Have Been Scammed from an ABN Registered Business?


I got a GPU for $1800 from a business with a legit ABN.

I wanted to ask what my options might be and what I could do to get my money back? Or have i lost the money


-> Purchased on Tuesday
-> Seller has stopped replying
-> Product has not been shipped yet
-> Reviews on websites like catch says the products customer have received were fake
-> Just want to know what my options are if indeed the item is fake

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    Wait for the "package" to be delivered and report back.


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    Is this a mystery game where we're supposed to guess what happened?

    • -> i found a GPU offered on catch
      -> contacted seller
      -> seller said they would give me $100 off
      -> Bought on tuesday
      -> still hasnt been shipped

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    How did you pay?
    What's the business?
    When did you buy it?

    • -> debit mastercard
      -> tuesday
      I want to make sure i get a defective thing before i name the business

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        I think you're freaking out too early. It's a been a bit of while but some businesses are just slow to post.
        Have you tried contacting the seller?
        Also what makes you suspect you'll get a fake/defective product?

        • Seller stopped replying once I bought the product. I looked at reviews and all their other kind of products have had 1 star reviews saying products were fake

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            @idontknowwhattodo: Probably should've done your due diligence before buying.

            Wait if it did get sent. If not, chargeback

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            @idontknowwhattodo: Did you purchase through Catch? Contact Catch Customer Support if so
            Maybe you can get the order cancelled since it hasn't been shipped yet

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              @FireRunner: i ended up going with their personal website as i got a cheaper deal
              i should have just got the extra 2-300 and got it off a well known website, its my bad i just wanted to know what my options are as i dont know if i am entitled to getting my money back by laws etc

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                @idontknowwhattodo: I don't see the issue in disclosing the company's name.
                It'll be much easier to gauge if it's a scam if you did so.

                • @FireRunner: theres only 1 GPU on Catch for ~$1800…. (1897)

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                    @pharkurnell: Maybe this one at $1817 by Tristar Online Pty Ltd. Seller score 67.8% which is rather alarming

                    • @FireRunner: There is a contact mobile shipping policy says from Australia Post so please allow 3-7 business days for the order to reach you. Due to Covid-19, the estimated time may be a bit longer due to delays in logistics.

                      Handling Time: Please allow 1-2 days for us to prepare, pack and ship your orders.

                      Reviews are warning signs.

                      • @Melb69: There are reviews saying fake and defective products which corroborates with what was worrying OP
                        Didn't find the GPU on their website though

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                          @FireRunner: 251 Cumberland Rd, Auburn NSW 2144 Residential address

                          Why then would you go ahead with purchase. WTF

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                            @Melb69: Some home-based business is a dangerous sign.
                            I've purchased from one, a couple of times
                            First time, item arrived a week later though they never notified me it was sent
                            Second time, didn't arrive. Called them twice was told they put me on priority and will get back to me within a day (never did).
                            Luckily payed through PayPal and once I filed a chargeback, seller refunded a couple hours later.
                            I imagine if I paid with credit card it would be a whole lot more messy.
                            Value of items was about $150, I'd never put $1800 on the line

                            So in the end I wouldn't call it a scam but a small business that didn't have their act together

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                              @FireRunner: This is what happens when you don't think the online purchase through. To drop $1800 on debit card on a no name store. Mind boggles. I find this fourum is great for things not to do.

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                @idontknowwhattodo: Sometimes you need to weigh up risk versus saving. You rolled the dice. Also minimise risk with credit card or PayPal

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    Why do you suspect these things?

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      i didnt know where else to post and i wanted to ask abt my options

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        User name checks out.

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          Account was made for this question so no surprise there

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            @FireRunner: Next account: iamfreakingouthelpme

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    A) use paypal
    B) when crying on ozb provide a link
    C) welcome

    • if its actually a scam, ill be posting a more detailed thing, i have just been freaking out and needed help sorry

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      D) mspaint diagram

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        I'm not getting involved in this sh!t

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          That makes sense, Cheers.

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    So, you just ordered it just a few days ago…

    And it hasn't even arrived… Yet you're convinced that you've been scammed because you're certain that you will get a defective or counterfeit unit?

    You need to go see a doctor about getting some drugs prescribed for you.

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      agree 100%…
      OP wont survive in the real world.

      • OP Profile says Sydney. Good luck with that…

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    Relax and enjoy the weekend. Ring the company on Monday and have a chat with them……

  • What State or Territory is the Seller in?
    Public Holiday in Victoria Friday 24 September - Friday before AFL Grand Final

    • If it's one of the ones from @pharkurnell (user name checks out) Stores in Sydney or Queenland. Physical stores

  • OP when you say seller stopped replying when was this from. 3 days. Then weekend now. Just call them on Monday before claiming a Scam. Just because you want it today. Postal alone could take weeks. Did you pay express post or courier delivery

  • LOL 3 days and already sweating

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    It takes 15 minutes to get an ABN. In terms of legitimacy it means nothing.

  • Australia Post are taking a long time to collect items at the moment. I've had companies send me shipping details they have uploaded to Australia Post and then it's not collected from them for 4 or 5 days.

    Also, it's strange that if a purchase of this amount causes you so much stress after a few days of not being shipped that you wouldn't research into where you buy it from.

    I'm not sure if getting drugs prescribed is the answer as suggested above, but I would seriously consider having a chat with your GP. It sounds like you may have some serious anxiety, your GP should be able to advise of options for diagnosis and help.

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    You paid $1800 for a 3070ti ouch, I would be more worried about that…

  • General convention is to research and read reviews BEFORE buying stuff.

    Pretty much pointless if you do it after.

  • Contact bank and cancel payment

  • Bikies

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