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Unlimited Data Banking/Rollover with Any Active Plan (Excludes PAYG) @ amaysim


Data banking is now available on Amaysim. No hard limit on both 28 Day and Long Expiry Plans that have unlimited talk and text.

Data will be used from Bonus Data first, then Monthly/Term quota then data is used the from Data Bank after both tiers above have been consumed.

From the amaysim website:

Data Banking, otherwise known as data rollover, saves all the unused data from your previous renewal period, storing it in a 'data bank' ready for you to use whenever you run low on data.

For example, if your plan gives you 30GB of data each renewal, and you only use 10GB – when you next renew, the unused 20GB gets automatically saved in your data bank for later use.

Unlike other telcos who cap their data banks, your amaysim data bank has no limits on the amount of data it can store and no expiry period either, as long as you stay on your plan.

This way, you'll always be covered when you need a little bit extra to keep you swiping, scrolling and streaming.
Data banking is available across amaysim unlimited mobile plans, short-term mobile plans, long-expiry mobile plans, as well as our data-only plans.

If you're an existing customer, there's nothing new you need to do to enjoy the benefits of data banking.
You can check your data balance (including your specific data bank balance) via the home screen of the amaysim app.

We'll send you data usage alerts through a combination of email and text messages to let you know when you've used up 50%, 85% and 100% of your combined data allowance, however as the messages can be delayed by up to 48 hours, the best option is to check your balance through the app.

You'll use your usual plan data first; this includes any bonus data or data top-ups that have been added to your account.

If you happen to use up your data balance before your plan renews, you'll begin using the stored data in your data bank to keep you going until your plan has renewed.

From time to time, network behaviour may mean that data is used in a different order however your total data inclusions will remain unchanged.

If you decide to switch plans, your existing data bank balance will not be carried across to your new plan.

You won't be penalised for missing a renewal payment and your existing data bank balance will be reinstated once you've re-added your usual mobile plan.

If you decide to leave amaysim, you'll unfortunately forfeit your existing data bank balance.

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    • +2

      Title. Why would it apply to PAYG when your data consumption is paid for using the $10 credit you're depleting?

      • +1

        pay as you go isn't a plan, its a payment type

        'As You Go' is listed under plans

        • It's a completely different type, you're not allocated a set amount of data. It's like a very limited "all you can eat" buffet.

          • @Techie4066:

            It's a completely different type

            They are all different.

            It is an 'Active Plan' though…

            • @jv: Since you're so interested: You can't just generalise using "active plan" and expect everything would be as you assume without reading the details, or "reading into" said details to infer meaning where it's not explicitly set out to hold your hand. You're not allocated any data in a PAYG plan. There's nothing to rollover. If you're irritated (although you always seem this way), contact Amaysim. I wouldn't expect any result in your favour because by definition a PAYG plan does not have allocated data, and cannot be included in this scheme. Also think about changing plans to one that Amaysim would consider financially feasible for offering data rollover, instead of airing your complaints online.

  • +11

    Esim when?

    • +10

      eSIM and Wi-Fi Calling and I'd move to Amaysim in a heartbeat

      • Wifi calling would be good at work, most areas in our main building we have Optus IBS, but not so sure on some of the others as they get a little scratchy sometimes.

  • +2

    Nice, works well with the recent Groupon deals.

    Banking enough data in preparation for NSW opening up.

  • +14

    I'm on their 100GB plan and I barely use 10GB per month. Lettuce sea how big this data bank gets!! 🚀

    • +2

      I'm also on the special $30 100GB plan but don't use that much since lockdowns mean I'm on Wifi 95% of the time now. Let's see how big my data bank can get.

      • This highlights the one drawback of this deal is that if you change your plan the data disappears, so you couldn't downgrade (or upgrade).

      • Cancel your wifi

      • I'm on the 200GB. Challenge accepted.

  • +3

    They're great service! Love the gift of giving!

    • -2

      If you get good reception.

      In lots of place in VIC, the Optus network is still crap.

