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[Pre Order] Ergonomic Desk Black 1400mm $459.95 (Was $799) and Get Free Monitor Arm + Shipping @ Retail Display Direct


Preorder Ergonomic Desk and get a monitor arm ($69.95) free.
Order starts shipping from 08/10/2021

1400mm $459.95 (Was $799)
1600mm $479.95 (Was $799)
1800mm $499.95 (Was $850)

All prices inclusive of GST.

Color combination:
1. Black desk black frame
2. Black desk white frame
3. White desk white frame

10 year manufacturer warranty

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  • +16

    It might be worth mentioning this is a sit/stand with everything included. Decent price.

    • -1

      Are other motorised desks different to "sit/stand with everything included"?

      Apart from the arm, that's a bonus for those who can make use of it.

      • +8

        Some don't come with the actual counter top, some don't have an electric motor instead using a hand crank.

        • Fair enough. I get suspicious if somebody states "everything included" about something that's supposed to have "everything included", ie. it's a desk, not a framework, benchtop or bare motors.

  • +8

    Pick Up In Store- 3 Wordie Place, Padstow NSW 2211


    Sydney Metro Service- 1-2 Business Days


    Nice deal, thank you OP.

    • +1

      $56 to 6000

      • I got $67 for shipping to 6164 :-(

    • I'm getting $38 to Melbourne. Swinging me from an Ikea stand up desk, those cost a bit more and delivery is $50.

      • $45 for me, but still low enough for me to pull the trigger. Been considering an ergo desk since March last year, can't argue at this price.

        Great find, thanks OP!

  • -3

    No free shipping for Melbourne ??

  • Height adjustment from 640-1290mm

    Weirdly the same range as the Omni/Zen/Desk ones, but +40mm on the lower and upper ends of the rage. Maybe it has giant feet?

    • And that colour range is also familiar. Uncanny.

    • It probably shares parts from the same manufacturer. Makes sense to keep internal costs low

      • Yes my point is that it's weird they is +40mm. The feet on my Zenspacedesk are not exactly small

        • The Omnidesk Pro page has it as 63.7cm with feet. Hoping that this one is the same-ish since I want one as low as possible.

  • +2
  • +1

    Its a shame there are not alternate options/locations for the cable management hole.

  • +3

    Has anyone bought one of these and can provide an insight into quality?

    • +4
    • +2

      I did from the last deal and I am using the table as I type this message.

      It has been great for my use, I went with the 160cm black and black model and it fits my needs perfectly. I recommended the same table to my colleagues who also have eventually bought and are quite happy with it.

      I think this is better than buying a bigger brand and paying a lot more for the exact same thing that you get.

      The only downside is the cut in the front of the table ("design of the table") that people may end up not liking so, that might be something to consider for folks.

      • +1

        Does it wobble at sitting height?

        • +2

          The base is quite sturdy so there is no wobble there, but if I shake my table top with my hand in the sitting position, my monitors dance a little bit but nothing too bad. (I have got two Dell S2721DS mounted on two North Bayou F80 stands from this deal )

      • +6

        I just assembled a desk like this.

        You should be able to move the controller to the other side, then face the cutout to the wall and use the hole for cabling

      • Would I be able to replace the top with my own wooden panel?

        • should be possible, but you will need to create your own pilot holes on the table top according to the frame. here is one ozbargainer who did it and talks about their experience (many others have done it too, if you search in that deal) but i was too lazy and happy with the one that comes with the frame.

    • +1

      I have this frame with IKEA Karlby worktop… They are great and no wobble!

    • +2

      I bought this table in the 1800mm size last time it was on sale and am currently using it. It's good quality, no wobbles and I have 3 monitors plus my tower (ATX, ~10kg) sitting on it. The shipping was quite fast and assembly was easy (although I would recommend getting someone to help you build it).

      One thing that I dislike about it, and it's an extremely minor downside, is that the depth of the table is a bit short. That is, the edge of the table where you sit and the opposite side of the table is only about 50cm or so. Like I said, very minor and insignificant.

      The customer service was really good too, since they accidentally gave me white legs and black tabletop when I wanted black for both, so they refunded me some of the money back since it was too much hassle to get it swapped.

