by default it is on):
        NTD > another router > (any port) AX3 Pro 1 (any port) > (any port) AX3 Pro 2

  • I use wireless bridge and I am still getting close to 500mbps to the tower.

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