Best Bulk SMS web service

Hi all, could someone recommend the cheapest and user-friendly website for bulk SMS web service? Thanks!

FYI I don't spam my customers. It's more to remind them of booking times. So don't judge a book before you read..


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    You should ask Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly

    • They're probably the most effective eh, and gosh I hate them. But fear not, I'm just informing my own customers database

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        So don't judge a book before you read..

        We can't read your mind from your original post. See how "remind them of booking times" helps?

        Maybe you are looking for automated SMS sending, rather than bulk? I mean, what volume of SMS are you sending each day?

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    We used to integrate with Twilio. But recently we moved to Vonage SMS API for our client. Sending message is cheaper compared to Twilio. Vonage has comprehensive documentation and integration is much flexible. Also vonage's adaptive routing protocols ensures lower latency in message delivery (Extremely quick message delivery).

    But if you are asking for Bulk SMS Gateway, then you might want to look at Chatti. We use Chatti for bulk SMS marketing and promotions.

    Hopefully, it helps.

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    What's the service for exactly? The cheapest means depending on cliental is to create automation through software like Power Automate or Shortcuts. It's not the most practical but that's how I messaged my clients in the mornings, worked very well.

    • See above.. Booking service related

      • Have you looked at Bookings for Microsoft?

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    Craig Kelly has entered chat.

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    ASIDE: Is anyone here old enough to remember, in the early-to-mid 1990s, the popularity of MTN SMS?

    It seemed like the coolest thing in the world being being able to send free text messages to your friends through a random South African telco website. And it was utterly trivial to embed simple code in your website to enable sending SMSes (or send bulk messages) via their service, too. Good times.

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  • I hate you OP.

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    We use Plivo SMS Services. About $0.053 per text.

      • Yours is $0.065 per text. You're charging too much.

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    Do you have a CRM or something you are integrating into? Easiest will be to see what they support natively.

    If you are a developer I would go with Twilio for breadth of options and documentation.

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