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[Pre Order] Niche Zero Grinder £499 (~A$1000) + Delivery + Custom Duty + GST @ Niche Coffee


Available for preorder is the niche zero AUS (Silver OOS, Black in Stock) model. Local places will sell for over $1600. Preorder direct and you can get it for around $1000 (+ custom duty + GST, depending). There is limited stock. So get in quick .

This is a great single dose grinder with excellent reviews.

A quick blurb
The Niche Zero’s patented design gives you increased levels of control over the quantity, quality and freshness of your grind - making it easier for you to accurately manage the variables and confidently brew like a barista.

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  • +6

    1K just to grind some beans…great stuff!

    • +7

      And its neither 'oz' nor 'bargain'

    • -2

      More like get stuffed!

    • +9

      it's a decent price if you compare them to actual coffee grinder

      • +4

        What makes this not an actual coffee grinder? (Genuine question)

        • +4

          I think they are referring to commercial grinders

        • Consistency and size of grind. Durability.
          This grinder is the best on the market for Pro consumers. I however bought a very old commercial grinder after a coffee shop went bust with this lockdowns (not a grinder buying advice), and it improved my coffee game quite substantially, definitely more than i expected. When i make coffee, i try to load the cup to get maximum pressure, and if you have inconsistent grind you can either block the machine or make mediocre coffee, that brewed through part of a coffee puck, due to channeling

    • User Product name checks out

  • +2

    The Aus version is sold out already.

    • +2

      Midnight Black still available

      • I just realised after I posted. Thanks!

    • +1

      If anybody really wants one and can't wait - the UK or EU versions will work if you change the plug to AU (or use a converter). Of course modifying the device will void warranty

      • Will a simple adapter (AU to UK) not work?

        • Yes, that's what I meant with a converter - adapter is a better description

      • +1

        what does UK export mean?

        • HK used the same plug type as UK

  • +4

    Just out of interest, what sort of results is this going to give me in comparison to the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. Obviously a different class category but I’m really enjoying the results from my new breville.

    • +17

      This is a single dose grinder (there's no bean hopper). You add only the beans you need for each shot. Definitely for the enthusiast end of the market.

      • So if I'm doing a 1 litre batch brew this is no good?

        • You could still use it and just add more beans as it grinds. But it's overkill for your needs.

          • @aoeueoa: Yeah I'd never spend that much on a grinder, just dreaming haha

    • +22

      Got one 6mths ago but it has been a bit of a potato. Huge inconsistencies with grinding times from 20s shots to 40s shots without me changing the grind size. Massive regret and now I'm waiting for some spare springs to see if it helps. If it doesnt I've been offered an exchange but overall, a very frustrating experience.

      • I'd love to buy it if you decide to get rid off it :D been wanting to try it but can never get stock

      • -3

        A single dose grinder will always very in grind time as it relies on gravity, the shape of the burrs to draw the beans through the burrs. Where a traditional grinder with a hopper works while pasually by the factors mentioned above but more on the weight on the beans in the hopper to force the beans down through the burrs.

        • +15

          I think smarikoe is complaining about extraction time, not grind time. Fluctations in extraction time that big despite the same grind setting (and beans) is a pretty big fail for a grinder this price.

          • +6

            @serrin: What you've said is spot on serrin and now that I've re read smarikoe's post I see my mistake. Another variable that we don't know and will dictate extraction time and quality is the quality and consistency of tamping. Though would have to assume if someone is spending this much on a grinder you'd hope that have that down packed beforehand.

            • +9

              @McGeeski: Top 2 most likely explanations for your issue McGeesky:
              1) faulty grinder
              2) poor puck preparation which is leading to channelling and inconsistency in your flow

              I would try and diagnose whether 2 is a problem before assuming the grinder is faulty. I haven't heard of anyone else having the issues you are having with a niche.

              • @bthaddad: More likely No 2.

                • @carlJack: I’d replace with freshly roasted beans as well; stale beans do not hold pressure or express well.