      • Do you have a monitor arm connecting all three monitors?

        • Yep! Dual arm and single arm setup. The free monitor arm they gave me last time was the North Bayou F80.

      • the depth of the area from the cutout is 50cm front to back, are you sure?

        all the sizes including 1800mm say 75cm depth, minus the cutout. a 25cm cutout would be 1/3 the depth. the images don't show the cutout being anywhere near that deep.

        • +1

          Oh sorry, not sure where I got the 50cm from. I must have misremembered and eyeballed the length of it! Either way, it's a little short for me but it's certainly not an issue. If you'd like, I can grab out a measuring tape and give you a definitive number.

          • @Ninjaar: nah all good. thanks for all your info though

          • @Ninjaar: If you could give a measurement it would be much appreciated!

            • +2

              @Fixel99: Sure thing! The distance from where I'm sitting (in the cutout) to the back of the table is exactly 652mm, or 65.2cm.

    • +2

      I bought an 1800 for myself and a 1400 for my wife in the last deal. We have been using them every day since and love them! My wife is more minimalist but I have 3 monitors (2x24" and 1x32") on arms and cannot complain about a single thing. No wobbles, the raising and lowering works flawlessly and I love the shape (the cutout in the front - not everyone's cup of tea though). Highly recommend.

    • +1

      I have had this desk for almost a year (and waited for stock for 3 months before that). Although I ended up replacing the desk top with a 2.1m solid timber. Nothing wrong with the top it came with. It was durable, scratch resistant and looked quite nice (I liked the shape and the texture of the surface).

      The mechnism is great - can't find any fault. Legs have a nice powder coat and I like the design of the feet. This is has dual motors, which is apparently better than single motors.

      The retailer was also pretty good to deal with. The first table top came slightly damaged and they replaced it without hassle -> I'm in Melbourne so I imagine the shipping second time around wouldn't have been cheap.

      Overall, I have been pretty happy with the product and the retailer selling it - highly recommended.

  • +3

    Badgeless omnidesk?

    • Feeling very upset about having just ordered a branded one for twice the price, if they are…

      • @xeal yes, currently waiting for my omni order to come, it's all coming in separate packages.. :(

  • Same price as the fortia from mydeal with the 10% shopback but no free ship, bonus monitor arm tho. So it's fine. Not amazing.

  • Not sure about the monitor mount they're providing because the clamp might slide off the rounded edges?

    • +1

      It'll be fine. I have a desk with chamfered edges on the top and two monitor arms on it. No issues with getting the clamps tight and stable.

  • Ordered.
    Can you also import Herman Miller ones. Sick of waiting for deals on that 😔

    Edit: Sorry, thought you were store rep. Cheers OP.

  • Can anyone who brought this provide their thoughts in this deal? I've read from the other thread seems fine.. People did say it wobbles a little.

  • Been waiting for a deal like this. Just bought one from Elite Furniture for $700 and it will be delivered today

    • I've been using one from elite furniture since January and it's a great desk although I hardly use it standing up anymore. I nearly bought one from the OP but I thought the elite furniture desks looked better with a wooden look top.

  • Wow $800… What were the retailers thinking

    • +6

      "Hey, let's put $800 on it, so soon we can say we sell it 40% off. In the meantime someone may actually pay that price."

      • Yea pretty much

  • It is a really good desk. I use it almost 3 days in a week from the last 4-5 months and i have got 2 x 27 inch monitors on this. I bought it from this deal and have some answers to some of your questions.

    • Hey mate, does the desk tend to wobble much both in sit/stand operation?

      • +1

        Na it doesnt wobble at all for me in sit/stand operation

  • +6

    this or the ikea rog desk coming out soon?

    • Keen to know the same thing. Not sure if I should get this or wait til October for IKEA's new line

    • How much is the IKEA Rog expected to retail for?

  • How does this compare to one of these ones from Amazon?

  • wait for the ikea rog

    • +2

      Ye but how much is that going to be?

      Knowing ASUS they will slap a premium price on it.

      • It's ikea… I'd say more on the cheap side… this thing will be mass produced, they will make more of it than asus ever could

        Eg. Electrolux oven is 2.3k… the rebadged ikea is 1.5k

        • +2

          Seems like their sit/stand UPPSPEL will be for around $800

          This might be a good deal I guess. How is this compared to lazymaisons?

