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Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD $523.60 Delivered @ Newegg AU


NOTE: These appear to be OEM Drives and therefore there is no warranty available on the disks even though they are technically being purchased from Newegg AU site. Not a lot of concern raised in the previous threads so it doesnt look like people have run into much trouble with the Drives so far but something to note.

Slightly cheaper again on some good CMR 16TB disks under the current free shipping deal to AU.
The prices seem to be volatile on this model going from $553 to $523 in the last 2 days so you can gamble and see if it drops further.

Most reviewers rate the EXOs better than the Toshiba MG08 drives, but as usual YMMV.

Brand Seagate
Series Exos X16
Model ST16000NM001G
Packaging Bare Drive

Interface SATA 6.0Gb/s
Capacity 16TB
RPM 7200 RPM
Cache 256MB
Average Latency 4.16ms

According to seagate support the only distributers they support are
Dicker Data
Ingram Micro Australia Pty Ltd
Synnex Australia Pty Ltd

and their recognized resellers are
MSY Technology
Computer Alliance
IJK International

so if you have purchased from any other reseller or Amazon, you might have trouble to RMA the drives unless the seller has purchased through the above resellers/distributers.

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  • I don't need one but this is a great deal. Thanks!

  • Does anyone know how the warranty works on these items?

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      You'll have to send it back to Newegg since Exos drives are not retail drives. Probably to the USA too. When it comes to this enterprise drive it's up to the seller to arrange warranty with the manufacturer. So back to Newegg it would have to go through an RMA.

      This is the full international returns policy. Perhaps have a read through it. It does say an RMA has to be arranged between the buyer and Newegg.


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        Returns (within the 30day window) would be to Newegg as is normal for any product but I imagine the manufacturer warranty would still apply to AU.

        Based on the Business product warranty document @ https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/warranty-and-replaceme...
        you might still have warranty with the local Service Center in Australia. Unfortunately, the service center isnt available right now else we could have confirmed directly.

        If there is anyone here who has purchased one already from Newegg, it would be great if they could check the serial number on https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/warranty-and-replaceme... to verify warranty.

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          The local business product warranty may only apply if it was bought from an Australian business and through the Australian distrubution chain.

          This is overseas stock sold from a foreign overseas business. Newegg has no Australian presence. I don't think you'll get local Australian warranty on this overseas stock enterprise product.

          That warranty page does say this. Going by this since it was bought and shipped from a USA retailer then the US & Americas warranty applies. You'll only get USA warranty. So you'll have to seek Seagate US & Americas for warranty through RMA if you want to go direct to the manufacturer. It is USA stock.

          "Which Seagate Technology Companies Are Extending this Limited Warranty?

          The Seagate company offering this limited warranty depends on where you purchased the product:

          US & Americas: Seagate Technology LLC, 47488 Kato Road, Fremont, CA 94538, USA

          Europe, Middle East, Africa: Seagate Technology International, Koolhovenlaan 1, 1119 NB Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands

          Asia Pacific: Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte. Ltd., 90 Woodlands Avenue 7, Singapore, 737911."

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    so i used the chat function to ask about warranty returns from australia if it is either DOA or dies during the normal warranty period. it does not look good, i expect you would have to deal with seagate directly as newegg do not want to know you, chat log below.

    Candy L. 06:41 PM PT
    Hi spartso. This is Candy. Thank you for your interest in buying this item from us and I would be more than happy to assist you.

    Candy L. 06:41 PM PT
    Newegg offers a 30 days return for a refund. If it is dead on arrival, we can help you with a refund and a free return shipping label will be offered.

    Candy L. 06:41 PM PT
    There is no manufacturer warranty.

    Candy L. 06:42 PM PT
    After 30 days, you need to repair it yourself.

    spartso 06:42 PM PT
    no warranty outside of 30 days? the listing states "5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty"

    Candy L. 06:44 PM PT
    Usually it is for US customers. I suggest you to contact Seagate to double check the manufacturer warranty.

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      This is not good.

      "After 30 days, you need to repair it yourself." - this is really bad service

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          Basically impossible to repair it if you are not working for Seagate.

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      I had a nightmare dealing with newegg for a ram purchase where they incorrectly charged me twice. Even though there was no shipping, order or tracking information for a 2nd unit it took a month of bickering and a paypal dispute before resolved. One of the worst support experiences i've had, absolute muppets. Warranty support? Good luck.

    • Thanks , made my decision easier

    • So there's no warranty at all unless you know someone living in the US who can organize it for you. Since the warranty on enterprise drives goes through the wholesaler and Newegg seems to not want to cover it then maybe even if you can get it to the US they won't deal with it? Pretty crap.