                  Odds on it has nothing to do with the grinder, unless you ran some stony beans through it and a burr is whacked…

          • @serrin: Tamping pressure alone is unlikely to be significant enough to vary the shot time by 20 seconds.

            • @dji1111111: If you have uneven distribution or your tamp style places uneven pressure on the puck then it can encourage channeling and can absolutely alter your shot time massively if the water/espresso finds an easy path through.

              • @fookos: No way uneven pressure will increase shot time by 20 sec.
                Nobody preps the puck that badly. Yes, it may be possible if you intentionally mess it up but nobody does that while trying to dial in their shot.

                • @dji1111111: You’re not accounting for people who buy coffee gear and have NFI what they’re doing…

                  (Not that I’m suggesting that of you. Hopefully you get your Niche sorted. Mine has been great. Good luck).

                  • @fookos: God help them if they are that bad to the point of introducing 20sec variance in shot timing just from tamping. Surely plenty of YouTube videos to watch and at least try and mimick what they do. Now that you say it, yes it is entirely possible there are people like that.

      • +5

        Niche dropped Australian distributors at the beginning of the year, you can now only buy direct from the manufacturer, which is great for their bottom line, but not so much with after sales support; which is just as important as the product that you're buying at this price point as it should last a lifetime with local support if anything needs repairs or parts

      • Is every other aspect of your process consistent? (Distribution and tamp technique/pressure) Are you calibrating your scales? I have a decent scale but when I finally got around to actually testing it using a calibration weight it was a fair bit off.

        I have the same grinder and have been nothing but happy

      • +4

        A good coffee tragic mate of mine just grabbed the Eureka Mignon 55 last week and highly rates it. (If you're looking for similar alternatives).
        He had a Sette and was actually considering a Mythos (nuts if you ask me for home use!) lol.

        • would love to hear more details on this

          Have the Sette and think its great but there are some inconsistencies I'm finding

        • Has he got the Specialita? There are many variants of the Mignon, each with different size burrs and power. Specialita is the Big Boi! But unfortunately with that one you end up paying extra for a lot of potentially unnecessary digital dosing, features, etc. For someone who weighs single dose (which is what I prefer) that may be a little hard to palate.

      • +3

        Such variation may be caused by too fine grind, sometimes resulting in 40s extraction time, but sometimes the channeling occurs (easier and more common to occur with the very fine grind) and extraction time drops. The coffee distribution is important, how level you tamp may be important as well.

        I don't have the Niche Zero, talking from experience with another reasonably good grinder.

      • +1

        On the same set of beans ground on the same day?

        One has to realise that no matter what machine is being used or how accurate and it is, repeatability of results is left to the luck of how the beans were roasted and the natural workable parameters of the beans quality through the cultivation and harvest period which are climate and seasonally variable especially if its the case of a single origin scenario.

        You have to learn to be adaptable based on understanding the nature of the bean itself and adjust your grind to dial in accordingly.

        My expertise is in a different seed not coffee, but its all the same principles, which makes coffee dialling both rewarding and at the same time very frustrating.

        That being said. If it's from the same batch of beans and extraction having significant variations from one shot to the next on the same day even with proper storage of beans, then extraction differences can be attributed to one of your instruments; either grinder, extractor or instrument directly facing the grinder or extractor when being used.

      • I would try weighing the ground coffee and weighing (not measuring in ml) the resultant shot - stopping at say 2 or 2.5x.

        Also as other commenters have said the 20s->40s can be for a bunch of reasons - channeling, brew temp, tamp pressure, humidity, age of beans.

        Eliminate the niche zero as a problem this way. It can only be a problem if it grinds finer/courser with the same beans and same setting on the same day.

    • +16

      Short answer - diminishing returns. If you have (very) high end equipment & beans using this grinder might be a noticeable improvement. For consumer level equipment, maybe somewhat better but completely disproportionate to the amount of money spent. But it's great for impressing your coffee snob friends and making sexy YT videos.

