Buy Home or Contents Insurance, Get $50 eGift Card, Buy Home & Content, Get $100 @ ING


Buy ING Home and Contents, Home or Contents Insurance by 30 November 2021 and you could get a $100 or $50 eGift card redeemable at selected retailers including Woolworths, Myer, JB Hi-Fi and more.

To get your bonus eGift card, buy your ING Home and Contents, Home or Contents Insurance online by 30 November 2021 and keep it active for a qualifying period of 35 days from commencement. We'll then send you an email up to 60 days after the qualifying period with instructions on how to select the retailer for your eGift card (retailers include Woolworths, Myer, JB Hi-Fi and more). You'll have 90 days to do this.

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  • +1

    Perfect for when the earthquake hits.

    • Like today. Scared the crap out of the whole neighbourhood. On the plus side, I got to meet some of my neighbours as the buildings were about to fall on us from all that shaking.

  • +1

    i did a quote with them and its $900 more than comminsure

    • Interesting. I’m currently with comminsure and coming up for renewal, but ING quote is $200 cheaper than the best offer comminsure made me when I called to get a better deal. $750 vs $950 in suburban Melbourne.

  • +1

    Just letting everyone know I went through and got a quote from the link and it was HEAPS cheaper than an existing renewal quote I had but when I finished the online quote and was thinking about taking it out I got a phone call from someone from ING who went through the policy with me and we then changed a few little things. Then however when I tried to finish the online quote it was locked to the call centre so I couldn't get it online which was a prerequisite to getting the gift card .. so I called the call centre back and they informed me that to be eligible for the gift card you needed to get a referral email (as in T&C)