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[Prime] Sony PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset $116.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just noticed that amazon has discounted these to $129 and there is also a 10% discount that you can apply to bring it down to $116.10.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I have a ps5 and currently use my Kingston HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset connected to the console via a 2.4 Ghz dongle. The only thing I've found a bit confusing is switching between normal and 7.1 virtual surround sound toggle since the difference is hard to tell when the in-game environment is quiet.

    Would there be any benefit in purchasing these for the ps5-specific 3d audio or does my headset already kinda do the same thing? TIA

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      Pretty sure any headset can get the PS5s 3D audio

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      The Cloud II is better. I own both.

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    Didn't need it but bought it anyway

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      same ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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      Why the hell not!

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      isn't this all of ozbargain

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    Thanks OP, been looking for a headset. Great price.

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    Thank you, ordered a set.

    Was gonna get 2 for my son's ps5 as well but there's a limit of 1 per customer.

    Looks like I'm getting new headphones and he's getting the Official PS4 ones I was using (which work perfectly on PS5 btw!)

    • I've been using the ps4 version without issue, sounds great

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    Cannot see 10% discount? Maybe too late to the party.

    • its little coupon tick box. you gotta click on box

      • Not that I can see anywhere. Weird.

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          Same here, can't see any coupon…

  • Yoink! Thanks very much for this find - just hope it fits my big head.

    • Same here, haha

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      I have a big head, it's pretty comfortable. Sound quality is avg imo

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    Looks like the 10% coupon might be gone now

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    FWIW it seems that JB Hifi has them on special for $129 at the moment as well if you want to avoid waiting for shipment.


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    There’s also a new midnight black just released but still at full price.

    …and new equaliser sound settings on the PS5 update only for the pulse 3D headsets?

  • Thanks OP. Bought.

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    Fantastic headset for the price.

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    Anyone know if I can use this on my PC? I dont really play my ps5 other than some old ps4 games.

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      Yup, pretty simple plug and play with the dongle.

      I'm fed up with my wired set and/or having audio latency with bluetooth pairing, so I actually grabbed a 2nd pair just now (because I'm so incredibly lazy to keep unplugging and moving the one I already have from PS5 to PC 🤣)

      • Thanks. Does this thing need a separate dongle? Where do you buy a dongle

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          Comes included

  • Thanks OP, bought one for my partner.

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    Just giving honest opinion for those interested…

    Very average sound quality, if sound quality is a must for you, stay away from these!

    However, all the buttons are very useful (once you get used to them), mic is in built which is handy too (if you like sleek designs).
    It is very comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.

    But you need to use the supplied dongle on your PS5 and PS4.
    Why, in this day and age, should the ps5 require a dongle for a Bluetooth headset? It is truely baffling…
    At least the switch has finally come to the table with support sans dongle.

    But it can't be overstated how average the sound quality is, I've had cheaper headers with much better quality. Wouldnt buy again unless 50% off.. then that would be a bargain IMHO, even at $116 I probably wouldn't pull the trigger. But each to their own.

    • Which headset has the best sound quality for the PS5?

      • To be quite honest I'm not sure what's the "best" for PS5 specifically, but almost every other 3rd party headset I plug into the 3.5mm controller jack SOUNDS subjectively "better".

        Just wanted to let people know if they think they are going to get amazing sound quality… You won't.
        Everything else is good.

        I've tested my Senhieser in ear and over ears that I got on past sales that were cheaper than the pulse, and sound better than pulse.
        But then not wireless and no Mic right?
        But if I'm not playing online I always revert to my Senhiesers for better sound quality.

        I've used gaming headsets in the past that sounded better and had more bass etc. But I don't have
        them anymore so I can't test them in a "back to back" comparison (I'm just going off memory so that's not entirely fair) but yeah they were cheaper Plantronics at the time (but again wired).

      • I have the Audeze Penrose, which sound great but have had a few issues that are slowly getting fixed with firmware updates.
        Probably the best sounding lossless wireless headset you'll get atm.

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      @TRex….Have you applied the latest PS5 update released last week? The update provides a 3D Pulse specific equaliser that vastly improves sound quality with the right settings. Much louder and clarity of audio now results in a remarkable improvement. Well worth the money now.

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        Yeah the sound improved after the update for me as well

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        Hi Klaatu, yes I updated my PS5 software, but TBH I haven't played with the pulse specific EQ yet.. as I mostly use other headsets.

        I'll give it a go!

        I know I'll have to boost the lower frequencies for sure and try tweak the others.

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          Try the "V" pattern on the equaliser settings.
          Works a treat…..

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            @klaatu: Tried the "bass boost" profile and/or "v" pattern as you suggested to alter the frequency response.
            Admittedly it does sound better.
            I'm definitely going to persist with tweaking my own custom profile.

            But after minimal testing… and again comparing it to almost any other decent headset I've collected over the years, still doesn't cut the mustard (in comparison).
            But again this assessment is solely with respect to audio quality.
            Overall it is a decent package, very comfortable, good array of buttons, half decent receded mic.
            But it depends what you place value in. As an audio snob I want to love it, but I can't.
            But I will still persist with EQ settings.

            But you are 100% correct it definitely does sound marginally better with some EQ adjustment.

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        Is 3D pulse specific to the PS5? Sorry, am noob. Wondering if it's worth just sticking to plugging my earphones into the controller until they come out with a proper dongle-less headset… Is that even possible? Does the PS5 have Bluetooth?

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          No, it's not specific to ps5 I use it on my ps4 too.
          I believe it can be used on PC too (but I can't confirm that).

          PS5 does have Bluetooth (that's what it's controllers run off).

          RE: dongle-less version… who knows if/when they will do it.
          It took the Nintendo Switch a long time to finally incorporate it, but I'm pretty sure the trade off is that you can only have 2 controllers connected wirelessly, which is fair enough, because you won't be using headphones in a local multiplayer situation.

  • would this be better value than the arctis 7p?

    • Isn't the 7p like almost 300 bucks?

    • I heard arctis 7p is miles better than the Pulse 3D.
      The amazon pricing is really good actually, JB has this for $349

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        Tried it and too heavy for me. Plus it's out of my price range, not really a multiplayer or an audio connoisseur.

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    These are great. A good comfortable fit (for my head/ears). Sound quality is very crisp and clear. More than enough loudness.

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    Thanks dude, picked up a set and I don't even have a PS5 yet….though I'm sure JB HiFi will call me about new stock….yep annnny day now……..^crickets^

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      You can use it on your PS4 until then (it's backwards compatible).

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    FYI I got this deal without Prime.

  • How do I get the extra 10%? I'm a prime member.

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      There is a tick box under the price to apply the discount. I have amazon prime, maybe that's why you don't see it.

  • Anyone having issuing seeing the extra 10% coupon

    • I don't see it at all. I think it may be gone.

      Maybe time limited or quantity limited.

  • Does any one who owns the sony xm range or bose qc range getting these?

  • Not sure why this is marked as expired - I just checked on Amazon app and it's still showing with the coupon as available for delivery 29 September.
    I think I'll wait to own a ps5 before jumping on this one lol

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