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Nutri Ninja BL450 Pro Blender $89 + Shipping or Pickup @ Bing Lee ($87 Price Beat @ JB Hi-Fi)


Saw binglee selling Nutri Ninja BL450 Pro Blender for $89. Pricematched at JB Hi-Fi for $87. Used recent discounted $90 HIM gift card ($100 in value).

No end date for the price at Binglee, assumed it is an ongoing RRP. I believed gift card deal expires on 29/09 at Woolworths.

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Bing Lee
Bing Lee

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  • After pricematch with Binglee

    Is this getting reported for the reason I think it's getting reported?

  • What's the RRP been in the past?

  • +1

    It looks a good deal till you clicked the product and found Amazon sold it much lower once before.

  • The comments suggest a smelly lid and uneasy to lean.. can anyone recommend a better blender/food processor that they have had success with?

  • +1

    Had it for a year. After owning many other brands. It's the best one by miles. The lid does not get smelly, that's a rediculous comment. It's not hard to clean unless your'e a moron. At least not any harder than any of the others. Simply rinse the blades lid straight after use, like you would anything, then in the dishwasher. I thoroughly recommend it, and the price is decent.

  • Tip: tie a small loop of dental floss around the (silicone?) seal in the lid, when you need to remove it for cleaning you can use a fork to get under the loop and pull it out.

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