    • +3

      The Smart Grinder Pro can be used as a single dose grinder also (weigh beans on a scale and add to the hopper as required) so I really can't see what benefit there is to get something that is purely a 'single dose grinder', and eliminate the option of using a timer down the track. I considered the Niche before I settled on pairing up the Smart Grinder with my Dual Boiler

      • +3

        the big thing is that the Niche is 0 retention so when you put 20g of beans in you get 20g of grounds out, whereas with the Breville you'll put 20g in and get as low as 18g out. benefit of such is that you can easily switch between beans, easier to get the exact weight rather than dosing, etc

        • +7

          no such thing as a zero retention grinder. this grinder will still retain some grounds. Niche claims 0.2g retention per dose.

          • @keejoonc: Still significantly less than a lot of high end electric grinders though

        • +1

          Where to the missing beans go?!?!

          • +5

            @242gtr: Same place the socks that never come out from the washing machine go.

          • @242gtr: Open up your grinder and you might be horrified

        • +1
      • +3

        There are some benefits but subjective whether it's worth it or not.i think they are more for hyperenthusiast and competitive coffee making more than anything.

        68mm burrs vs 40mm on the SGP, bigger burrs has more surface area so they spin less and grind more translating to faster grinding, less static (clumping), and cooler temps (less baking).

        It's also low retention, it's not just about 18g in and 18g out with single dosing. A higher retention unit (like SGP) will retain grounds from your previous grind so if you make one coffee a day, you'll have yesterday's grounds contaminating today's so if freshness is a big deal (since grounds go stale in 30 mins) then I can see this as a benefit. one reason why the sette 270/270wi are great single dosers.

      • You can certainly use SGP as a single dose grinder but it's not ideal. Have you removed the hopper to see how much retention it has? It is pretty bad. Timer on a grinder is pretty useless in most cases.

      • +1

        Smart grinder pro is good. I have one. But it is not in the same league as niche zero.

      • This is precisely how I use my smart grinder pro after researching all these expensive coffee snob grinders. The smart grinder does really well but relying on the timed grinding often resulted in varying extractions. Weighing the beans for each shot on a gram scale (not a 4x priced coffee branded) produces consistent extractions every single time.

      • +1

        Much more uniform grind size with extremely low retention are the two big factors. Diminishing returns as you go further into the high end stuff (same with anything really) but the Niche Zero is a noticeable upgrade over the Breville. Only you can determine if it's worth the extra money.

    • +7

      I made a video comparing the BSG (Left) with a Sette 270Wi (Right) a while back which can be found here

      While a Sette is not a Niche, the video gets point across about price vs quality.

      • I think this video is a good way to show/explain things.

        SGP is sooooo clumpy. Clumpy=channeling=inconsistent shots

      • excellent video - main reason why my next upgrade will be a Eureka

        • Is that the Eureka Mignon 55? If so, just curious why that one over a Niche or Sette?

          • +2

            @mooboy: Undecided which Eureka, might wait for the single dose one to be released

    • +6

      this is for caffeinephiles, like audiophiles it's bragging rights..

    • +2

      I found the Smart Grinder Pro has a lot of retention; sure you can single does into it but i found i lost up to 1g of coffee each time i single dose. I dont have a niche but i believe its close to zero retention based on its single dose design.

      I upgraded to a Eureka Mignon Specialita and have found it go be fantastic. Not as fancy as a Niche but it does single dosing very well with very little retention.

      • +1

        With Eureka Mignon Specialita its very hard to switch between Filter and Expresso.

      • Your comment prompted me to perform a Grind Test. I'm seeing 3 hundredth of a gram, even if this varies by a tenth I'll not lose any sleep over it.

        • +1

          You clearly aren't doing it right! ;) Lol

        • +2

          That doesnt show retention.

          In order to show retention, you would need to have a fully cleaned, emptied out grinder.

          You are pushing out old grinds and including that in the weigh.

          • +2

            @PCHammond: Someone negging me because they think that retention means that ground coffee disappears into the ether, so you get less out than you put in.

