[Back Order] Gigabyte Z590I Aorus Ultra Intel Mini-ITX Motherboard $279 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time posting. Be gentle.

EDIT: Also available from Scorptec & MWave instock. Scorptec has free shipping for over $200 spend right now I think.

Was looking for a new setup due to my dud 3600X (1, possibly 2, failing/unstable cores at stock voltage) and atrocious warranty process with AMD/Retailer, decided to go back to Intel and found this.

Should last a good few years on the tail of DDR4 while DDR5 matures and comes down to mainstream price.

Cheapest I've found by quite a wide margin given it's Z590 chipset if you can handle the wait.
Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Showing as in stock at Scorptec & MWave if you're after it now. Shipping costs apply if you can't C&C, but same price otherwise.

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      Ah! They weren't in stock when I checked a while back. Good find! Updated description.

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    B560i was 179 on PCbyte.

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      B560 has no CPU OC/RAID support if that matters, but good price none the less.

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    I was getting a Intel platform till I realized you can get a very cheap am4 itx motherboard and put the money towards a better cpu.

  • Asrock Z490 mini-itx was at 189, waiting for z590s to drop to that price

    • If you needed more ports and want a ATX Motherboard the Asrock Z590 Steel Legend WiFi 6E ATX Motherboard is very good and only $199 on special right now at MSY and Umart.

      • thx for suggesting that. unfortunately, I don't have a case to fit ATX atm. ITX is usually much more expensive than ATX

      • If you have the steel legend, did they fix the thermals on this board? I thought it ran super hot compared to other atx boards.

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          Mine is on 24/7 and using latest Bios.
          M/B Temp is 33c with CPU load at around 50%ish.

          • @lplau: Sweet. Thanks for the update.