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      After 30 days repair it yourself? That's just silly talk

      All they need to know is our ACL (Trumps anything) which they even acknowledge in the below newegg link.


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        Seems as though while it technically applies from an Australian citizen's end, it's borderline impossible for the ACCC to forcibly make an international company without an office in Australia (of which Newegg doesn't have here on Aus soil) actually make good on the act.

        Further reading on various Google results seems to confirm Newegg don't make good on ACL even when ACCC gets involved. Apparently them selling in AUD and collecting GST doesn't change the fact they don't have any physical presence here whatsoever, either.

        It's not worth the risk and bother if you really care about a warranty. I dare say an enterprise drive will either be DOA (which is covered within 30 days), or it'll work for years anyway. Just don't put it in a situation where it's spinning up and down all the time. They're designed for a 24/7 up time life.

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          The GST component is just to make Harvey Norman and other rich companies more competitive by making the competition worse. Nothing more and is unrelated to warranty.

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          In my personal experience they do honour ACL if you push it via chat.

          I had a CPU DOA but I only installed it in a PC, two months after I received it.

          I opened up a chat and they said to go directly to the manufacturer for a warranty claim.

          I stated that I am in Australian and that ACL applies and they organised a UPS pickup from my door.

          Two weeks later I received a refund on my CC.

          • @DiSTURBED-oNE: Thanks for adding your experience. I know it's probably a rare one but it's good to know there is still a chance it's honoured.

      • Good luck with that

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      That chat person is wrong. It has USA manufacturer warranty.

      Yeah you'll need to seek the Seagate US & Americas warranty department. It's USA stock so USA warranty applies.

    • I had a chat too and got the same impression

  • Currently using it from the previous amazon deal. Pretty good so far, not as loud as I was expecting it to be

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      Can you please check warranty status via https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/warranty-and-replaceme...

      • I also purchased mine from the amazon deal, it was well packaged and warranty says November 2026

      • Mine is also previous Amazon deal.

        Warranty Valid Until 5 November 2026

    • Same, happy with my drives from the recent Amazon deal. Much happier ordering from them should I need after sales support too.

  • Anyone have these on their NAS units?

    • Yes i have one in my nas
      it's working well

  • Seems to be a mixed bag of reports on Newegg International purchases.

    My chat with newegg support confirmed that according to their script, there is only 30 days returns available, but some online hunting found a reddit mention indicates warranty may exist but might need to be shipped back to the country of purchase so that could be Seagate US.

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      No way no how would it be worth the saving.

      • I agree just based on the hassle required if it does need to go to the US for RMA.

        However, in just cost terms, an X16 16TB is going for ~$702 right now on Amazon (other official resellers are starting at $799) vs the newegg $523 so that's a saving of $179 (or $276).
        An auspost international Express delivery for large satchel(~2 Kgs) to the US is $77.70.

        So you are still ahead by ~$100 (or $198 if buying from reseller).
        At this price its pretty cheap compared to even shucking the drives, but only if you are prepared to deal with Newegg if you have a DOA.

        So still a good deal by numbers.

        Also, keep in mind Amazon is not an official reseller of Seagate drives in australia, only external drives so I am not sure how it works out for warranty 3 years down the line.

    • From that Reddit post which is asking about the consumer available USB Seagate Backup Plus portable drive they state

      Our warranties are product based, so it doesn't really matter where you buy or where it ships to. If there ever is an issue you will need to follow your local RMA process.

      These are Exos enterprise drives, the warranty is not given to the consumer (end user buyer) but instead warranty responsibility remains with the wholesaler. If you look on Amazon for Exos drives you will see multiple negative reviews of users who have no warranty on the drives since they are an OEM whitelabel product that aren't able to RMA directly to Seagate.


      • I am not sure how much value can be placed on a reddit post, so based on the FAQ on the seagate website

        Does Seagate provide international warranty?
        Products purchased from distributors but returned outside of the distributors’ sales territory, may not be eligible for warranty services.

        Also, EXOS Enterprise retail drives go under the end user warranty route, and only the OEM drives go through the RMA via the wholeseller.
        What we dont know is if these drives sold by Newegg are Retail packages or OEM.

        Refer Business Storage Limited Warranty

        What Does This Limited Warranty Cover?
        This limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in the new Seagate product accompanied by this limited warranty statement. Only consumers purchasing this product from an authorised Seagate retailer or reseller may obtain coverage under this limited warranty.