            • @PCHammond: This is more accurate description on retention - I was referring to after I cleaned out my SGP and measured a fresh batch of beans.

              I did find that when I opened up my Smart Grinder Pro - there were lots of coffee "retention' around the burrs. After I cleaned it out and measured 20g in, I would get 18 to 19g out.

              Is it a big issue? I would say so if you dont grind high volumes as you would be mixing fresh grind with stale grind. But if you're single dosing you could just give the grinder a bit of a purge to remove the stale grind - this is what I used to do.

            • @PCHammond: Wait!
              Are you saying this test shows there is no black hole inside the grinder?
              That's unexpected.

    • +5

      I upgraded from a SGP to the Niche.
      1) Found the grind consistency to be better (more consistent shots).
      2) Allows me to switch between beans more easily.
      3) Allows easier grind changes for different brew methods.

    • +3

      I bought a SGP during last years black friday sales and pretty much returned it after a week. The grind amounts are very inconsistent, so you need to either grind again or throw away a bunch. And there's a big retention problem where you need to throw away almost a handful of beans to purge it to the correct grind size. The grind size isn't consistent either - so you'll have dust mixed in with big chunks. I wouldn't say it's bad enough that it's better to just use pre-ground, it's still okay - but with a higher end grinder you just get consistency. The size of most of the particles is the same-meaning an equal extraction of all of it. There's little to no coffee left inside so much less waste and no need to purge when changing the grind size. And it's single dose - so the weight you put in is the weight you get out every time. So if you're making a coffee - you know exactly what variable to change - ie grind size, yield, dose, temp/pressure etc. Just makes it easier to 'chase' a perfectly extracted coffee. The caveat is once you get to a certain level of grinders you're going to be held back by the machine anyways - so it's an expensive upgrade process to get to a point where you're not bottlenecked.

    • I have owned SGP, which I kept for cold brews when I upgraded to Lelit PL72 grinder. I would only recommend SGP for someone who has limited budget. I paid $170 or something when I got mine and at that price point, it does the job but if you are serious about coffee forget about SGP.

    • I upgraded from breville to this. Pretty life changing upgrade in coffee terms. I would recommend if you have a spare grand laying around

  • +5

    How does this product increase the coffee's freshness? Time machine?

    • +14

      I think the idea is that by minimising the amount of ground retention you have less stale grounds within the grinder thus improving freshness.

      • But why not just put in the beans you want to use (single dose) in your normal everyday grinder? Keep the rest in an air sealed bean container.

        • +9

          Some grinders retain coffee inside the grinding mechanism.

          So when you grind fresh coffee, you get some of the coffee from the last grind.

      • This is what I do with a mazzer mini. Consistent, reliable, half the price.

        • mazzer mini retains quite a fair bit of grounded coffee

          • +1

            @jmel: I have a second hand Mazzer mini which I modded with the dosserless mod. Works pretty well.

            • +1

              @ufoninja: the retention is in the burr mainly

    • It’s in comparison to 7-11 $1 coffees.

    • As there is no hopper, the idea is you add only the beans you need for a single cup. The remaining beans remain in an airtight container retaining freshness.

  • +11

    This thing is definitely the most hyped home grinder of all time. A quick google of search on YouTube will find plenty of info. But a good source of info is James Hoffman:

    • Damn you Hoffmann!!

    • +2

      Agree with this. Niche spends a chunk of time marketing to YT content creators. It really is just a single dose grinder with fancy wooden legs

      • +4

        In fairness, he is very open about it when he has worked with/for a particular company. I would trust him over most coffee youtubers.

    • +17

      As someone who's roasted coffee for over 10 years & run a cafe with all the kit, you can do a lot better than a kmart grinder without spending 1k for home. Got to be using quality beans to taste a huge difference though. Burnt tar in will produce burnt tar out.

      I'm using a ~$200 baratza encore at home right now, and had a Breville smart Pro below that. Both very good for pour over, but not amazing for espresso once you have a decent espresso machine. You'd never notice on a kmart espresso machine though.

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