Google Chromecast with Google TV $49 (via Price Match)

(Re-posted as forum as I'm not allowed to post this as a bargain)

Receipt Proof

Asked a JB Hi-Fi store employee for their best price on a Chromecast 8 months ago, somehow got one for $49.

I've been out to get another one to replace my PS4 as a Plex device so I have a latest receipt to give to you.

Officeworks are dicks about price matching, they say it has to be a catalogue.

You want to find a big store with employee's who just will push the buttons if it meets the requirements. Somehow, I got this from Harvey Norman.

JB Hi-Fi wouldn't price match my original receipt because they wont price match themselves, but they should price match HN.

You're most likely to get this if you're in SA.

Good luck! These make great XMAS presents.


  • If you use Netflix you could get it for $118 yesterday with $95 worth of free Netflix (6 months). Basically $20 if you were already planning to subscribe to Netflix.

    • +1

      it'll be $24 if a Netflix subscriber, but yeah

      • Ackshually…

        $118.99 Delivered - ($95.94 Worth of Netflix Credit) = $23.05

    • I mooch off the GF's haha

  • Anyone tried this in VIC?

  • Any chance of uploading both receipts closer and higher res?