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[Club Plus] Toolpro Low Profile Trolley Jack 1600kg $64.99 (Was $109.99) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Noticed this trolley jack was $64.99 (you need to be a Club Plus member)

There were 2 deals that can be used to bring the price down to $44.99:

Add delivery or free click and collect :D
I think this is the cheapest it's ever been, if not one of the lowest prices I've ever seen

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    Just came here to say "First Step: Jack up you Car!"

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    Waiting for a deal on the 3000kg

    • I am also waiting for that deal. Hopefully it goes on sale around Christmas

    • I've been waiting forever for this to go down to $200. That price was 2 years ago I think.

    • Awesome jack, got one 4 years ago and its like new, ridiculously solid bit of gear.

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    FYI, If you are purchasing other items at the same time, you can use MYGARAGE multiple times with the same account.

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    low profile - check
    jack up - check

    is it an eBay promotion?

    • You have to use the Supercheap Auto website. The $10 coupon for signing up to Club Plus only works on their website, and I'm pretty sure the MYGARAGE promo will only work on their website as well.

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          That was a great joke

          • @squish y: I know right! I nearly laughed off my dinosaur when I read again.

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    good price.

    if not in a hurry, similarly spec'd jacks appear on marketplace for around $20-30 from time to time.

  • Hey boys, Any recommendations for a cheap jak for a RAV4 sized SUV? THANKS!

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    I have this trolley jack and I wouldn't recommend it to be honest. When you try to lower the car it doesn't come down smoothly, so it will either be really jerky or simply slam to the ground. Other higher-end brands will come down smoothly.

    Just something to keep in mind.

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      Mine comes down smoothly

      • I have the 3000kg, and mine comes down smoother than a babies butt.

        • Can confirm, am proud owner of both 3000kg jack and new baby bum.

          • @Dogsrule: Yeah 1600kg jack isn't enthusiast level

    • Dont tighten it too

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      I have this jack, and it does come down smoothly. You do have to turn the release valve with the rod very slowly.

  • I have this Jack, the one thing Im struggling with is that the jack doesnt go high enough to fit my jack stands, so I have to raise to top of the jack with a 2x4, maybe better to buy a jack that can raise higher if you got a low car

    • What car and what Jack stands you have?

      Anyway a piece of 2x4 will protect the metal chassis from damage and makes it faster to jack up.

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    I have one of these also. In general it feels cheap (as it is), and above poster is correct it's hard to lower the car smoothly (but it is possible).

    Mine came with a factory broken caster, but the local Supercheap was cool with yanking one of a display model and giving it to me. I also changed out the oil as soon as I got mine because I read reviews saying the original oil has bits of crud in it, though I found no crud. One last thing I'm concerned about is the split pins which hold it together, they look kinda dodgy and I'm worried about longevity. But it's also something I can update myself later.

    Even with the complaints I got mine for ~$60 also and I've been happy enough with it.

  • Is the Costco Jack still best bang for buck?

    • I would say so yes, it goes quite low and goes more than high enough for jack stands. Only downside is it's 2000kg, but for most cars it'll be more than enough.

      Other options would be the ToolPro 3000kg one, but that's only worth if it's on sale from $379 to $200-$230ish

  • The 3000kg ToolPRO is down to $239.99 on catalogue sale at the moment


  • I have had this jack for a few years.. needed it as I have a lowered car.

    Works well enough for servicing my 2 cars so no complaints. Well worth it for the price. Better than using the manufacturer supplied jack.

    You have to slowly release the knob so it comes down smoothly. If it doesn't no big deal, assuming you have tyres on the car.

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