          • @gardezee: Lazy maisons will be cheaper. Mine cost $354 for the frame and I repurposed an old desktop though that would only be around $100 from bunnings. Ironically although Ikea is known for cheap furniture, I've found their standing desks are much more expensive than the ones you'll find on ebay or Amazon.

  • +2

    Wonder if you can get the cable tray from omnidesk, desky or zendesk and fit it on one of these, and if the predrilled holes are exactly those you get from one of those 3 retailers

  • Will I be able to shorten the desk when I decide to fit it in other room in the future? with a top from say Ikea, Bunnings?

  • Depth is a little small at 750mm for the table top

  • +1

    Does anyone know if can swap the top off easily? Need 1200mm

    • they sell the desk in different sizes, but it looks like they use the exact same frame for all sizes and just change the top. so it's probably no stretch to swap out the top for something else

  • Oh of course there's a deal as soon as I got one of these desks few days ago…

  • +2

    I have one of these desks, has been great. Well built, sturdy, good mechanism/motors, I dont get any shaking/rocking. Very happy.

    Out of interest, seeing if anyone has found a decent under desk tower mount for these desks.
    I tried one of these (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133760194830) and it is no where near strong enough or big enough. Now looking at these as they look sturdy and large (https://www.amazon.com.au/StarTech-com-Under-Desk-CPU-Mount/...) but worried about clearance/space under the desk with the existing frames.

    • +1

      I'd like to know too.

  • This doesn't go ad low as some other brands like zen space desk (min height 600mm) so keep that in mind especially if you're using your own thicker wooden counter top

  • The only thing i dont like about this is the look, desks dont usually have an indent like that at the front.

    • I thought the same, but it is great for my ergo chair with long arms - allows you to get in to a close/nicer seated position.

  • Ordered the 1600mm version after seeing the reviews, not a huge fan of the indent at the front either but hopefully its not too annoying to deal with.

    • Yes it makes the table a lot narrower. No logic there.

  • +12

    Don't want to hijack the post but for those looking at the IKEA Rog range, AUS pricing is not yet available but I can see the UK prices are up:


    Prices for the other items in the Rog range can be found here by clicking on the "desks", "chairs" and "gaming accessories" links

    • Honestly, people like you are the best. Thanks for the links.

    • So I'm guessing like 899 for the 180 desk

  • Ohhh I bought not long ago and didn't get the free monitor arm…

  • Thanks OB, just bought one lol

  • @RDD001 Can we upgrade to a dual monitor arm?

    • Hi, Sorry, we cant do the upgrade at the moment.

  • +2

    I gotta say I was all in on getting a zen desk, them due to supply issues I just went with the cheap motorized 120cm desk from officeworks. It has low star reviews because people blindly follow the video instructions (not written instructions) which are incorrect. Very sturdy desk, cheap price. Consider it.

    • Thanks for the comment. We have an Officeworks in my North Queensland town, but this desk is $105 freight. I'll check it out as an alternative.

    • Is that the Marrix desk? What are your thoughts after using it for a bit?

      • https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/matrix-exe...

        That one.

        No complaints. I mean I don't expect perfection from it for $399. But it is sturdy, goes up and down, had programmable heights. That is all I need. If you need absolute zero wobble or safety features, or something super simple to put together than maybe something else is for you. But it'll be double the price almost.

  • Is this a good table for not/never standing?

    I'm thinking whether the adjustable height is something that I'll use at all. :/

    • If you don’t plan on using it as a standing desk, I’d say this is waste of money. Better off getting a good chair with good height adjustments with $$ saved not getting this

  • Anyone have any experience with these? Would I be able to swap out their desktop and replace it with something nicer (e.g. timber panel from bunings/ikea) ?

  • How does this compare to updown desk standing frame? Just ordered one but they have 30 days trial fortunately…

  • They charge your card straight away which may be a pro or a con depending on your needs

  • Anybody using a glass top table for computer/work table?
    I prefer that as melamine finish surface can wear out a bit

    • I am using a 2.1m glass table as a computer desk, can put 4 or 5 big monitors without mount

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