This was posted 10 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Bonds: 40% off Sitewide (Excl. Bloody Comfy, Personalised Items) + 10% Cashrewards Cashback (15% ANZ Max) Uncapped (Expired)


Cashrewards Expired

Bonds: 40% off (Almost) Sitewide, Plus 10% Cashback Uncapped (15% for ANZ Max Members) @ Cashrewards Expired

  • Excludes Bloody Comfy Period underwear and personalised items

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  • +19

    may as well have 40% off as their standard price seeing as though its always on sale

    • +13

      Based on their quality they should be 50% off permanently

      • +2

        Based on their quality, they should pay us to wear their products.

  • Champion stock removed?

    • +2

      Probably for the best

  • +44

    Haven't see my order for more than a month yet. No update, no response for enquiring email. I won't suggest to buy from them.

    • +21

      I'll second this. Also if you buy sale items there's a chance 70% of your order will be cancelled and refunded.

      • +15

        I’ve bought a few sale items and every single one of them was refunded :(

        • +7

          same here, bought during the last sale, I sent them emails on the 2 week & 3 week mark, no replies and they just refunded everything without any communication…..what a great way to take other people's money and keep them to get bank interest then refunding after

          • @cheapazn: Bank interest + People who forget that they bought something from them after waiting for 1+ months…

    • I actually had my order from earlier in the month cancelled and refunded recently

    • +13

      Purchased 5-6 times now, every order fullfilled and delivered reasonably quickly. You must be incredibly unlucky.

      • Yeah sorry to hear that (to the guys who had/are having issues) never had any issues with Bonds and I would have done 15+ orders from them all up recently and in the past. Prob just one item sent wrong but they fixed it up for me.

      • +3

        Had 2 orders on the last sale, delivery a bit slow but both arrived.

        • No issues with my orders. Most of the time was speedy

    • I put through 3 orders last sale

      one cancelled

      2 arrived in 4 weeks

    • +3

      Last order canceled and refunded after almost a month.

    • +1

      My order arrived eventually, but I need to return an item. The return form on their website is broken and nobody is answering emails. Not impressed.

      • I am in the same boat. No reply of the email from them and there doesn't seem to be a customer service number readily available either.

    • Second this! No reply to my emails for 2 weeks then suddenly got refunded the whole order?

  • +6

    placed an order from BONDS a month ago. nothing came. Just an email from 2 weeks ago telling me it has been dispatched.

    • +2

      Shipping was a joke last time I order hoodie, shipping took longer than AliExpress 🤦

  • +12

    My order has been missing for more than a month, worst no support offered (Chat /email / phone).
    Hard to track if any issues.
    Their site still says free shipping for members but they are charging 5.95 on checkout.

    • I've always got free shipping as a member. Thankfully they've been reasonable timeframes as well

    • +3

      I'd probably be happy to pay the $5.95 if it meant they wouldn't cancel part or all of my order and ship it to me in less than 2 months.

    • Same problem here. I'm logged in, the site says "free shipping no minimum order" but the $5.95 fee comes up in checkout unless I spend $50.

  • +3

    For what its worth - all my Bonds orders have come through without issue. I bought that $10 hoodie the other week and I've used it twice already

  • +3

    I’ve bought 3 bonds orders this month (don’t ask), the first two came in about 3 weeks. The 3rd order is due to arrive today. Ordered 6/9 so if you need something soon I wouldn’t buy here but if you’re happy to wait and love a surprise delivery (bc you’ve forgotten about it by then) go for it

    • -2

      Blame Aus Post. They are backlogged especially in Victoria. I'm still waiting on an order from 6/9 like you.

      • -2

        If you bother reading the thread they are cancelling orders .

        • +1

          Fwiw none of mine were cancelled. I ordered socks, baby suits, kids clothes

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing op! I had no issues getting their stuff but thing might've changed recently

  • +1

    Bought some stuff in a bonds sale about a month ago. One of my orders (of two) has been processing for a month now, no word from them about it despite me trying to get in contact multiple times. The other order was shipped, after about 3 weeks, but to my surprise only had 1 of the 4 items I bought. After about a week of trying (literally yesterday), they told me that the order was partially refunded and I should've been told about it when it was dispatched. I received no email about the refund, and they only agreed to pay me back the money after I had emailed them 5 times, and I haven't received it yet so I'm not hopeful. Most disappointing order experience ever.

