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Need some help with a choice for career my goal is to get back into network/security related space.

Heres what my history looks like -

14 years technical consultant - service desk type work, focused on a particular application.
7 years networking/unix/security type work.

Now I was given a golden handshake of $50k more to do same job else no questions asked which is hard to ignore since Im definitely underpaid compared to colleagues. I dont normally complain.

Just wondering how this would hurt my chances of getting back to the type of work I love if I accepted it. I definitely dont want to be stuck in Support forever feel like its kind of wasting my skills and potential. Previously to the offer I was thinking if I should stick it out and study or just take a career break to look after baby while wife goes off and work.

Edit - Current workplace matched offer, and Im thinking of sticking around and attempting a move to a Business Unit that I would love to work in which will require some work skilling up.

Other company same role offered to let me dabble in their internal network/security but I would still be doing the same job. its a much smaller company, so I dont see much to do with their internal network/security.


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    I'd have a chat with your current company. You've been there 14 years, you're getting offers of $50k more and it doesn't sound like it's going anywhere, you definitely don't have anything to lose by complaining.

    Don't stay silent and quietly take it, because they won't magically start looking out for you.

    • yep have spoken to them they are checking what they can do for me.

    • looks like they fighting to keep me.

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    Now I was given a golden handshake of $50k more to do same job else no questions asked

    Sounds like an easy decision to me.
    What sort of reputation does the new place have?

    • dont know, have to speak with a friend that worked there before.

      • That would be step 1 I feel.

        Grass isnt always greener - I think many of us have felt that pain at least once. :(

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        Personal references are definitely best, you can always look at glassdoor in the interim.

        • just checked with colleague that use to work there. he said they will look after you & more opportunities to do things other there.

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    Love seeing these career change posts. Always interesting to see how people way up options, and that there are options out there.

    Maybe I'm just living vicariously through people willing to take the plunge!

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    • 7 years (one company)
    • 14 years (second company)

    There appears to be a pattern here…

    • yes and current job I got it over breakfast.

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      I see the pattern, next one will be (third company)

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        21 years

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          Or 28 years? Are we arithmetic or logarithmic?

        • 28 years retirement periods ?

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    IT roles are in demand, you can make a good salary jump switching.
    After 14 years, you’ve learned all you are going to, and unless you are on track to CTO style role, what else is there to achieve there?

    Some employers will question why you have stayed in the same place so long already.
    If you are seriously considering moving, you will regret not taking the chance if you decide to stay put.

    • I think the main issue is switching to a field in IT that I enjoy.

      • Job satisfaction is 80% of the battle - well it is for me.

        • yep hence why I am hesistant, feeling job satisfaction will be roughly the same.

  • Take the job, invest the $50k a year, retire early

  • Wyh is everything censored?

    What were you on before?

    Based on people mentioning that its a 50k jump, i'd do it.

    • sorry just got a bit nervous incase either company might be looking. My company matched me and there might be a better opportunity to move to another Business Unit internally even though it will be hard.

      • Ahh no worries mate. I’m assuming with the 50k upgrade (congrats btw) you’re well into 6 figures now, if you weren’t already.

        Even if you’re not able to move into another business unit, still good.

        • yeah mid 6 figures now.. Seriously I want to do something I enjoy but that will probably involve a pay hit, on the other hand theres alot of earning potential if I progress in a field Im not too crash hot about. mind you IT is moving way too rapidly, skills that were in favour before are totally changing. My passion is network/security related, seems networking skills aren't as hot as they use to be and cloud is the short term focus. I wouldnt mind cloud admin type work. hmm definitely not a easy decision. stay with potential to move to another BU especially since I have a good relationship with employer, or move in same role somewhere else get a fresh start but I prefer to be in another role doing something different even though I've been doing this for a very long time. I've had 2 promotions in my current role so maybe that doesnt look too bad on CV ?