Apple Disables FaceID if You Change The Screen Yourself

Video by Louis Rossmann:

We need right to repair now!

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  • Ok

  • Wasn't their last attempt to disable the fingerprint sensor?

  • What about if you change your face?

  • This isnt the first time apple did something like that. I remember they disabled touch ID if you changed the screen yourself at one point.

  • I'm sure there is some NSA level reason that we are not privy to. For example installing compromised sensors etc you could just take over the whole system. May also have to do with man in the middle attacks on a hardware level, who knows.

    • +2

      If it was the camera itself that scans the face, then there might be a very very remote possibility. But the screen, the most commonly damaged part of the phone, I highly doubt it. The reason would be simple - revenue!

    • -2

      Right now the Face ID sensor isn't part of the display at all, so the sensors weren't replaced at all, just the screen.

      I wonder if it's just a bug, there's been a few on the iPhone 13 so far that need to be patched. This was a rushed release, the iPhone 13 ships with a release candidate of iOS 15, you have to install an update as soon as you turn it on.

      The warning in the video that it's not a legit screen is a good one, to stop vendors charging you for a new screen when it's just one they've pulled off another device, it already existed. And rumour is the iPhone 14 will have sensors behind the display which probably means integrated into the back of it, which this warning will then be important.

      I'll wait and see what iOS 15.1 brings before getting too up in arms. It could just also be a Youtuber looking to drive views.

  • -2

    Just chill Bro, almost every second one of your posts is worrying about something.

    Stop and smell the roses.

  • They already do that on the current phones. If you are operating a repair shop you buy this little device that will read the chip from the old screen and duplicate the data onto your new screen to keep it working.