Charcoal BBQ Suggestions under $300

Hi guys

Looking for suggestions for Charcoal BBQ under $300, please.

Please share your personal experiences. I am aware of Kamado but I can't justify $550…

Looked at the following so far

Thanks, guys.


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    Neither are great choices.

    The jumbuck is really thin steel, hard to regulate temp

    The Weber is too small to do low and slow well. You need the full size

    With that budget I’d find a second hand Weber 22,5”

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    Go to a local arab / south asian grocery and get a flat bed one, they have many sizes

  • depends on the type of cooking you want to do with charcoal

    Could probably get an ok-ish bullet smoker for that budget if low and slow is on the cards.

    over budget, but e.g.

  • 2nd hand weber

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    it's out of stock.. but this one from costco is great..

    i think i paid $350

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    If you're spending under $500 get this

    But if it's your first charcoal BBQ just go and get a second hand Weber kettle off Gumtree. The older ones are a little bit better built so you're actually better off going second hand. Don't worry about a few beauty marks, couple of dings won't effect cooking and you'll swear less when you drop the lid. You can do pretty much anything with a kettle and they're quality, if you end up upgrading you'll probably hold onto the kettle.

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    Are you smoking or grilling? For grilling, the flat rectangular grills that they have on eBay for $40 will do the job. I am still using it for over 3 years, no problems. For smoking you can get bullet smokers in your price range. I have switched to gas smoker and haven't looked back. So much easier, still get smoky flavours(wood chips) while eating less carcinogens.

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    Get a second hand Weber kettle then when upgrade when you've got some experience and know what you're looking for.

    • Crap. If it’s a lot cheaper than others it’s because it has thin steel. Won’t retain heat well so you’ll burn through more charcoal and you’ll have wild temperature fluctuations.

      If you’re this keen to cheap out on the bbq might I suggest not getting into BBQ? It’s a massive money pit, all the cuts are expensive now because it’s so popular. If I wanted to do low and slow BBQ for me and a couple friends the minimum budget for food would be around $50 but more often $100-$200.

      Get into pizza instead. Everyone loves it and you can throw a pizza party with about $30 worth of ingredients.

      Or just get a charcoal bbq for grilling in which case grab a Weber Go Anywhere.

  • Has anyone had experience with either (or both) of these portable charcoal bbqs and can comment on which one is the better buy (in terms of things like how sturdy it is, how easy it is to clean/remove charcoal from, general usability, etc)?

    Matador Radiant Move:

    Weber Go-anywhere:

    Both are quite similar in features and price, so keen to see which one people recommend more.

    • Weber go anywhere is a pretty solid choice with heaps of users out there.
      Would likely have much better warranty support in the future also

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