        From Seagate Technology OEM Limited Warranty Statement

        The following OEM Limited Warranty Statement describes Seagate’s standard limited warranty for OEM customers. For complete warranty information, OEM customers should review their sales contracts with Seagate.

        Since the newegg packing information mentions its a bare drive I am going to say this is an OEM drives unless people buying from Amazon/Newegg are getting the retail package they are all going to find out while making an RMA that the drives are not under seagate warranty.

        • Most definitely from Newegg it would be OEM drives.

          I've never seen a Seagate Exos drive being as retail.

        • No retail packaging is not the mark of a warranty-less drive.
          You can buy a bare unpackaged OEM drive from your local computer store, and it will be covered by Seagate warranty, despite being a bare drive.
          The drives that Seagate marks as OEM, are drives that were not supplied to the retail channel - think drives sold directly to server manufacturers, for example. These are the drives you can't warranty. There's no way to tell where NewEgg have sourced these drives until you buy one…

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    Wait for Amazon price drop..

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    If really no warranty beyond 30 days then definitely no deal for me. In my possession now I have 5 recertified (warranty replacement) drives that I received from Seagate.

    Bad experience: I bought 5x 10TB Seagate Ironwolf 4 years ago. 3 out of 5 died after 4 years

    Good experience: I thought I would call Seagate anyway to see if they can help. They agreed to replace all 3 drives outside of warranty, and even arranged courier pick up so I don't have to pay for postage. This is more than I expected.

    • +1

      Exact same experience as you. 2/3 of my Ironwolf drives failed within 6 months but they replaced them, allowed me to transfer the remaining files over before they fully died, and then picked up the failed drives by courier.

      I've since ordered 6x16tb Exos drives and have had no failures so far (touch wood).

      • I guess going by these two anecdotes we are better off buying Ironwolf locally with the 'good faith' extended warranty from Seagate Australia than buying Exos drives from Newegg with zero warranty. Cheers.

        These are Exos enterprise drives, the warranty is not given to the consumer (end user buyer) but instead warranty responsibility remains with the wholesaler. If you look on Amazon for Exos drives you will see multiple negative reviews of users who have no warranty on the drives since they are an OEM whitelabel product that aren't able to RMA directly to Seagate.


  • Pretty terrible deal if the warranty is not honoured.

  • Not worth with that warranty policy.

  • i checked a previous exos 16TB drive via the seagate website

    Warranty Valid Until 12 December 2025
    Regional warranty restrictions apply.

    Regional Restrictions Apply
    This product was originally sold in a different region. Warranty claims may not be accepted for products returned outside the country/region where the product was first shipped to a Seagate Authorised Distributor.

    • Thanks! Was that for a drive purchased from newegg and was it a bare drive i.e. an OEM model?

      • Doesn't really matter, given that wording. You would definitely be in a different region purchasing from newegg.

        • Yes it does matter because this shows its not an OEM drive which is not covered by Seagate warranty (US or AU).

          If it is from newegg and is covered by warranty (even if its the US warranty) then this works out to be a good deal and you pay less money on the drive that even sending it to the US for an RMA works out to be cheaper than buying a retail disk here.

      • +1

        was purchased from newegg, just like the one advertised by the OP, drive came in the silver static bag

  • I wish 18tb was on sale

  • So the x16 exos sold by Amazon UK/US has no warranty as well?

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      Not exactly.
      If you search your device at https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/warranty-and-replaceme... and it says OEM then you are out of luck and you have no warranty other than the 30 days Amazon offers.

      If it doesn't show OEM and since you bought it from Amazon UK/US then it will show its from a different country and seagate AU might ask you to send it to Seagate US/UK for RMA at your expense. If you are lucky Seagate AU might accept it here for RMA but they arent required to.

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    Made an acct here finally - but I will say I've had everyone's nightmare come true. Ordered from newegg on sunday, arrived today in Sydney (thursday 30th) - plugged into PC and windows disk part was unable to initialise it due to an "IO error". Tried bootable seatools, updating FW (which also failed) and the various self tests of which the long one failed, so I've just kicked off the return process and I'll try to keep this updated.

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      Thanks mate, appreciate it!

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    • It might have been damaged in transport. You can't trust these couriers.

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      Submitted a claim as "damaged during shipping" since it was the only option available. Attached screenshots of seatools failure and pics of the boxes/drive and described the issues in windows. Newegg support seemed to accept that, got a return UPS label and just waiting for pick up now. (Or I'll have to drop it off tomorrow - only have 7 days to get it into UPS before the return expires, public hol came inconveiently)

    • Terrible luck. What was the packaging like for the drive when it arrived?

  • Need a new drive. Gotta give this deal a crack.

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