    That being said, I have ordered from Bonds in previous sales and have had no issues apart from fairly long delivery times from auspost. So I am conflicted as to whether I'll be using the site again.

  • +3

    Ordered something on sale the other week, cancelled and refunded after 2 weeks with no reason provided (assuming they oversold on stock). I followed up with support and no response.

    Wouldnt recommend buying things with the expectation you'll actually receive it.

  • +3

    All my orders have been fine. Thanks for posting.

  • Poor quality and 40% off most days. Pass

  • +4

    Ordered on the 8th, apparently "on its way" on the 19th, and now its another 9 days later. I would have thought a modern brand name business wouldnt take so long to dispatch sales?

  • +4

    Got my last order refunded with no explanation.. new JDSports

  • +3

    same as the other negs. bought a sale item from a previous ozb post, no issues ordering. order was 'processing' for weeks, contacted customer service, got a generic response. a few days later, refund and cancellation without any further contact or information, which is pretty poor.

  • -3

    Placed several order on bonds and bonds outlet since lockdown and none of the order were cancelled. Most of them were delayed but it came eventually. Even one Reglan tee was missing from an order which could have been cancelled but no it also appeared on my door one day:-)

    Got my reverse weave though delayed. I listened to those who were suggesting to go one size down and that was a mistake. Length wise short but width ok. Not returning since my 11 yr old showing every sign to be able to wear it next year.

    There were some order with small value but it was not cancelled. Return was also smooth. I returned some chesty because I misjudged the size and all I had to do is to take it to the post office and was given tracking number. In few days refund came.

    All in all with free delivery even if you buy $10 stuff I think bonds doing a good job. If you can sit back and relax then buy from them. It will eventually show up. Though I am still waiting for few more parcel to come….

    I did email them few times and they are not quick to respond.

  • +4

    Never buying from Bonds again. 4 times they've cancelled on me due to OOS

  • +4

    Got some of my stuff refunded, one package arrived after about three or four weeks, still waiting on another after three or four more weeks. Their support is hopeless so I haven't bothered following up.

  • +4

    Bonds is just another house or harrisscarf.

    • -1

      Make sure you don't say Harvey .

  • +6

    dont buy anything from bonds pathetic service

  • +2

    Never had a issue with any of my bonds orders.

  • +7

    Support of this company is dying (emails and follow up few times with no response after a week+). No live chat. No phone number to call. Tried to generate a return online and their return system is dead. Poor form.

  • As always excludes the bloody comfy range, which is why that recent deal on them was so good

  • Just ordered and only $24.54 of my $77.97 order tracked via Cashrewards?

    • Hi imed,
      Please recheck your Cashrewards account again in an hour or so. |
      We find that sometimes Bonds will updates orders and sale values after the transaction is processed.
      Please feel free to DM me if you need further help : )

  • I personally think the quality is top notch. I only really wear bonds socks and hoodies but that stuff has lasted me years

  • I paid for express shipping, 6 days later.

    I know it's an AUsPost issue though

  • +1

    Have had a few cancellations from bonds in the past few months after weeks of processing…shouldn't be having sales if they don't have stock

  • Ordered 20 items from the same online store 3 weeks ago.
    All cancelled last week without explanation.


  • I prefer to order off Amazon. They will match these prices and often throw in an extra 30% off for Prime members coupon. I only buy zippys for $11-$12. Granted its only the staple boring designs but you can't beat that price!

  • Does anyone know how long the cashback takes to finalise for bonds/cashrewards? I know theres a date that its expected to, but when I ordered from Target it took about 5 days and not the couple of months it was predicting. Ta

    • 14 days when you pay with ANZ. Up to 100 days standard approval.

      • Im with commbank so probably the full 100 days?

  • I just got my order that I placed 3-4 weeks ago from Bonds today.

  • The Bloody Comfy Period undies are not 40% off.
    Not 40% off sitewide!!

    • +1

      Correct, and clearly shown on site here. Hopefully the OP sees this and updates the post.

  • does the 40% apply to sale items as well?

  • +1

    So many spoilt brats here first world problems. I got my order in 2 days

    • Lucky you. Its two weeks tomorrow since I ordered and no sign of anything yet.

  • To those of you who've had your orders cancelled recently, please double checked that you've received a FULL refund. Bonds did not refund my shipping charge, even they hadn't sent my order. In fact, I'm fairly certain they had no order (stock) to send.

  • Tried to purchase tonight before it ended but kept getting errors on the website so missed out

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