      • Let's hope Optus do their bit by continuing the rollout then! Optus claims on their network coverage that your area is 5G/4G enabled but when you get an Optus network service to later find out that the speed astonishingly sucks! The bulk of my house has low reception but I can cop it.

      • Optus flogs the guts out of Telstra where I go in rural Qld…no signal from Telstra, 3bars of 4g from Optus (though it does drop back to 3g for calls)….horses for courses!

        • -3

          Optus flogs the guts out of Telstra where I go in rural Qld…no signal from Telstra

          Not in Port Douglas.

          We had no or really poor Optus & Voda reception in most places, but strong Telstra coverage.

          • @jv: Like I said, horses for courses…where I go Optus is great, other places Telstra is great, other places Vod great.

  • I was thinking of using this as a backup for NBN on a data only plan but looks like with the $15 plan you will only bank 84GB per year which is not enough. On a normal WFH day I'm averaging about 50GB so could only afford a day and a half of outage which is too ambitious based on recent track record (6 days of outage so far this year). Next plan yields 600GB a year but at $40 a month it's too expensive for a backup service, I can just keep using phone data when NBN is out.

  • -2

    So if i still have 100Gb DATA when I switch to their $5 unlimited call and msg with no data,I still have 100 Gb of data?

    • +2

      "If you decide to switch plans, your existing data bank balance will not be carried across to your new plan."

      • +1

        To prevent a user from downgrading a plan. Usually a user on a low data plan must have used up all the data before considering for an upgrade.

    • +1

      What happens if I change plans? If you decide to switch plans, your existing data bank balance will not be carried across to your new plan.

  • +1

    Makes recent Groupon deals even better

    • +5

      yeah the intent is probably to stop people switching away when they run out

      • It must just work, or at least I'll only need the basic $10/month plan while my data bank is sizable. I see this as an absolute win for both me and Amaysim.

        • I am on 4gb and phone for $10, might save some months data now for when I move in to my new house early next year (only truely using about 1gb a month).

          Hopefully will be enough while NBN get their act together as I don't know how long a new build install usually takes from sign up day.

  • Aldi mobile has been doing this for awhile, how do they both compare these days as a service?

  • +2

    Amaysim is awesome. I usually get free bonus data around holidays.

    • +1

      I think I've gotten bonus data at least 15 months out of the last 18 I've been with them.

      I wonder though if the bonus data will be allowed to roll over month to month as well?

      • We can only hope.

  • got a text today I thought it was just targeted

  • +1

    I am on this and they have been good newcastle area, tested tasmania on it too. Always handing out extra data during covid too. For some reason the area i work in newcastle gets no telstra but optus is all 4G so I had no choice and had to switch from ALDI/Woolworths deals. So far so good from me!

  • +1

    Oh, that's part of why I switched to Belong from Amaysim a few years back, I love data banking - makes life easier on holidays or on fixed broadband outages

    Where I live Optus is (or was pre 5G) better coverage than Telstra, so might consider switching back

  • +12

    jv ruined this deal for me

    • +3

      Thats what he does.

  • +1

    28 day expiry. yeah nah..

  • We are happy with several; Belong plans at $10 a month. I buy data from eBay at 50 cents a GB & have around 350GB rollover never expire data. Sure the plan is now $15 but it is the Telstra network!!!

  • +1

    I received an email saying I got it on my Unlimited 90gb/month plan. Excellent!

    • How much you pay per month?

      • I pay $49.95 for a 30 day month (because I was migrated over from OVO).

  • +5

    As a user who doesn't have Spotify or Netflix accounts, I find Amaysim plans very good value. I now get 4GB of data per month, together with unlimited calls and texts for $10. Being on the Optus network has never caused me any issues living in Brisbane or travelling interstate (in the olden days when that was still allowed).

  • The dream would be data sharing. I've got a 2nd 100GB account that barely needs 20GB. It's begging to stripped of its excess data.

  • I got a surprise 10GB bonus a few days ago, before this revamp. But it has expiry date and still shows when it expires.

    Inc. bonus data: X.xGB (expires 0? Oct 2021)

  • +1

    Finally catching up to other providers, which is good!

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