What Happens to Leftover Mooncakes after Mid Autumn Festival?

Few years ago, I would wait a day or two after Mid Autumn festival and score cheap(er) mooncakes from Asian grocery stores in Eastwood.

In the last year or two, I noticed that all the mooncakes disappear off the shelves very next day after Mid Autumn festival. I've tried looking at a few different Asian grocers and they've all just disappeared. I'm dubious that they've sold out as there were still stacks of them the day before. So where did they go? Can I no longer score cheaper mooncakes?:(


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    In Sydney World Square, they would set up temporary stalls in the middle and sell them off. Full price before and half price next day. They would disappear by the time offices finish for the day. Not sure nowadays though with no real foot traffic around.

    • Interesting. Certainly did not know that. Note to self next 2022.. :)

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  • They can't sell leftovers dirty price because it may ruin the business, so the leftovers were destroyed and chucked in the bin.
    I asked a shop assistant at a "Bao Shop". They do the same. They simply won't sell half price. Nor will they do charity work and give the leftover to the homeless.

    • There needs to be some common consensus though among all the sellers to destroy them… I can't imagine all mooncake sellers to agree to destroy them unless it's a directive coming from the suppliers instead..

      As a individual seller, they'd be all about reducing deficits even if they had to sell at half price.

      • I think I didn't clarify enough. The distributors may take the products back from the shops and destroy them. It shouldn't be a duty of the retail stores.

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